Small Bookcases With Glass Doors

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Keep your books clean and dust free in a small bookcase with glass doors. And you don't have to store books here. Bookcases work well for collectables, trophies, or whatever you like to display for yourself or guests. There is no reason outside contaminants should sully your loved objects. Get one or more of these small bookcases with glass doors and protect them.

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Short bookcase with glass doors

Darby Home Co

If traditional appeal is your thing, check out this vintage-looking piece with adjustable shelves and high-quality craftsmanship. It’s a curio cabinet that has enough weight capacity to hold your books, any knick-knacks you’d like to feature, and more!

As much as this piece looks like an antique, it’s equipped with modern capabilities: With lighting options and and solid wood design, this bookcase is meant to be a convenient piece for your family to use for many years to come.

Designer Advice:

Decorate by pairing this bookshelf with other vintage pieces to extend the antique-looking feel! 

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Narrow bookcase with glass doors

Ebern Designs

Maybe you’re not looking for a vintage cabinet. You prefer something with a much cleaner, more basic look. In that case, check out this white MDF bookcase with glass doors. It doesn’t have any decorations on the front; instead, it’s a completely clean canvas.

Designer Advice:

We’d recommend this for use as a utilitarian feature in a storage room—or as a more minimal, modern option in a light-filled, Scandi-inspired mudroom or library. 


Traditional low bookcase with glass doors

Charlton Home®

This wooden low bookcase, with feet that allow it to stand just off the ground, could be perfect if you’d like just a little more framing. With exposed hardware, it feels just a touch more modern than a truly vintage piece. It also comes with modern amenities such as lighting, which can add a cool touch of ambiance to your home at night.

$293.99 $358.74

Designer Advice:

Pair the exposed hardware with other metallic fixtures in the same shade to create a sense of cohesion in your home. 


Wooden small bookcase with glass doors

Alcott Hill®

If you only have room for a half shelf, you want it to be one that looks fantastic. With adjustable shelves, a mirrored back, and even included lighting, this cabinet is one that every book collector needs for their home.

This glass-and-wood shelf allows you to show off your books from many different angles. The transparency also allows you to locate the book of your choice at just a glance—which can definitely be helpful if you have a larger collection.


Designer Advice:

Since this shelf has a mirrored back, we’d recommend using it for collections that don’t completely cover up the mirror (perhaps showcase more knick-knacks in and among your books, instead). 

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Cherry wood bookcase with glass doors

Charlton Home®

This is a very classic piece at a steal of a price. A wooden frame; glass doors and walls all around; a mirrored back and included lighting. While this cabinet may have been originally intended for fine china, we know it’ll hold your collection of classic books with just as much pizzazz.

Available in a cherry wood hue with strong, stable tempered glass, this low bookshelf with glass doors is ready to make your space shine even as you store more of your belongings more strategically.

Designer Advice:

We’d recommend making sure that the wood tone matches the wood colors already in your home for a cohesive feel. 


Small bookcase with doors and drawers

Sand & Stable™

This high-quality cabinet offers you the ability to store your items however you’d like. With adjustable shelves and a high weight capacity, you’ll find that this bookshelf will be able to suit your needs—whatever they may be.

Perhaps you only have so many books, with a lesser need for shelves specifically. In that case, look for a cabinet that offers you the capability of both shelves and drawers—open and hidden storage.

$469.99 $985

Designer Advice:

Put your more aesthetic books in the open areas, and any clutter that may not need to be in the public eye in the more hidden storage. 

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Low, wide bookcase with doors

Red Barrel Studio®

Maybe you’d rather keep your collection of books closer to the ground. In that case, this low bookshelf with lots of parallel lines can be perfect for your space. It draws the eye upward with its design, yet keeps storage low to the ground. It brings a mirrored back and adjustable shelves for convenience to your home. However, we’re most impressed by the fact that this piece is made of sustainable, recycled materials—a definite plus if that’s a value you’d like to invest in.

Designer Advice:

For decor purposes, we love the idea of putting heavier books on the lower shelf and art pieces or bowls up top. For example, if you were using this as a kitchen bookshelf, you might place cookbooks on the lower shelf, and aesthetic snacks on the top shelf. 


Mounted, short bookshelf with doors

August Grove®

No one said that your bookshelf had to sit on the ground. If you’re itching to take advantage of the space on your walls as storage, this is an excellent option. Although this bookshelf is made of high-quality wood and glass, it’s not too heavy—meaning that, as long as you anchor this correctly, you should be able to use it to store the books of your choice on the wall with no footprint at all!


Designer Advice:

We’d recommend getting several of these shelves—once you realize how versatile this type of storage is, you’ll want to be able to use them all over your home. 

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Tall, slim bookcase with glass doors

Wrought Studio™

Got vertical storage? Take advantage of that space with this tall shelf. It’s got wooden slats on the top and bottom, with a tower of sturdy glass in between. This can make it look airy and light, which means that you get to add storage to your home while still retaining the spacious feel of your rooms.

Available in three different wood tones, this shelf feels less traditional and more modern. If you’re looking for a way to store your books without weighing down your space, this is the piece you need.

Designer Advice:

We’d recommend getting a wall anchor to help make sure that it’s solidly safe in your space. 

