Picture Window Curtains And Window Treatments

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For large picture windows, the right application of picture window curtains and window treatments can bring a room together with style and class. In this collection we give you many examples of window treatment options, as well as the best styles to compliment your existing furniture fabrics. A quality window treatment can add a continuity to a room that gives a better flow to the space.

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Custom window treatments

Make your living room or bedroom snazzier, thanks to this exquisite set of window curtains and 2 decoratice baskets. Each drape is made of quality material with stripe pattern, while the baskets are beautifully woven and covered in a mocha finish.

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Kitchen in rustic style. It includes a lots of cabinets and drawers for storing pots, tableware and other needed items. Tasteful curtain adds freshness and elegance.

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window treatments ideas | Window Treatments For Large Picture Windows | Window treatment, blinds ...

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Family Room

A piece of contemporary elegance that is going to make your room much more appealing, by complementing it with those stripe-patterned curtains. Made of quality material, the curtains are durable, easy to hang and machine-washable.

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Pretty-looking traditional window curtains for living rooms. They're manufactured of white polyester fabric with a rather delicate yellowish organised flower pattern. Curtains have rod pockets and are machine washable.

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When you take the decision that you would like to give a chance to the natural decoration elements, think over choosing bamboo curtains. 100% natural, provide enough shade and also look amazing on your windows.

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Geneva Valance Window Treatment

Quaint, colorful valance sewn out of fabrics (cotton with polyester blend) with assorted patterns, embellished with button tabs; such a combination allows to add a bohemian touch to a decor. It also lends a pop of color to a room.

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Trio Chic Window Curtain Panel

Block pattern of three thick stripes is elegant and versatile. This curtain panel sporting earthy hues with sheer finish fits any interior. Other colors are available too, so that you can choose the best one for your decor.

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Transform a cheap mini blind into an attractive, no-sew Roman blind. This one will enchant you with its colorful, floral mosaic, creating a warm, alluring ambiance in the room.

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Picture windows do a lot more than let in a surplus of sun into your living room and give you unobstructed views of the horizon. They also provide you with a perfect stage for décor.

Yes, large glass panels that extend from floor to ceiling make for a very alluring, empty canvas that can be painted in many exciting ways.

So if you are at wits end trying to do justice to the architectural asset in your home, here are some tips and recommendations to help you get started.

How to draw attention to picture windows?


To draw attention to the windows, you can use draperies or curtains. Curtain rods can be installed on either sides of the windows keeping the glass portion empty. You can also install them an inch below the ceiling or the crown molding to create an illusion of maximum height and depth.

Drapes that extend all the way to the floor can add some instant drama to the setting. You can also use valance curtains to create a theater-styled effect. Depending on whether you are looking to let in the sun or block a little of that bright glare, you can choose between sheer drapes or heavy ones.

There are tons of options when it comes to fabrics. In sun rooms, fade resistant fabrics work best. Leave the silk for the upholstery.


Wallpaper decoration around the picture windows is an easy way to make them the focal point. Floral patterns and damasks work best.


Window moldings can be painted to create a contrasting pop-out effect against the wallpaper.

How to select the best blinds and shades for picture windows?

Picture windows made a resounding comeback in post-war homes with contemporary décor. So, blinds go extremely well with them. From vertical blinds that offer excellent light control and privacy, to Venetian blinds that allow you to switch between admiring views and having the room all to yourself, your options are unlimited.

Some of the popular material choices in blinds are wood, faux wood, plastic, synthetic composites and even metal. Some of these can get really heavy when covering an entire large picture window and bowing might occur.

Irrespective of which variety you choose, opt for a continuous cord loop system that makes it easier to raise and lower the blinds. Another option is to use a single head rail with multiple blinds installed.

It allows you to control each blind individually and also does the bulk of the lifting, eliminating the problem with heavy materials. Cellular shades are an easy way to filter in the light or block it completely. An added perk is that they can conserve energy.

If you wish to go old school, Roman Shades are an infallible choice. They are elegant, timeless and come in many styles like hobbled and flat. These are easy to operate and provide excellent privacy and light control.

Your window treatment is a critical part of the visual structure of any room. Play with styles, patterns, and shades to create a stunning style statement that’s easy to operate and control.

Best Ideas

Medalia Window Curtain Panel

Dark gold/dark beige curtain panel with geometric light yellow pattern and burlap-like texture. Polyester and linen blend. It has pewter grommets. You can machine wash this curtain panel, which is sold individually.

A great combination of functionality and stylish appearance, those attractive blinds work as a charm, effectively covering your whole window. Designed of durable bamboo, blinds are easy to clean and can withstand years of usage.

A gorgeous set of beautiful valances for spicing up contemporary decor. They are reversible, stylishly-patterned, and made of quality, machine-washable material, with measurements: 38½", 48" and 58" finished width.

Beautiful, ethereal curtains. Notice how lengthy they are, able to reach all the way to the ground. That’s what gives them a luxurious vibe. The curtains are light, which makes them appropriate especially for the summer and spring seasons.

Anya Window Curtain Panels

Delicate lace pattern and textured appearance complements perfectly a pastel pink shade of this half-translucent curtain panels. Other shades are also available. The fabric is polyester and it has a charming sheer.

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Hanging curtains near the ceiling rather than typically just above the window trim gives an illusion of height, making a small window appearing larger and a room more spacious.

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Curtains For Bay Windows

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stunning window seat! out of all the window seats in pinterest, this is handsdown, my favorite!

A creative and stylish way of decorating windows, without using a rod. Those fashionable curtains are attached straight to a wall using fixed wheel fastenings with practical clips. Machine-washable.

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Window curtains always add a sense of traditional elegance and refinement. This set will be an ideal to create a warm, cosy appeal, known from the French Provencal houses.