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Sometimes a big room is just too big, the space impractical to fill. WIth a sliding hanging room divider, you can cut that space in half, dedicating a different purpose to each side. Great for putting a home office in your bedroom, but keeping both concepts mutually exclusive, or for closing off a special space from prying eyes, these simple to install room dividers can replace any swinging door.

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Plastic Vinyl Folding and Sliding Room Dividers

Plastic vinyl folding and sliding room dividers are the cheapest option you can choose. Today companies are making them more stylish using faux wood designs and other marbled patterns. 

A plastic folding room divider looks wonderful in living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. Use these in narrow hallways where wall space is minimal.

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Polyester Ceiling Track Room Divider Panels

Oftentimes, ceiling track room divider panels are used on glass patio doors. They can also be fashionably used as room dividers.

These sliding room dividers provide a modern and contemporary flair. You can purchase panel room dividers with patterns or solid colors.

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Faux Wood Plastic Double Sliding Room Dividers

Accordion-styled double sliding room dividers are impressive compared to single room dividers. The faux glass and wood design create a more charming and luxurious feel.

These are terrific options if your wallet is feeling light lately. Double sliding room dividers separate rooms with small entryways. 

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Wood Sliding Room Dividers

Wood sliding room dividers are an admirable way to spice up your room in seconds. Solid wood doors provide you with the most privacy, while wood doors with frosted glass cutouts allow light to shine through.

Solid wooden hanging sliding room dividers without glass look the best in rustic décor. White painted Barnwood dividers are perfect with the farmhouse theme.

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Metal and Glass Sliding Room Dividers


The traditional metal and glass sliding room divider is sturdy and will not blow around when your fan is turned on. They operate on a rail system making them glide easily from one side to the other.

Clear tempered glass and metal-framed sliding room dividers are cleverest separating offices and other rooms. They are also fantastic separators for dining rooms and bathrooms. 

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Clear Glass Sliding Room Dividers


A floor-to-ceiling room divider does not necessarily need to obstruct another room. Take for example this lovely clear glass sliding room divider.

They keep your floor plan open while separating two rooms from each other. Sometimes, people decide on this option for energy efficiency purposes. 

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Frosted Glass Sliding Hanging Room Dividers

Full-length frosted glass sliding hanging room dividers are gorgeous in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and closets. Some room dividers come with a cover plate to hide the track for a seamless allure. 

Frosted glass sliding room dividers stand out the most when they are placed near a window to allow natural light to transmit through them. The ones that come with a sunken handle prevent your clothes from catching and tearing. 

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Wooden Nature Folding Room Dividers

Bohemian and coastal interior decorators love these folding sliding room dividers. The nature print on wooden material makes you feel like you are in the Amazon!

They provide privacy and can be left up or folded down easily. This nature-inspired wood sliding room divider is classy and will not break the bank. 

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Rod Curtain Floor to Ceiling Room Dividers


Rod curtain sliding room dividers are a little less hassle compared to curtains that slide on tracks. They can be attached to ceilings or between walls.

This sliding room divider can be easily installed in a studio apartment or condo between bedroom and living room spaces. The two-curtain pair is a cheaper option than double doors.

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Transparent Sliding Room Dividers

House of Hampton®

Plastic acrylic sliding room dividers can be a fashion statement if you use them correctly. You can see through them and divide a room at the same time.

This acrylic transparent sliding room divider is a terrific option for people who appreciate open floor plans but still want designated rooms. Eclectic designers appreciate these! 


Tin Freestanding Sliding Room Dividers

Gracie Oaks

Freestanding sliding room dividers are a wonderful alternative for individuals that live in temporary situations or leases. Add a tin and wood folding room divider to your room for an industrial or rustic farmhouse complexity. 

Another plus to utilizing metal sliding room dividers is, they aren’t knocked over easily. Double-sided print lets you enjoy your functional décor from both sides.

$669.99 $719.99

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Fabric Curtain Sliding Room Dividers With Track


Curtain floor-to-ceiling room dividers don’t all look like hospital curtains. You can find them in all sorts of colors and patterns, and most are weighed down.

Sliding room dividers with tracks are like curtain rod room dividers only the design looks more flawless. The glossier the curtain, the more glorious it is. 

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Artistic Décor Folding Room Dividers

Phillips Collection

Are there any bicyclists and art lovers out there? If so, metal art made with bicycle wheels is a creative way to add a sliding room divider between rooms.

You can find all sorts of chiseled pieces fused to create a folding and sliding room divider. Get inventive and go all out!

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Picture Frame Sliding Room Divider

A&B Home

You don’t see picture frames purposefully built into sliding room dividers that often. It is a creative way to feature all your best memories.

This freestanding sliding room divider delivers an antique charm to your home. Invite family over to parade your picture frame room divider. 

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Wood and Rice Paper Folding Room Dividers

Red Barrel Studio®

When you hear paper, you automatically think cheap and brittle. Rice paper doesn’t look cheap and it is surprisingly sturdy.

The brown rattan look on this sliding room divider gives an impression of comfort. Place these sliding room dividers between living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

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Buying Guide

Sliding hanging room dividers can be a solution for breaking up a large space or can be used to provide privacy in a small space. The panels move easily across a hanging track, much as a curtain would move on a long curtain rod. The panels can be made of almost any lightweight material, or – if the traverse rod is sufficiently sturdy – even heavier materials.

