10 Best Dog Grooming Tubs

It can be a hassle to wash your pet at home, especially if all you have to work with is the same bathtub you and your family share. With a pet grooming tub, pet hair won't clog your bathroom drain, and your pet has a safe and secure space to get clean. WIth many models available, it won't be a problem matching your pet grooming tub with your decorative choices, or your pets personality.

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Our Picks

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Pet Walk In Spa Microbubble Therapy

Ella Walk In Baths

Pamper your four-legged friend with a walk-in spa experience. Clean, hydrate, soften, exfoliate and restore your pet’s skin at the simple push of a button. This new microbubble therapy breaks down water molecules into billions of tiny, oxygen-rich bubbles that burst out through a dedicated hand mixer. The therapy helps soothe dogs suffering from skin problems, itching, unpleasant smells and allergies. The walls of the tub have 12 jets for maximum therapeutic relief and an additional hand-held shower with a retractable stainless steel hose. Made of high-quality acrylic with a textured floor, this luxury dog grooming tub is durable and slip-free!

What we like:

●     For small/medium size dogs

●     Microbubble therapy

●     Multi-function faucet

●     Dog chain hooks

●     Removable floor gate

●     Non-slip floor

●     Durable material

●     Stylish aesthetic

●     Two side removable access panels

●     Adjustable heavy-duty leveling legs

●     2” drain

What we don’t like:

●     Heavy weight

●     No shampoo caddy


Professional Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub


Do you have several furry friends at home? Doggy bath time can be a messy and time-consuming business, especially if there’s more than one to manage! A professional steel dog grooming sink could be just what you need. And when we say professional, we mean it. Whether you're a breeder, groomer, or multiple dog owner, a metal tub is a great investment. Stainless steel is sturdy, easy to clean and maintain and will last a lot longer than it’s plastic alternative. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, the design includes a removable floor grate and non-skid ladder. The high sides and watertight sealed door will keep all the wet, messy business contained. The tub also comes with an adjustable faucet and hose for hot and cold water, a restraint system, plumbing hardware and shampoo caddy.

What we like:

●     Max weight: 260lb

●     Indoor and outdoor usage

●     Shower faucet

●     Shampoo caddy

●     Pet securing straps

●     Removable floor gate

●     Non-skid removable ladder

●     Durable material

●     Hot/cold settings

What we don’t like:

●     Reported issues with faucet and drainage.

$1157.24 $1599.99

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Booster Bath for Dogs

Booster Bath

Make bathing your dog a quick and dry task with this booster pet grooming tub. Made of UV stabilized polypropylene and stainless steel components, it is durable, lightweight and portable. The dog bath also ticks the box for ergonomics, as well as for restraint systems and drainage. It’s elevated height, 360-degree access and 3-point leash adjustable restraint will save your back and your time. And, the rubber pads, non-slip mat and drain hose will save your bathroom! Plus, the clever two-piece quick-snap design allows you to detach the legs for easy storage.

What we like:

●     Max. weight: 150lb.

●     Indoor and outdoor usage

●     360-degree access

●     Sturdy and non-slip

●     Lightweight and portable

●     Easy storage

●     3-point restraint system with collar

●     Directional drain hose

●     Shampoo caddy

●     Fan nozzle

What we don't like:

●     Not the most stable tub.

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Dog Grooming Portable Elevated Bath Tub

Flying Pig Grooming

Forget about back strains and dirty baths by gifting your pup his very own tub! The stainless steel legs elevate the grooming tub to meet your height and it’s free-standing design provides 360-degree access. The bath comes with a leveler, so uneven surfaces will never be a problem. Fill it up with a hose, or in the bath with the shower head, and pull out the plug when you’re done. The drain hose allows you to flush away the dirty water with accuracy and ease. Made of hard-wearing plastic, the bath is durable, lightweight and portable and an all-round great solution for an easy, fluffy wash and dry!

What we like:

●     Max. weight: 150lbs

●     360-degree access

●     Lightweight and portable

●     Stainless steel legs

●     Leveler for uneven floors

What we don’t like:

●     Drain hose is not the best quality

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Multi Functional Collapsible Pet Bath Tub


Short on space but looking for an alternative to the kitchen sink or your own bath tub to wash your furry pal? This collapsible bath tub is perfect for small dogs, and small spaces. When collapsed it is compact and takes up very little storage space. It’s multi-functional design means it can also be used to hand-wash clothes, as a laundry basket, or an organizer for the bedroom or bathroom! It’s white and grey modern aesthetic makes it far from an eye-sore and makes a tasteful storage accessory. Made of soft, but strong PP and TPR, the tub can withstand daily wear and tear, and outdoor use.

