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Planter benches are a great cross between practical garden furniture and containers for your flowering plants, shrubs or even small trees. They offer a focal point in your garden and help break up your landscaping in interesting ways. This allows you to create definition in your yard and elevate your flower plantings from traditional ground-level flower beds. Tuck one in the corner of your garden to get away from all distractions, or place it in the center of your lawn as a showpiece.

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Round garden bench planter


This modern planter lets you perch on its wide edges as you enjoy the sun. It’s made from polyethylene and is UV-resistant. A cross-hatching design is embossed on the 17 ¾” tall planter and weighs just over 110 lbs to ensure it doesn’t get blown around in the wind.

Designer Advice:

This garden planter bench is manufactured according to both quality and environmental government standards and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Continuous exposure to the sun can cause burning injuries when the skin comes into direct contact with the planter. Keep the planter away from excessive heat sources and on a flat surface. Clean with a pressure washer and the occasional domestic degreasing cleaner.

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Bench planter with trellis

East Urban Home

Made from solid acacia wood and finished with natural oil, this garden planter bench requires assembly. A 6’ by 6’ trellis attaches to the back of the two planter boxes and is sturdily constructed. The wood is durable, easy to maintain and weather resistant.

Designer Advice:

The two planter boxes do not come with planter inserts, which will be needed in order to keep the soil from falling through the slats. Adding weight to the bottom of your planter inserts will help keep the trellis upright. If you can’t add weight to the planter boxes, make sure to place the planter bench in a sheltered area.

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Concrete planter and garden bench

Although this garden planter bench looks like it would weigh a ton, its lightweight concrete composition only weighs a moveable 97 lbs before adding soil and plants or shrubs. The natural gray concrete finish is strong, durable, weather-resistant and damage-resistant.

Designer Advice:

At 37” long, half of the planter holds plants or a tree, while the other half is perfect for perching on or holding extra potted plants and flowers. This garden bench's long-lasting color and patina with planter are hand applied and eco-friendly. It includes a drainage hole to eliminate any standing water. 


Wood bench with planters

Leisure Season

The bench portion of the garden planter holds up to 400 lbs and seats two. The estimated assembly time for this bench with two planters is 60 minutes. Each planter measures 14” wide by 22” deep with 8” depth for planting flowers and small shrubs.


Designer Advice:

This two-seater garden bench with flanking planters is made from a solid wood harvested from the Cypress tree family. The wood has decay-resistant properties similar to our native Western Red Cedar. An acrylic finish protects the wood, which can be easily removed with a light sanding. This will allow you to stain or paint the bench and planters a different color.

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Polygon shaped bench planter box


A unique modular design lets you combine three of these planter box benches together in one seamless structural design. Each piece measures 6.5’ long on its own and covers 13’ when combined. The UV-resistant polyethylene material doesn’t show any natural variation and comes in 18 different colors.

Designer Advice:

A water level indication unit is included in this planter bench to help you keep your plants healthy. The bench planter box weighs 66.14 lbs and does not require any assembly. This polyethylene product goes through a rotational molding process which strengthens and surpasses the quality standard. Each finished piece is resistant to impact and extreme temperatures.

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White or gray bench with planters

Charlton Home®

The two square wood planters support a 6’ bench intended to support up to 150 lbs. The white color option is actually quite creamy, and the gray option has a slight purple undertone. If the color is not to your taste, paint before assembly.

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Solid hardwood planters with bench seating

With a bench that can support up to 400 lbs, these two planters with bench seating come in both brown and natural color options. The ends of this 40.5” bench have a groove slot that hooks onto the side of each planter box for support.

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Corner planter with bench seating

Ophelia & Co.

One planter box anchors two benches made of solid weather-resistant acacia wood with a gray wash finish. The benches can be assembled on each side of the planter box or in a corner formation. Each bench measures 36.5” long.

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Cedar wood garden bench planters

Boldly Growing

Split-log corners hold the two end planter boxes together on this rustic planter bench. Made from strong, rot-resistant cedar wood, the boxes and bench looks great as-is or can be stained and finished. The heavy-duty design easily supports the soil and plant weight.


Stained or unstained wood planter benches

August Grove®

You can seat four with three planter boxes and two floating bench seats. Each bench supports 350 lbs and is constructed from solid tongue and groove cedar wood siding. Assemble with the wood screws and ring shank nails provided. 

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Buying Guide

What's the best material and color for a planter bench?