What are the common uses of sliding hanging room dividers?

The most common uses of sliding hanging room dividers include privacy protection, decoration and heat control.

  • The use of sliding hanging room dividers for privacy

A common use of sliding hanging room dividers is to provide privacy. They can be used to mask a bathroom, dividing it from a bedroom, or they can be used to mark off the bedroom portion of a bed/sitting room. They can be pushed aside during the day, especially if the bed is a foldaway sofa or chair bed, or even a daybed. This allows the family or guests to use the room as if it were not a bedroom at all. When sleep time comes, the panels can be pulled across, creating a sleep space.

  • Decorative use of hanging room dividers

Not all spaces need to be divided off for privacy. Sometimes all that’s needed is to mark off a section of a room, showing that its purpose is separate from the rest of the space, such as creating a small office or setting aside a dining area. While privacy might sometimes be desired, it is not essential. In these cases, the hanging divider might be a panel of lacey macramé, strands of decorative beads, or chains of pearlescent plastic circles.

  • Preventing drafts and heat loss for halls or doorways

Sliding hanging room dividers can be used to conserve heat or air conditioning, depending upon the season. Frosted plexiglass panels, such as might be used for a bathroom shower, make an elegant way to create a hall entrance that will control drafts from an open door. Heavy fabric on a frame can serve the same purpose.

Can curtains be used as room dividers?

Curtains are probably one of the easiest sliding hanging room dividers. They are lighter than framed hanging panels yet can provide both a privacy screen and a barrier against drafts. More than that, the wide variety of fabrics that are available make them a shoo-in for designer choices. You can use solid colors as backdrops or select large print or brocade for a brighter backdrop for more furniture that has dark or neutral colors.

How to install room dividers?

Room dividers can be installed in a variety of ways. One of the easiest is to install wires using ceiling hooks. These are the least expensive and the least invasive for existing architecture. Wire hangers, however, are only effective for curtains, beads or very light framed panels. Traverse curtain rods are the next best choice, followed by installing more permanent supports using a permanent frame that supports tracks such as those used for shower doors. Most of the materials are available at local hardware stores or home supply locations. Fabrics are available anywhere yard goods are sold, and panels can be purchased or created using fabric or paper over light wooden frames. The only limit is your imagination.

Best Ideas

How to divide a studio apartment

My friend has a small apartment with one big space. We was thinking how separate rooms, so he decide to try the classic sliding doors with wooden construction. It's an easy and cheap manner to create fantastic home.

A functional and decorative room divider with solid wooden frame in a walnut finish. This durable and attractive construction also includes aluminum and frosted glass. Thanks to these materials, this divider is solid and decorative.

This stylish room divider is an excellent way to place your intimate space inside the small apartments. Simple design is elegant, does not take up a lot of space, and additionally introduces a cozy atmosphere for the decor.

If you need something a little more original and still extremely functional then this sliding door will be perfect, since it provides an easy addition of privacy to any space without you having to built another wall.

Noelle 38" W x 68" H Metal Single Panel Room Divider

It’s easy to carve out new spaces in your home with this single panel bamboo room divider. At 38” wide and 68” tall, this bamboo and cotton room divider uses tension rods and manageable installment to create different dimensions or storage space in any decor.

Sliding Room Dividers Ikea

10 Astounding Sliding Room Dividers Photo Ideas

Ikea Sliding Doors Room Divider

Astound your guests with those breathtaking, sliding, hanging room dividers! They are very easy to use, provide a proper level of privacy and convenience, and make a perfect solution for separating your bathroom from your bedroom.

This construction is a functional and original element for room dividing into smaller spaces. It features three sliding panels with durable and decorative wooden frames. Brown and white colors of this divider look good in many rooms.

Sliding doors for dividing living room, kitchen, dining room and others interiors as needed. It is made of glass and fitted with metal handle. Modern design for each home.

Large sliding doors blend with the wall and create large planar surface; wide doorway maintains the feel of spaciousness, though the doors can be closed at any time to divide the apartment. Worthy solution for small apartments.

87" x 40" Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider

This mirror hanging room divider is a great solution for your interior decoration. Beautiful rings give the whole a remarkable nature by which it is impossible to resist his charms. Based on a solid metal structure.

hanging room divider panels ikea

Room divider mounted on sliding panel. It is made of thick fabric and decorated with sophisticated pattern. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Sliding room divider in oriental style. It consists of 3 panels decorated with floral theme. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

sliding panels as a room divider

Premium Heavyweight Ceiling Track Room Divider

Crafted of heavy-duty polyester that blocks out any light or noise, this 96” curtain comes with a ceiling track room divider kit to help you portion off a room or hide storage space.

Thanks to these sliding doors you'll be able to successfully separate your master bedroom from your bathroom. The doors are constructed of wood and painted in white, equipped with cut out holes instead of traditional handles.

Room Divider - IKEA hanging sliding room divider

If your house is big enough, with enough space to divide, you can try this heavy, sliding door. The door is designed in an industrial style, using distressed sheet metal. It looks quite impressive, and thanks to it, your privacy will be more than guaranteed.

Rustic bedroom bathroom

Pretty-looking contemporary room divider with sliding panels on a frame. Panel curtains are made of polyester fabric in beiges, browns and blues with solid or delicate floral patterns. Curtains are machine washable and can be ironed.

Wood sliding hanging room dividers