What we like:

●     Max. weight: 33lbs

●     Collapsible and space-saving

●     Lightweight and portable

●     Stylish aesthetic

●     Convenient drainage

●     Multi-functional

What we don’t like:

●     There’s nothing we don’t like about this pet bath tub!

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Collapsible Indoor/Outdoor Bathing Pool


Turn bath time into a fun bonding moment with your pooch with this splash pool! Perfect for families with kids and furry friends, this multi-functional indoor/outdoor pool can be used to cool down in the hot summer months, or as a fun ball pit! Made of PVC and built-in high-density fiberboard, with a non-slip, scratch-resistant base, this pool is strong and hard-wearing. Plus, it is lightweight, easy to set up and has a large drainage outlet. After use, simply fold it up and store it away, ready for next time!

What we like:

●     XL size suitable for dogs up to 132lbs

●     Portable and foldable

●     Durable and non-slip

●     Easy to use

●     Multi-functional

●     Different sizes available

●     Easy drainage

What we don’t like:

Not as strong and long-lasting as hard-plastic/metal alternatives.

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Foldable Elevated Pet Shower Tub


Bathing your canine companion will never have been smoother with this bath tub! Best-suited to smaller dogs, this elevated folding pet bath, made of strong PVC, is a fabulous solution for anyone living in a small apartment, or short on storage space. The shower tub has a lightweight, easy-to-fold design. Simply pull the handle in the middle of the tub and it will reduce from a width of 32 inches to less than 8 inches. You can even remove the legs for easier storage, if needs be. This tub has been designed with you in mind with 360-degree access and elevated to an optimum ergonomic height. Two side pockets have been strategically placed so you can have shampoo, towels and other necessities to hand, without leaving your pup’s side. And, to top it off, it is even equipped with a three-point traction belt, convenient drainage and non-slip pads for a safe and easy dog-bathing experience.

What we like:

●     Max. weight: 40lbs

●     Ergonomic height

●     Space-saving folding design

●     Convenient drainage

●     Lightweight and portable

●     Durable materials

●     Non-slip pads

What we don’t like:

●     Not the sturdiest option for big, overly-excitable or feisty dogs!

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Galvanized Dog Bath Tub

Houston International

You can’t go wrong with a galvanized grooming tub. It’s as simple as it gets and does what it says on the tin - and not much more! This tub is perfect for bathing small to medium dogs, indoors or out. Coated with baked enamel paint, it’s easy to clean and maintain and, weighing only 5lb, it’s lightweight and portable too. When not in use, store it away, or use it for washing clothes, shoes, storing dirty laundry, or other bits and bobs!

What we like:

●     Lightweight and portable

●     Easy care and maintenance

●     Multi-functional

●     Durable

●     Simple design

What we don’t like:

●     No drainage.

●     No non-slip base.

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Lightweight Plastic Pup Tub

Pet Gear

Give your small four-legged friend a relaxing bath in this pup tub. This simple design has everything you need to make bath time a stress-free event. Two quick-connect adjustable leash restraints help keep your puppy in place and the rubberized mat prevents slipping and sliding. The tub also has rubber grippers on its base to keep it securely in place. The two built-in holders are useful to keep shampoo, conditioner and brushes to hand, and the quick drain feature makes it easy to empty the tub of mucky water. You may be surprised to know that the ocean blue, translucent plastic material was not only selected for its durable and practical qualities and aesthetic appeal. By allowing small dogs to see through the tub, it reduces their stress and anxiety levels, encouraging them to sit back, relax and enjoy their pamper session!

What we like:

●     Two quick-connect adjustable leash restraints

●     Non-slip bath mat and rubber grips

●     Shampoo caddy

●     Drainage

●     Lightweight and portable

What we don’t like:

●     Reported leaks through drain

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Portable Folding Bath Tub for Small Dogs

Portable, foldable and easy to store, this bath tub is as much of a pleasure for you, as it is the dog! Use it in the shower or bath, and take it with you on your travels. Made of strong 600D oxford fabric, with a high-quality PVC interior, the bath is lightweight, easy-to-clean and maintain, fast drying and super durable. It also comes with a nylon strap for easy transportation. When not in use, it serves as a great doggy travel bag for toys, blankets, towels and dog food. It also has an extra side pocket for storing grooming essentials such as shampoo, hair brushes and yummy treats!