The best material and color for planter benches are hard and softwood in natural finishes because they blend seamlessly with the outdoor environment. As a raw material, wood is easy to work with and has natural coloring, yet some types are more durable than others for holding up to harsh outdoor weathering.

For the ultimate in durability and resistance to weather, look for cypress or teak materials in light to dark honey shades. The natural oils found in these materials act as a preservative, keeping your planter bench looking better, longer. It also creates an ideal, safe environment for growing plants by being resistant to rot and decay. These oils also act as a natural pest repellent to protect your plants.

Also, consider redwood for low maintenance and long-term durability for a planter bench. Redwood needs sealing to prevent cracking and lock in the natural reddish colors, which can turn grey if left untreated.

Softwoods, such as cedar and pine, need constant attention to keep from decaying in the natural outdoor elements. Choose these if you don’t mind adding stain every so often to avoid rotting.

What's the best spot for a planter bench?

There are three options to choose from when it comes to finding the best spot for a planter bench.

Firstly, planter benches should be placed in open areas so they can be seen and admired. Secondly, place them along a garden fence for a more formal look. And lastly, place them anywhere in the garden where you can sit comfortably.

The thing to keep in mind when choosing the perfect spot for your planter bench is that it will actually hold your plants (so obvious but often forgotten!) and, thus, depending on the type of your plants, you will need different amount of sunlight. For this reason, if you have plants that enjoy exposure to the sun, such as lavender, butterfly weed, and Russian sage, your planter bench should be placed in direct sunlight. Alternatively, Foxglove, Primrose, and Dead nettle really enjoy the shade and if you have these, place your planter bench in shady parts of the garden.

What plants are great for a planter bench?

If you've recently invested in planter benches, then you'll want to fill them with plants that grow well and look good inside these attractive containers. There are a few evergreen options that provide an all-year-round feature in your planter benches. This saves you time on replanting annual flowers, and the bonus is that they don't need much maintenance.

Some of the best options for evergreen plants include Dwarf Cherry Laurel, Pittorsporum varieties, and Arborvitae. For quick-growing options, bamboo makes a suitable and lush foliage choice. For more colorful options, Myrtle Spurge and Golden Breath of Heaven will make your planter benches pop with color and vibrancy.

If you're going for a simple or minimalist look, then green foliage like dark green Mexican Orange, and Chartreuse Japanese forest grass are highly recommended. Alternatively, those who want to make their planter benches not just aesthetically appealing but functional as well should consider going for herbs, veggies and berries such as parsley, thyme, chives, and tarragon.

Blueberry and raspberry plants are also a great alternative but do require a bit more planting space. However, if you've got a planter bench that's at least 24 inches deep, these varieties will thrive.

Best Ideas


Ever tried planter benches in your garden? If not, then now might be the best time. It’s a great cross between practical garden furniture and some planting space. Wooden construction makes them durable and elegant.

Looking for a bench that would spruce up your ambiance? Well, you need to consider this 3-tiered triangular planter bench with natural finish and and fabulous style.

Fantastic bench for the summer evenings on the veranda. It is constructed of cedar wood, includes cuttings, which adds natural colors. It has a modern dimension and is very spacious.Inspired by the use of wooden pallets in arrangements.

... Contemporary garden ipe bench Ipe Planter outdoor bench pergola

Arm Rest Planter Bench

planters, benches and trellises

Ribble Planter Bench - recycled plastic

Double bench flower box set

Your garden have to be comfy too! With the double bench flower box set you will do that! Trust me, it's nicely finished and high quality.

Custom Planter Box Benches

Small wooden outdoor bench with simple construction. It serves as a space-saving sitting element and it can also provide some space for plants or other outdoor decorations. This item is resistant to different weather conditions.

Matchbox Planter Bench

movable privacy fence on casters with built in planters (could also be a bench)

Tasteful bench with pots on the armrests. Construction is made of wood. Back consists of vertically arranged slats. Desgined for outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Planter Box & Gardening Bench craftsman-outdoor-benches

Cedar deck, fence and bench with built-in planters--for when the railing needs to be replaced on our deck.

DIY Bog Planter/Bench - Finished Bog Planter/Bench

... and urban furnishing > Tables, chairs and benches > Planter with bench

This superbly designed bench is a perfect combination of impressive form and functionality. The comfortable wooden construction is durable, and plenty of space for planting flowers makes the whole thing very pleasant for the eyes.

Planter Benches

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3 Piece Planter with Bench

Square Planter Box

Dual Planter/Bench DIY

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