Silk Sunflower Arrangements

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Is the sunflower your favorite flower? It is? Well then you know, when they die, they make a mess. But if you still want to have them as part of your internal decor, we have a solution. SIlk sunflowers are wonderful, beautiful, and never shed their petals or seeds. So you get all the greater qualities without the mess. Pretty great compromise.

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Sunflowers w flowers in ceramic jar traditional plants chicago

Faux sunflower and wildflower arrangement. These multi-color silk flowers are placed in a durable ceramic jar with two handles. This composition decorates different indoor and outdoor areas and does not require watering.

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Vineyard arrangements silk sunflower arrangement ii

Floral arrangement in clear glass vase. It consists of artificial sunflowers. Adds freshness and elegance to the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste and need.

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Sunflower Bridal Bouquet Country Twine

A simple, yet impressive table arrangement in a country style. It features a charming bunch of artificial sunflowers made of silk. They are nicely displayed in a basic, transparent glass vase. A great idea for a wedding decoration.

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Faux sunflower arrangement with flowers in different colors. This attractive decoration is suitable for indoors and outdoors. It doesn't require watering and all its elements are resistant to many forms of wear.

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Excellent sunflower arrangement set on a beautiful vase. The arrangement also comes with stunning green foliage all round, making it a great option for a centerpiece. The vase is finished in amazing art décor too and it’s rich in vibrant colors.

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Beautiful sunflower arrangement fitted inside mason jars and set on a distressed rustic metal table. This arrangement is perfectly suited for outdoor use and should be the ultimate centerpiece for your patio. The amazing combination of colors is just so stunning to watch.

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Give your dining room table the ultimate centerpiece with this stunning silk flower arrangement. Supported by a well-crafted metal base, these flowers are designed to bring color and elegance into any space. They can also be mounted on walls for incredible beauty.

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Shield of a sunflower,always follows the sun. We know even the famous Van Gogh sunflowers, but we can have our own floral composition of them.Silk, large artificial sunflower arrangements - are placed in a brown slim ornamental pot, together with green leaves.

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Superb sunflower arrangement set upon a clear glass vase. The flowers look fresh too and come with additional yellow detailing at the bottom. This would be a great conversation starter during dinner times but the arrangement can also be set on the kitchen island to great effect.

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Golden Sunflower Arrangement

This flower arrangement has been created of faux golden sunflowers. It looks very beautiful and natural despite the fake nature of this piece. The artificial water is kept inside the glass vase to enhance the natural look.

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Fall Sunflower Silk Floral Arrangement

Such a pretty, colourful arrangement for a window display of flowers! Using an old, vintage watering can as a flower pot is a very creative idea and looks really well too! Such a beautiful, vibrant design.

Sunflower Arrangement with Vase

This sunflower arrangements will be a beautiful and gentle gift for everyone. The flowers are places in a glass vase with the artificial water which will let them look even more natural!These flowers will never die.

Silk sunflowers are very beautiful and the fact that they don't shed their petals or seeds is an added advantage. These sunflowers are placed in a clear vase which has pebbles and water at the base.

... of 2 Artificial Sunflower Foxtail Silk Flower Arrangement Centerpieces

Bright silk sunflowers back by sprays of asters make a charming sight, especially when combined with rustic wood, burlap, and lace. Silk flowers are an easy-care, realistic solution for places where real plants are unlikely to grow or look attractive.

Transform your dining room table with this outstanding silk sunflower arrangement centerpiece. Sitting on a dark brown metal container, the entire piece measures 30 inches in height, 20 inches wide, and up to 20 inches in length. It’s large enough to grab the attention of anyone in the room.

Beautiful silk flower arrangements that should bring a natural aura of colorful elegance into any space. The flowers are mostly used as dining table centerpieces but should also provide incredible accent to walls and a beautiful welcoming feeling at the front door.

sunflower arrangements

Substitute pink flowers instead of orange.

12 pc Rustic Sunflower Burlap and Lace Small Table Arrangements w/ Lifelike Berries and Greenery / Silk Wedding Flowers / Special Occasions on Etsy, $180.00

Sunflower arrangement by kyong

Go for a touch of spring in your household by choosing this sublime flower arrangement made from high quality silk and opt for a nice way of finally adding a splash of color to your home. It consists of lovely cherry blossoms, tulips and daisies.

Bridesmaids: blue, white, sunflower? Sunflower and Muscari Bridal Bouquet, Wedding Flowers for the Bride, Something Blue

Indian Summer door swag or fall wedding by ForestnShoreNaturals, $68.00