What we like:

●     Lightweight and portable

●     Easy care and maintenance

●     Multi-functional

●     High-quality materials

●     Durable

●     Pocket storage

What we don’t like:

●     No drainage

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Buying Guide

Grooming can be a dreadful experience for dogs but it doesn't have to be if owners make sure bath time is fun for them. Buying your dog a pet grooming tub is the first step to turning bathing into a pleasurable experience rather than a painful one. After all, it's your way of pampering your pet and spending quality time with it. To know how to choose the right pet grooming tub, keep on reading.

How to pick the right size pet grooming tub?

A pet grooming tub should be of the correct size to place a dog in it. If it's too small for your dog, it won't be able to stay put which will result in a mess with all the water being spilled and splashed.

To determine the size of the pet grooming tub that your dog needs, measure your pet's height and length. The height of the tub must be enough to secure your pet in it. If your dog will still grow, find its adult measurements online. That should be your reference when choosing a pet grooming tub or else you'll find yourself buying a bigger tub because your dog has overgrown the one it used before.

Remember that your priority is getting the right tub size. Additional features and aesthetics should come second. There's no point in getting a beautiful pet grooming tub if you won't be able to use it to bathe your dog.

What's the price range for pet grooming tubs?

Pet grooming tubs can cost as low as $50 each or as high as $1,500. Because the price bracket is so wide, it's now time for you to decide on how much you want to spend. If you'll be using a pet grooming tub often to bathe several dogs, you'd want one that can withstand constant and rough use as dogs can scratch on it. Large dogs also need a more durable tub that can carry their weight.

If the budget that you've set allows or if you please, get a bigger and wider bathtub so your dog can swim in it. You can also add toys so your pet can play while it’s being groomed. This will ensure that its bathing time becomes a fun swimming experience. Most of us treat our pets as family members, so we can assume that you'd also be willing to spend more for the comfort of your pet.

What are pet grooming tubs crafted from?

  • Pet grooming tubs can be made of different materials. The most common are made of plastic, stainless steel, and fiberglass reinforced plastic. They are preferred by dog owners and professional groomers because they're less likely to leak.
  • The high-quality, well-performing, and long-lasting pet grooming tubs are made of stainless steel, but they come with a heavy price tag. This is what you'd prefer if you have a dog grooming business or several dogs to bathe at a time.

Pets are active, and they love getting messy and grubby. This will require a thorough 'rub and scrub' and some work on your part as the dog owner. Because you've read our guide on how to choose pet grooming tubs, we're confident that you will get the tub that's right for you and your pet's grooming needs.

Basic fold-up flat surfaces have gone now and have made room for the market to blossom with a huge variety of more innovative grooming tables and tubs.

Whether you will be grooming your own pet or own a salon full of furry clients, choosing a grooming table that keeps the pets at ease and is comfortable enough for you to use can be a daunting decision.

It is important for you to do your research and therefore we have compiled a helpful guide, which will explore the features you should look for in a grooming table and tub.

What's the right grooming table size?

  • A grooming table should be big enough for the pets to stand and recline comfortably, but it should not allow them to move around since they may be inclined to jump.

  • The most common sizes are between 18 or 24 inches wide and 30 to 48 inches long. These can vary with different manufacturers.

  • A toy-breed grooming table is usually a round, rotating tabletop on a frame with a nonslip base. Look for a lightweight and easy to fold grooming table.

  • Unlike the lower-budget grooming table for small pets, larger breeds require sturdy and easy to operate tables. You should choose an electric or hydraulic table.

  • You should also think of the table's height. The table should bring the put up to the same level as your waist.

  • As for grooming tubs, it is best to measure your pet or if you own a salon choose one that can fit the largest of breeds.

  • For home use, you need to keep in mind how fast your pet will grow. Do some research on the specific breed and to what size dimensions it grows in a couple of years.

What different types of grooming tables are there?

There are three main types of grooming tables you can choose from and below we discuss the benefits and features of each to help you make the right decision:

Electric Grooming Tables

  • Electric grooming tables might be on the expensive side, but they are worth the investment since they are most sturdy and reliable.

