Rectangular Indoor Planter

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An indoor planter is a great way to grow your flowers or even your own herbs in a more controlled environments than you would had outside. And our indoor rectangular planters are sturdy as well as stylish and designed specifically for your indoor planting needs. Take a look at our collection and see all of these sturdy handsome indoor planters we have for you.

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Our Picks


Gus* Modern Rectangular Fruit Trough Planter Fruit Trough

The simple and very impressive rectangular indoor planter is modern design and beautiful design. The whole is presented in a unique manner, bringing to the decor an elegant style and beautifully exposing greenery.

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Antique Revival Rectangular Windowsill Planter With Wooden Legs

Simplistic, ethnic style of this Rectangular Windows Box is sturdy and handmade, suitable for holding plants. The box is design of solid hardwood for maximum durability, with 2 legs on the bottom for even more functional use.

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Loll designs black rectangular container contemporary indoor pots and planters

The ultra-simple contemporary wall planter. If you would like to have perfect flowers, but you have just the balcony at your disposal, you can use this one to organise your blooming area in the limited space.

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Characterized by premium metal construction, this indoor planter is built to last and easy to clean. Its long and narrow design makes it perfect for placing on a window sill, accommodating its inside with luscious greens.

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Terrene by transom design modern indoor pots and planters portland

This set of small rectangular planters constitutes a perfect proposition for stylish contemporary interiors. Available in various size and colour variants, will be a perfect culmination of any eclectic decor.

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Antique Revival Rectangular Windowsill Planter With Wooden Legs

This set of rectangular windowsill planters with wooden legs will provide a charming, traditional accent to your decor. Easy to assemble, each of the planters weighs about 10 pounds.

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Newport rectangular concrete planters medium contemporary indoor pots and planters

Rectangular indoor planter crafted out of sturdy fiberglass with attractive concrete finish - ready to complete some industrial themed décor layouts. Note that it DOESN'T have a drainhole, though. Too bad!

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Pretty size-varied traditional planters crafted of durable beige and dark brown plastic. Such a rectangular planter is gently flared up, has moulding top and bottom edegs, simple geometric designs on walls, drainage holes.

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Rectangular concrete planter

A simple contemporary planter made of sturdy concrete in a greyish tone covered with clear sealer. It has a rectilinear frame with thick walls (well protected plants) and 2 drainage holes. It's equipped with felt pads.

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Indoor planters designed for mounting on the wall. Dedicated to small sized plants. Adds freshness and modernity to each room. Simple form and contemporary design.

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Buying Guide

To find the best rectangular indoor planter, there are critical factors that you need to remember before making a purchase.

How to pick the right size rectangular planter?

Before you get a rectangular indoor planter, you first need to research on the type of plant that you plan on growing. There are certain plants that require more sun exposure compared to others. There are also plants that thrive under a shade as well.

The plant that you will be growing affects the size that is ideal for your planter. Your plant may need lots of room for its roots to spread out. Fortunately, rectangular indoor planters come in all sizes. When in doubt, it is better to err on the safe side and buy the biggest planter that your plant/s can grow into.

Another thing to consider here is how strong you are. If you are like other people who have a green thumb, then you’d be moving your planter often. You may also be the type of homeowner who likes switching up things around the house. If you won’t be able to lift heavy planters, then opt for a small, lightweight one. A large planter may look great, but it is not for everybody.

What else to consider when shopping for indoor planters?

  • Plant Caddies and Carts - These accessories help in moving massive rectangular indoor planters around the house.
  • Self-Watering Planters - These planters come with a design that wicks water as well as water-soluble fertilizer from the reservoir that’s at the bottom or exterior of each container.
  • Plant Stands - A plant stand will add more style and beauty to any type of indoor planter.
  • Plant Saucer - This accessory protects your indoor flooring as it catches any excess water.
  • Planter Liner - It’s used with a hanging indoor planter to soak up water and hold the soil in.

What are the pros and cons of different rectangular indoor planter materials?

  • Metal - A metal indoor planter is great for contemporary or modern-styled homes with its classy look. Metal is a sturdy material and it’s a good choice for indoor planting and decorating as the dry atmosphere of your home ensures the material doesn’t rust. We recommend you use a planter liner with a metal container for plants so you won’t have to give it a primer coating.
  • Plastic - A plastic planter is a cost-effective option. It's so affordable, but it comes with the same exact classic appeal a wooden planter has. It's also durable and lightweight. If you want a planter that can hold moisture well, then plastic is your best option.
  • Vinyl - A vinyl planter provides the look and appeal of wood, but it’s lightweight and more durable compared to some types of wood. It comes in various colors and sizes. It's also less expensive than wooden planters.
  • Wood - A wooden planter is popular for its attractive, warm, and natural appearance. It retains water, but it must be used with a plant saucer so as not to inflict damage to your flooring. A wooden planter is made of rot-resistant wood (cedar or redwood).

Best Ideas

Small Triton Planter

It is a novelty statue planter that is handmade of stone and looks amazing. This product is a perfect gift for your friends and family and beautiful decoration for your home. You will be impressed.

Planter Greenman Rectangular Urn

Narrow Rectangle Planter in New SHOP Winter Refresh at Terrain: This would be cool in a window.

Rectangular planter box made of high quality stainless steel. Designed for large and medium sizes plants. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Stylish accent for each room according to taste.


Modern and contemporary lightweight rectangular zinc planter boxes

1870s heart pine succulent rectangular

A unique way to present your indoor plants by using this massive piece of reclaimed wood log with a natural finish and distinctive cracks and peels. The log has cut-out holes on top to keep your pots in place, displaying them like they are growing straight from the log itself.

The phenomenal and modern design of this great rectangular indoor planter makes the decor unpredictable. Interesting details and attractive form fascinate. Plants are present in them sensationally and very impressive.

Rectangular planter for indoor and outdoor use. It is completely made of concrete. Suitable for large and medium sized plants. Simple form and modern design.

An aesthetic contemporary planter (with drainage holes) for indoor and outdoor use. It's crafted of a resistant black fibreglass and ground stone composite. It has a rectangular body gently flared at the top and simple edges with no mouldings.

Home :: Plant Planters :: Salon White Fiberglass Rectangular Planter

An attractive antique indoor planter featuring mirrored walls with X-crossed copper slats (with a decorative rivet in the centre). It has metal walls with reinforced edges and corners and 4 low ball-shaped feet.

Rectangular planter box with wrought iron stand, characterized by an intriguing slender design incorporating curvy legs, bottom tier and textured brown finish. A perfect start for an indoor home garden.

Kiev Rectangular Planter - Black / Large