Pre Lit Flocked Christmas Tree

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful… but a pre-lit flocked Christmas tree is SO delightful.

Think about it! The flocked finish means that you’ll get to bring the snowy landscape inside your home without freezing or, if you leave in a part of the country where snow isn’t even a thing, to actually enjoy some white magic.

As for the pre-lit option, you won’t have to worry about all those tangles of light strings.

At the same time, there are still lots of different options to choose from.

The most important part is to be realistic when it comes to size. Most of these Christmas trees are 7.5’, but you can easily find shorter and taller models, so don’t forget to measure both the height and width that you have available for them.

Now, to the fun part!

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Our Picks

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A pre lit flocked Christmas tree with the most natural look

While some lower-quality flocked models can end up feeling a bit tacky, you can find several artificial Christmas trees that actually look just like the real thing.

The only element that will give it away is the pedestal, but you know what to do right? (Psst. The answer is to hide it behind all the presents.)

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… or even bigger

Did you know that some pre-lit flocked Christmas trees can be as tall as 10 whole feet?

We especially recommend this option if you have a spacious room with a tall (like… really tall) ceiling and are striving for the most dramatic effect.

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Alaskan style Christmas tree

Do you prefer fuller-looking trees? Then we recommend scouting for a pre-lit flocked Christmas tree inspired by the most majestic Alaskan forests.

The best part about these designs? The usual snowy effect will look even more natural on their thick branches.

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Pre lit flocked Christmas tree in a warmer palette

Most pre-lit flocked Christmas trees come in a saturated green that reinforces a colder palette. However, if you prefer something closer to the warmth that Christmas inspires in you, you can actually find a model that adds to it.

The trick? Look for yellow lights: they’ll result in a slightly paler and warmer-looking green. 

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A Christmas tree with a unique base

The Twillery Co.®

The top branches get all the attention and, with so many different pre-lit flocked Christmas tree options, we can kinda see why. Still, don’t forget about the pedestal!

While this matters less if you’re definitely planning on covering it with a blanket or surrounding it with presents, you can actively use it to make a stronger statement. So, why not look at Christmas trees with a charming base, too?

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The right pre lit Christmas tree for small corners

The Holiday Aisle®

We know how tempting it is to go for the tallest and widest pre-lit flocked Christmas tree… but, if your living room isn’t big enough, it’ll just make it feel even more cramped.

Instead, choose a thinner tree that won’t look out of place. We promise the final result will be just as magical, if not more. 

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If you can, go big…

At the same time, you could actually have the opposite problem. For example, if you have a particularly tall ceiling, a traditional 7.5’ pre-lit flocked Christmas tree might end up looking tiny.

A 9’ model? Now, that’s more like it!

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Consider small pre lit flocked Christmas trees

Worried that a pre-lit flocked Christmas tree won’t fit in your little flat? Not all Christmas trees must be a huge freestanding option!

A handy compromise is to choose a smaller design that you can place in an unused corner, on a table, or another existing piece of furniture. 

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Monochrome pre lit flocked Christmas tree

Not a fan of the most colorful Christmas decorations? Perhaps you prefer sticking to a simpler palette even during the most wonderful time of the year? Easy: look for a pre-lit flocked Christmas tree with lights in the same hue as its snowy finish.

You’ll still get to enjoy some Christmas sparkles without straying away from your decorative preferences. 

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Make it cozy!

From lights in a warmer color to a fuller design, you can also concentrate on looking for a pre-lit flocked Christmas tree that helps your living room feel even more festive and cozy. Your own winter wonderland, in other words.

While pre-lit flocked Christmas trees are absolutely perfect on their own, a few decorations can obviously help you achieve a more traditional effect. And don’t forget to add a magical tree topper!