  • Electric grooming tables usually work with 120V outlets, which can be plugged in at home or workplace.

  • Look for a removable tabletop feature. It will be easier to maintain and clean.

  • Many groomers prefer electric tables more because they can be used with pets of all sizes due to their ability to lower to the ground so the pet can step on the top.

  • Electric grooming tables tend to make less noise when adjusting the height.

Hydraulic Grooming Tables

  • Hydraulic grooming tables are more cost-effective than electric grooming tables and can still do the job well.

  • They will help you lift the pet and you can adjust even when it is already placed on top. They achieve this thanks to their hydraulic foot pumps that allow you to change the height. Typically, they adjust from 28 to 36 inches.

  • They are considered a better choice for small or medium dogs since they can be lowered to just 1-2 feet off the ground.

  • The main benefit of this type of tables is that they offer comfort for both the pet and groomer.

Collapsible Grooming Tables

  • Collapsible grooming tables tend to be chosen by groomers who travel because they can be collapsed and stored easily.

  • They are not as secure as hydraulic or electric tables since heavier breeds might break it. Be sure to check the weight capacity if you choose to purchase one.

What features should a grooming table have?

In the case of grooming tables, less is more. They should not have an overwhelming number of accessories since it will be inconvenient. However, here is a list of some things you might consider:

  • Notice where pedals, foot pumps and buttons are positioned. You always need them to be in easy reach.

  • You can find grooming tables that offer lights to help you trim harder to view spots or pets with dark coats.

  • Another helpful feature would be a detachable holder of pet grooming tools and an expandable grooming restraint for safety measures.

What features to look for in a grooming tub?

  • Notice the drainage system of the tub.It is very important to find a grooming tub that offers removable backsplashes, sides and floor grate. Also, make sure the drainage hose is long and big enough to handle drainage.

  • The material of a grooming tub matters. Most common materials are plastic, stainless-steel and fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The highest quality would be stainless-steel, but it is the most expensive option.A cheaper alternative would be a heavy-duty polymer propylene tub. You can opt for a plastic tub if it will be for home use.

  • The ideal tub should have an entry at one end with stairs or ramp. The entry door needs to have a reliable seal, too.

Best Ideas

Wash your dog in special dog washing station, with steps and high quality tub. It's not only for commercial use, you can add it into your apartment or outdoor space.

Master Equipment Polypro Dog Grooming Tub

Thanks to this portable dog bath and grooming station, your pet will be clean as a whistle, at all times. The station includes a shampoo bottle holder, adjustable legs, removable door for easy entry, and high density polyethylene construction. Lightweight, resistant to rust and tarnish.

If you have dogs, you know that they love getting dirty. Giving a bath to your pet can be easier due to this violet dog's bathtub made of plastic. This type of equipment will be very useful in dog groomer's salon.

This large dog bath is characterized by fiberglass construction, and a convenient ramp that leads straight to the tub. Inside, there is a shower, and enough place to put a shampoo and other cosmetics.

The simple construction of this pet grooming tub is an excellent solution for dog owners. The comfortable form allows for a comfortable bathing of the pet, and he will be equally satisfied. Attractive colors add charm.

Grooming tubs for pets. These elements of equipment are suitable for home and commercial locations. They are resistant to damage caused by animals and they assure the best possible comfort and safety for them.

Eclectic laundry room eclectic laundry room philadelphia

An elegant contemporary dog bathtub crafted of stone tiles in grey shades. It has a rectangular basin and a high-profiled backsplash with taps. A bathtub is placed over storage cabinets (with full doors) of white finished wood.

Stainless Steel Dog Grooming Bath Tub

If you are a pet groomer, this tub will work for clients of all sizes and breeds. Large-breed dog owners will also find this 58'' H x 50'' W x 28'' D tub incredibly convenient. Made of sturdy stainless steel, this long-lasting tub includes a ramp for easy access and a locking sliding door to keep water inside once the bath begins.

This large tub is suitable for pet grooming. Its polypropylene construction is durable and resistant to water or damage caused by animals. It includes a sink and four legs that assure the best possible stability.

Dina Pet Wash

Designed to add an extra element of convenience to bath times, this rectangular basin is also particularly versatile and can be connected to any faucet in your home.

