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Let's go back in time, if for nothing else than to look at all the lovely Christmas decorations , the styles, and the way they brought people together. Since we cannot go back in time, perhaps we can offer you something retro to make it feel like we traveled to the past. We give you our collection of retro tree toppers,. Keep the past forever in memory with this collection.

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Our Picks

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Vintage bradford celestial star motion

The vintage tree topper with backlighting is a great way to create a festive Christmas tree decoration in retro style. Beautiful decoration, attractive design, and beautiful lights create a beautiful whole.

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Vintage Noma Heavenly Angel Lighted Christmas Tree Topper Product 1491 W Box

A breathtaking Christmas decoration that will adorn the top of your Christmas tree with warm light and a very cute design. The topper is shaped like a beautiful angel in a delicate sheer dress, with a pair of wings, and holding a pair of glowing candles.

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Vintage Glass Christmas Tree Top Topper Ornament Finial Spire Lot 6 Atomic Decor

With those gorgeous Christmas tree toppers, your home will be oozing with warmth and cheerful atmosphere. There are several toppers available - each with festive colors, detailed design and pretty embellishments.

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Vtg Mid Century Modern Christmas Tree Topper Star Atomic Sputnik Era

An extraordinary Christmas tree topper in a modern design. It features a beautiful, golden color that will beautifully sparkle at the top of the tree. You can also hang the decoration at your window during the Christmas time.

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Vintage shiny brite mercury glass silver

Why not go for a truly traditional piece for the top of your beloved Christmas tree and go for this charming tree topper that comes with the vintage, shine brite mercury glass structure to allow for a more authentic look.

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Vintage christmas tree topper glass

The first Christmas balls were created in the middle of the 19th c. in the village of Lauscha in Thuringia. Tradition also orders to decorate the top of a Christmas tree - for example with such a golden, spherical, needle-tipped hand-painted retro tree topper.

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Vintage 40s west germany silvered glass

Looking for some retro addition to your house? Check out this retro tree topper. The combination of gold and blue colours make it cheerful and light, which makes it just the way it should be.

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1950s christmas tree topper with box

This beautiful turquoise tree topper is a vintage masterpiece, straight from the 1950's. Two-tiered with a mercury glass top, it will delight its fabulous condition, having withstood successfully the test of time.

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A lovely retro Christmas tree topper. It's made of lightweight colourful plastic materials. Beautiful flowers and stars in reds, greens and creams are placed against a silvery background and lighted with small bulbs.

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Buying Guide

How do you secure a Christmas tree topper?

A tree topper is the most magical element of the Christmas tree, and to keep it secure all season long; you can use a few different materials. Chenille or pipe cleaner stems are two simple ways to attach your topper to the tree.

Retro tree toppers tend to be flashy and heavier than elegant, modern ones, so you’ll need something a bit more substantial to hold them in place. The best way to secure a heavy tree topper is to fold down the tree’s top point so that there’s something more stable for the star or angel ornament to sit on.

Once you’ve got the tree topper in position, grab some thin wire or twine and use it to fasten the ornament base to the tree for additional security. You can also purchase kits designed to help you secure the tree topper to the tree.

How big should a retro tree topper be?

Retro tree toppers can make a style statement on top of your Christmas tree, but toppers larger than 12-14” may have a hard time balancing on top. The weight of the material and the length of the base that holds it in place determines how big it should be.

Look for a tree topper that has a base at least 2” high, or even longer if you have pets or children that might bump into the tree. A lightweight metal tree topper can be 8” high or more without being a serious hazard if it falls. Heavier toppers, especially angel-shaped toppers, which are typically top-heavy, should only be 8” or more if they have a deep base inside.

Tree toppers that are too small may be unnoticeable. Ensure your tree topper is at least 4” high, especially if your tree is taller than 6’.

Best Ideas

This retro Christmas tree topper constitutes a great proposition for all who dreams about the white, charming Christmas, like the ones we used to know. Vibrant, colourful finishing features a combination of turquoise, red, blue and yellow.

This Christmas tree topper is a proposition directed to all, who like vintage decorations. An absolutely charming little angel, which enchants with its detailed design. Blond hair and angel wings emphasize its lovely character.

Vintage Christmas Star Tree Topper Silver by TreasuredPrimitives, $18 ...

A paradise on earth for everyone, who loves vintage design. This collection of tree toppers will let you choose from the ornately designed, vibrantly lacquered, hand-made tree toppers.

1940s Christmas Tree Topper Mercury Glass Turquoise by Shiny Brite

What is the most important element of a Christmas tree? Not baubles. It is the star of Bethlehem, which is on the top of the tree. It doesn't has to be glowing, and glamorous. You can get close to nature, leaving a rustic, wooden star tree topper.

Bethlehem Star Tree Topper

It is a very beautiful star that is well suited as decorating for a Christmas tree. The star has a delicate pattern, it is elegant. It is not kitsch. It has a golden color. It is lighted. Excellent decoration.

12 Days of Christmas

Glitter Star Tree Topper

This is a very interesting and extraordinarily beautiful star, which is ideally suited for christmast tree. The star is shining and gently shimmers in the light. It will be imaginative decorations and the tree will gain through it.

8 Point Star Tree Topper

Charming contemporary decor for Christmas trees. It has a shape of a 3D star with 8 pointy alternately shorter and longer arms. It's manufactured of plastic with a glittering finish in silvery tones.

Star Tree Topper

Simple star tree topper on wire base to be attached to a tree, showcasing nostalgic distressed finish and minimal design. It is made by hand of metal with white coating. Pretty and stylish in a vintage way.

A vintage star shimmers with extreme and seemingly incompatible colors. Different sizes of cones have a shiny structure in a green and strong red color. They form the brilliant shape of a multidimensional star as a topper for a Christmas retro tree topper.

Designed in the 1950's, this timeless classic will transform your Christmas tree into a retro masteripece. The tree topper is designed of colorful glass balls, forming a fragile and truly beautiful decoration.

It is a beautiful David strand designs glass starlight plaid Christmas tree topper that has got a fantastic red finish. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks on your Christmas tree.