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Corner small bookshelf with glass doors

Lark Manor™

If you live in a small space, you need to take advantage of every corner. This bookshelf does just that. With an angled back and front, this triangular shelf fits right in a corner, allowing you to use a space for storage that could have otherwise gone unused.

Its decor appeal is very traditional, with glossy carved wood and crystal-clear glass being its main offering. We’d use this as a vintage bookshelf to highlight a special collection of treasured tomes!

Designer Advice:

Paint this bookshelf the same color as the wall to get a true built-in feel.

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Buying Guide

So, you’ve just moved into your new studio apartment. Maybe it’s a tiny house instead of an apartment. If not, then you have a regular house but you’re limited on space. Regardless of what your situation is, you’ve found that you are in a pickle: you’ve got too many books but little room for their display and storage. Have no fear; we got the best solution for you and that’s a small bookcase with glass doors! Read on to know how to choose the best one for you!

How to style with a small bookcase?

Small bookcases with glass doors can fit any style or theme including classic, contemporary and modern. Even with their small size, small bookcases with glass doors can be an excellent way of expressing your personality, so have a bit of fun and use a bright color! You can also create a dramatic look with a bookcase in the right scale and dark color. Think as well of how you’ll use the shelves and what you will fill them with as they can be great for displaying conversational items.

The right bookcase will transform any room, which is why you need to ensure that you’ve considered how a bookcase with glass doors will affect your space. There are so many uses of a small bookcase. It can even be utilized as a space-filler in an alcove in your interiors. Some small bookcases can be used as your room divider. Maybe you plan on letting the new furniture sit in your living room or hallway. All these will have an impact on the right style and color for your new bookcase.

What are the best materials for a small bookcase?

Manufacturers of small bookcases make use of a mix of beautiful materials in creating stylish designs that are also fit for use and functional. If you want interesting details for your new small bookcase, then opt for one that is made of walnut or oak veneer as solid wood can be hard to work with. For a bright colored unit, opt for MDF as it will have the brightest and cleanest coverage. Of course, you will have a shine with your new furniture as it comes with glass doors.

How to care for a bookcase with glass doors?

The amount of care and maintenance that a bookcase requires will depend on its material makeup. If you think that you would be better off with a small bookcase with glass doors that is not hard to clean, then check the specific information regarding the maintenance of units before you decide on what to purchase. Most shelving units and bookcases collect dust. But, there are certain materials that you can easily wipe clean to remove dust and dirt like engineered wood products.

How to dress a bookcase?

  • Mix up the books that you display on your bookcase to create interest. Maybe lay some horizontally while others stand upright.
  • Organize books by color if you have spare time.
  • Cluster books by height for a dramatic look and place a decorative item alongside books on each shelf.

Best Ideas

This small bookcase with glass doors constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who would like to display their treasuries with traditional style and class. 3-tiered, available in white, beige or dark espresso.

High gloss white bookcase with sliding glass doors. Product: BookcaseConstruction Material: Wood and glass

The Small Bookcase with Glass Doors is a lovely piece which measures ...

Bring vintage accents to your home decor by using this fine bookcase with 2 pairs of clear glass panel doors. It's crafted of durable wood in an oak finish, offering 4 adjustable shelves for books and decorations.

Stylish and practical bookcase armoire that includes glass doors. Its wooden frame is solid and features simple lines, so this functional product looks very good in any interior design. Four legs provide good support and stability.

Small Dutch bookcase with adjustable shelves, in the doors the original glass. Nr 1078. About 1830, mahogany. Isphording Antiek

A tasteful, small cabinet in a French style. It features shelves behind the glass doors and a drawer on the top with a subtle ornament. This piece of furniture can serve as a bookcase or a china cabinet.

Portobello Glass Cabinet With Distressed Finish--YES, and in this color!

Aspen White Bookcase

This bookcase features a solid wooden construction with a white finish. It has got stylish front glass doors with a sliding mechanism. The product is ideal for books and other items. Its size is 64 inches wide x 16 inches deep x 83.5 inches high.


Abbie Small Bookcase with Sliding Glass Doors in Oak

Traditional 47" Bookcase

Italian small white bookcase with double doors

Logan Small Office Set

Traditional craftsmanship and home atmosphere are the main features of these bookcases. Made of solid wedge-dried hardwood and brich veneers, which have been subjected to a multistage treatment. Large shelves and tempered glass are functional and safe.

The classic, elegant bookcase the the glass door. It could fit in more than hundred book. The light wooden composition looks well, but has no chance to show it fully the the picture, so it is better to see it live.

Long credenza styled wooden media stand with glass-fronted doors will support your monitor or television while keeping your media collection protected, yet visible. Perfect for keeping all your games, remotes, and other items contained yet accessible for daily use.

A fine bookcase that will work especially well in case of smaller interiors. Beautifully crafted using sturdy wood, the bookcase is splashed with oak finish and equipped with 3 adjustable shelves concealed behind a clear glass panel door.

Amish Double Door Small Mission Bookcase

The unique and very stylish design of this beautiful small bookcase with glass doors impresses with the details. The whole is finished in gray, it is extremely impressive and beautifully presented in any interior.

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