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Best Ideas

Pre-Lit Slim Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights

9' Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 900 White Lights with Stand

Heavily frosted and narrow, this tree brings the winter woodland into your home. At 9’ tall, it is suitable for large living areas, and the subtle twinkling of the lights is sure to catch the attention of guests and help your family make wonderful memories.

Despite its height, this tree is easy to assemble. Long-lasting, durable flocking allows you to use this tree year after year.

Snowy 7.5' Frosted Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 700 Clear Lights

At 7.5’ tall, this Christmas tree turns your home into a winter wonderland. Cranberries and pinecones adorn flocked branches for a stunning tree that looks great in any setting, whether it is industrial urban, farmhouse country, contemporary or traditional.

The tree comes with a sturdy metal stand and 700 pre-strung, clear lights for easy assembly. The tree is so full of natural accents you won’t need any extra holiday decorations, just a tree topper, and a tree skirt.

7' Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with 650 Clear Lights

This Christmas tree features frosted branches and 650 pre-strung lights for the perfect traditional holiday tree, while the branches still leave plenty of room for you and your family to get creative and decorate.

The tree also features a sturdy top branch, so it’s easy for you to mount a star or an angel securely. At 7’ tall, this tree is ideal for filling a corner in your family room, living room, or taking center stage in the foyer.

Natural Cut Flocked Mountain Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear White Lights

If you can’t spend Christmas in the mountains, you can still bring some mountain spirit to your family’s holiday season. This wide, frosted green fir tree evokes snowy slopes and comes with 800 warm lights for picture-perfect ambiance.

It requires partial assembly and comes with a 6’ cord. Place this realistic-looking and flame retardant tree next to a roaring fire and hung stockings for a nostalgic holiday celebration.

Heavy Flocked Layered 7.5' White Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with 550 Clear Lights with Stand

Covered with flocking for a dose of snowy, mid-winter magic, this slender 7.5’ white spruce tree boasts clear, warm lights and lush, eye-catching branches. The dense flocking makes the tree look white and ideal for modern, Scandi, or minimalistic homes.

This tree is flame-resistant, easy-to-assemble, and leaves little-to-no-mess behind. The result is a safe, long-lasting tree that will bring delight for many holidays to come.

9' Green Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Natural beauty meets timeless elegance in this 9’ tall green spruce tree. Perfect for homes with high ceilings, this tree features a base of 5’6” across for a lush, full look.

Light flocking adorns its dense branches to bring you the look of freshly fallen snow. Berries and pinecones add the finishing touches that make you feel like you’ve just brought the tree in from the great outdoors--all while enjoying minimal hassle and easy setup.

Pre-Lit 9' Red Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 900 Red Lights

For those who enjoy making a dramatic statement, this bright red pine tree combines holiday cheer with a bold, new look. At 9’ tall and with 900 pre-strung lights, this fabulous tree adds a big splash of holiday color to your home.

This statement piece is perfect for entryways and for complementing a contemporary décor. Guests will love its fresh, unique look, and you and your family will enjoy forming memories around this showstopping illuminated tree.

7.5' Green/White Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree with 750 Clear/White Lights

Snowy Bristle Entrance White Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights

Pre-Lit Porch 3' Green/White Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 50 Warm White Lights

4' Green Alpine Artificial Christmas Tree with 150 Clear & White Lights with Flocked and Stand

Flocked Green Alaskan Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Multi-Colored Lights

Flocked Long Needle Green Pine Tree Artificial Christmas Tree

3' Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 35 Clear/White Incandescent Lights

7.5' White/Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Clear Lights

Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights

Fir 78' Frosted Green Spruce Tree Artificial Christmas Tree 650 Clear and White Lights with Stand

Snowy Concolor Fir 2' Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 50 LED Clear & White Lights

Vickerman 90' White/Green Fir Trees Artificial Christmas Tree with 360 Clear/White Lights

4.5' Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 250 LED White Lights with Stand

Pop up Holly Leaves Silver Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights

4' White/Green Spruce Trees Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights

Pre-Lit Pink Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights