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Ho ho ho. It's father Christmas. And he wants you to have a small version of him in your Christmas decorative scene. In many sizes, many styles, you are sure to love these santa figurine collectables. They bring together any Christmas decor. And you don't have to only have just one. Create an army of Santas and go wild with them. See our collection for all our Santas.

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The st. Nicholas figure is an excellent addition to your interiors. Christmas is coming! You have to try this decor. Very stylish, vintage and sophisticated. I would like to have it.

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Jim shore fly away tiny sleigh christmas

Fantastic decoration to underline the magical Christmas time. The small, 12,75 inch sculpture of Santa Claus with sculpted his journey around the town will be perfect addition for vintage style room decor.

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Vintage napco japan angel old fashioned santa christmas figurine 6993

A charming figurine of a Japanese girl with Santa Clause in her hands. It was handmade from porcelain and painted with great precision and talent in warm, subtle colors. It will be a vintage decoration during the Christmas time.

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This Santa Claus arrives in Scotland. Instead of traditional red trousers has a Scottish skirt and a characteristic red check. In addition, instead of a stag, Santa figurines collectibles arrives with a lamb and is precisely carved looking very realistically.

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Take a look at this Old World Santa & Lantern Figurine by Evergreen on #zulily today!

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Look what I found on #zulily! Old World Santa Figurine #zulilyfinds

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A figurine of Santa Claus that is a nice Christmas decoration and a very attractive items for collectors. This item looks very interesting and it shows the Christmas atmosphere in a very positive way.

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American Santa

This figurine is ready to celebrate both Christmas and the Fourth of July in his patriotic festive garb. Santa has his traditional red-and-white suit on, but underneath he has a blue waistcoat with white stars and white-and-red striped pants.

In one hand, he holds a large flag and, in the other, the Statue of Liberty, wrapped in red, white and blue. A great gift for a true patriot, this Santa figurine is ideal for displaying proudly in your front window.

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2 Piece Mr and Mrs Claus Set

This set includes both Mr. Claus and Mrs. Claus to greet your guests this holiday season.

The traditional looking pair are both dressed in red velvet with white trim. She holds a long "naughty and nice" list, and he has a golden pocket watch on a long chain in one hand. They both hold mugs with the letter "S" on it in white. This festive pair make an inviting addition to your indoor holiday décor.

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Santa with List Figurine

A classic, cheerful Santa, this figurine depicts Mr. Claus holding a bag full of toys over one shoulder and a long list of names in the other.

He is dressed in his beloved red-and-white suit and black boots. Out of the top of his bag peeks a brown teddy bear and a small fir tree, and the long list has real girls' and boys' names written on it. Display next to your Christmas tree for a whimsical addition to your holiday décor.

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Buying Guide

What's the best material for figurine collectibles?

Resin is a great choice not only in terms of durability but also in terms of realism and aesthetics. Figurine collectibles crafted from resin are usually designed with intricate details that can’t be achieved on other types of figurines. In addition, resin is strong and solid and has a rough but beautiful texture that is sure to attract the eyes.

That said, porcelain figurines also feature great precision in detail but they’re fragile and can easily break or shatter.

Likewise, wood figurine collectibles are often aesthetically pleasing due to their natural beauty but they are more vulnerable to damage from fire.

How to safely store your santa figurines collectibles?

The best way to store your Santa figurines collectables is of course, safely. This means using the right packaging and also taking care while putting them away. If you have fragile figurines, such as those made from porcelain, it is best to wrap them individually in paper or bubble wrap.

If using bubble wrap use some tape to secure the ends and keep your bubble wrap from unwrapping. Once you've got your figurines safely wrapped up, store them in a safe place. This is especially when it comes to wooden figurines that are prone to damage from fire.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Anticipation is a large part of your enjoyment of the season, so spending time decorating with your loved ones can certainly add to your holiday cheer.

Santa figurines are whimsical and timeless decor items which will be beloved by all who see them, year in and year out! In order to hit those maximum holly jolly vibes, however, you'll want to choose your statuette carefully.

What types of Santa figurines are there?

While simply having a Santa figurine in your house or yard during the holiday season is certainly merry enough, it might just add that little extra bit of magic to purchase a Santa with features special for you and yours. There are many different types of Santas, but the ones we've seen most frequently are:

Life size 

Imagine the excitement of young ones walking by on the road when they see a true-to-scale Santa in your yard! As an additional bonus, these larger Santas can be seen all the way from the road if you have a deeper yard.


Powered by LEDs for ultimate ease, these Santa figurines can be seen chuckling and delivering toys even in the middle of the night! Your festive curb appeal knows no hours with a lighted Santa!

Outdoor use

Some Santas are specifically engineered and covered with specific coatings so they can withstand the rough weather the winter months often display. If you're planning on putting your Santa figurines outdoors, purchasing ones specifically rated for outdoor use may help them last longer.

Animated and Musical

For extra holiday cheer, consider purchasing a Santa that moves! Depending on what you're looking for, you can find Santas that swing, that dance, and even ones that ride along a track on vintage bicycles! 

In the mood for a serenading Santa? Luckily, you can find Santa figurines containing music boxes which play a wide array of holiday music.

Incense Holder

If you're searching for something that smells like the holiday season, you're in luck---Santa figurines which double as incense holders can be just the thing to combine ultimate decor, productivity, and aromatherapy.

What colors are best for Santa figurines?

Santa figurines are available in all of the colors of the rainbow---even plaid, purple, and pink! 

If you're aiming for traditional festive holiday colors, you'll want to concentrate on red, green, gold, and white. Any other colors should be kept to a minimum, or used for accents only (such as a black monogram, or Santa's twinkling blue eyes). 

However, if you're going for a modern or eclectic look, you can choose any color you'd like! Consider where you want to display your Santa figurine, however. If you're displaying it outside, for example, you may wish to steer clear of blue, brown, or green---that will cause your Santa to camouflage into the natural flora too much and he may not be shown off to his best advantage.

What is the best material for a Santa figurine?

Santa figurines come in any number of materials, including fabric and clay. However, in order for these figurines to last from year to year and weather the elements appropriately, especially if you're displaying them outside, you'll want to select a hardier material. Good materials to select may include:

  • Plastic: This lightweight material is cheaper than the alternatives, so your investment will go further; however, just know that you will likely have to anchor your Santa figurine to the ground in some way to ensure that it doesn't tip over.

  • Glass: Glass is a beautiful way to make traditional Santa figurines a little classier with its crystal-clear sparkle! While it wouldn't be advisable to have glass figurines outside, properly cared-for glass Santa figurines will last for years---long enough to potentially be family heirlooms. 

  • Metal: Metal may not be the most glamorous material you're considering, but it's incredibly hardy, can be painted, and is light enough for children to play with if that is your goal! If you go with a metal piece, just make sure that you follow the manufacturer's directions in terms of weatherproofing (no one wants a rusty Santa!). 

  • Resin: Resin is a composite blend of moldable materials engineered to be stronger and denser than plastic. It can mimic the look of high-quality stone and marble, yet because it's a solution and not a pure product, it can cost much less!

Think about where you're going to want to put your Santa figurine. If it's indoors, metal or glass may be good choices, while plastic and resin figurines are made to survive low temperatures and high condensation.

Quick tips

  • Consider where you're planning on keeping your Santa figurine before you buy. If you're going to keep your Santa figurine outside, then plastic or resin are likely better materials to focus upon. 
  • Think about what entertainment value you're going for in terms of the features you'll want to see on your Santa. Do you want a caroling Santa figurine? What about a nutcracker, for more specific productivity?

Best Ideas

Santa Figurine

This Santa figurine will brighten up any college-sport fan's holiday. This statue depicts Santa in classic athletic gear, complete with a foam finger, in a variety of school jackets so that you can match Santa to your favorite varsity team.

At 12" high, this lightweight figurine is not made for outdoor use but can show off your team spirit in your front window display. Surprise your loved one with a Santa decked out in their college varsity jacket as a fun, novel gift this holiday season.

Baker Santa Figurine & Collectible

For all aspiring holiday chefs, this baker Santa is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen.

Decked out in a white baker's hat, a white coat with large red buttons, and red pants, this Santa will be a mainstay in your holiday display. His arms are laden with a wooden spoon and whisk and are completely posable so you can create a fun holiday display. Place in your kitchen alongside your holiday treats or give to a friend for a superb host's gift.

Keep Christ in Christmas

This traditional Christmas figurine will brighten any display. Santa Claus wears his red velvet suit trimmed in white and his hat, with a sprig of holly pinned to it.

Over one shoulder, he has a bag of children's letters, and in his hand, a sign reading "Keep Christ in Christmas." His boots, hands, and face are made from durable resin, and his arms are bendable wire. Place on your mantlepiece or beside your Christmas tree to remind yourself of the spirit of the season.

Baker Santa

This hand-painted figurine depicts Santa as a baker with a baker's coat instead of his traditional red velvet suit, holding two handcrafted utensils with red-and-white, polka-dotted ribbons on them.

The figure is crafted from resin with wired arms that are fully posable. Additionally, this Santa is ethnically diverse, with a dark complexion and a full black beard. This statue stands one foot high and weighs under a pound but should not be displayed outdoors.

Wine Steward Santa

We know that Santa is an expert on toys, elves, and reindeer, but Santa also has a nose for wine. This figurine depicts Santa in a sophisticated red, white, and black tux and an apron.

In his arms, he carries a wine bottle in its holder and a basket filled with another wine bottle and hand-painted grapes. With excellent attention to detail and careful craftsmanship, this Santa will be the perfect gift for any wine lover on your list.

Cardinal in Tree Claus

Harkening back to Santa's historical origins, this old-fashioned Santa is a marvelous addition to any Christmas display.

Instead of a traditional red velvet suit, Santa wears a burlap jacket trimmed with green-and-red plaid. His jacket features an embroidered tree and bird. In his arms, Santa carries a cardinal, a brass lamp, and a tree decorated with red berries, with a sprig of holly pinned to the plaid hem of his hat.

herthen: Patience Brewster Santa Figurine

Take a look at this Gold Overcoat Santa Figurine by Evergreen on #zulily today!

Santa with 12 Days of Gifts Figurine $80.00 : The Official Williraye Studio Store, Folk Art Collectibles and Figurines

Cool Christmas statue. Long-bearded Santa Claus with bag of presents, all carved in wood. Each figurine is unique due to the hand make and carefully applied painting finish. A collectible. A Christmas gift, perhaps.

ADORING SANTA ~ Santa Musical, Figurines, Adoring Santa Ornaments, St. Nick Musical

Possible Dreams Santa Claus Figurine - Merlot Santa

A lovely quite rich in details figurine of Father Christmas and animals of hand-painted ceramic. He's wearing a white skin jacket with light bluish ornaments, is girded with a sash, handling a twig and an owl. Other animals are sitting at his feet.

Crakewood Celebrate the Magic Santa