It has also been designed to provide a luxuriant experience and features nine mist jets for soaking and a shower wand which can be switched on and off. The pet bathtub also features entry and exit doors.

Take advantage of its easy storage to free up space once each bathing session is over, by placing it in your garage or basement.

Pet Grooming Table

Especially versatile, this dog grooming table is suitable for small to medium canines.

It is also foldable making it easy to transport while its removable and adjustable grooming arm can also be used with other matching tables.

There is also its anti-skid table top to ensure the safety of pets in your care and a metal grid tray with a capacity of 10 to 22lbs which can be used to keep your tools close by.

Take advantage of its especially robust structure to groom pets within its recommended size range such as Bearded Collies, Beagles and Corgis.

Adjustable Grooming Table

Possessing an impressive weight limit of 200 lbs, this versatile grooming table is ideal for both mobile and sedentary pet groomers.

This pet hygiene item features a non-slip, pebbled black, vinyl table top trimmed with aluminum edging. It also comes with chrome and electroplated legs with locking pins to enable even, gradual one-inch adjustments.

This sturdy pet hygiene unit is ideal for both felines and canines and can be folded to provide extra space in a room.

Booster Bath for Dogs

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this pet bathtub has been designed to make bath time safe and enjoyable for you and your pet.

In addition to its ergonomic design, this durable pet grooming product also comes with rubber bumpers to provide stability as your pet enters or climbs out of it.

Make use of its three-point adjustable restraint to keep energetic and excitable pets safe and comfortable while they enjoy a shower and you remain dry thanks to the tub’s drain hose.

Johson Grooming Table with Arm

Crafted from white pine wood with a birch plywood top, this grooming table also comes with a powder-coated finish ensuring it is especially robust and durable.

Also designed for convenience, this pet hygiene item which features a standard grooming arm, comes with a cast aluminum clamp so it can be moved easily as well as one-inch of charcoal gray vinyl to protect your clothing.

In addition to its impressive functionality, this grooming table also comes in grey and black tones which can serve to enhance the sophistication of your grooming room.

Everyday Pro Deluxe Grooming Tub

Featuring a quintessential dog spa design, this grooming tub will make the pets in your care feel especially pampered during each grooming session.

Crafted from stainless steel with a capacity of 440lbs, this pet hygiene amenity is especially robust and ideal for grooming a large number of pets at once.

The presence of additional rivets means it is also suitable for larger pets since it is particularly durable, while its mold resistant silicon caulking ensures the grooming tub is impressively watertight.

Take advantage of its sturdy construction to keep large canines pristine and perfectly groomed.

Grooming Table

Designed to enable you to keep your canine and feline charges safe while you brush their coats or trim their nails, this foldable grooming table features a non-slip, pebbled top.

The pet hygiene item which has a capacity of 375lbs, also comes with thick rubber leg caps to prevent movement while also protecting your floors.

Its foldable legs which have been made from powder coated, tubular steel, make it the ideal option for grooming your pets at shows since it is also easy to transport.

Dog Grooming Table with Arm

Manufactured to provide personal care with a professional touch, this grooming table has been specially designed for domestic use.

This pet hygiene unit which comes with a powder-coated finish is both corrosion and mold resistant. It is also remarkably stable owing to its chrome-plated, tubular steel legs.

Easy to clean, it is also collapsible and can be folded and stored to create extra space following a grooming session.

Versa Competition Table

Foldable, compact and robust, this grooming table is easy to transport, and will take up minimal space.

The item which features a powder-coated steel frame, has also been designed to ensure the safety of your canine or feline charges. A non-slip, paw print surface adds a quaint touch while non-skid feet maintain its stability.

Make use of its 50lbs weight capacity to groom small dogs and cats such as Bichon Frises, Pomeranians and Munchkins.

Bathe and Go Grooming Tub

Brought to you in a chrome and white finish, this durable plastic tub also features an embossed paw print design on its floor which provides an extra hint of individuality and style.

The product which features an open design is also especially convenient for pets and particularly lightweight, ensuring you will be able to move it with ease.

Owing to its neutral tones, it can be used to create a grooming corner for your pet which will complement any color scheme you choose.

If you are looking for a comfortable bath for your pet, this pet grooming tube is the perfect solution. Made in the form of a massive chest will allow you to bathe a dog comfortably. Unique output and comfortable hose will make the job fun.

This bath tub was upgraded to serve efficiently as a dog grooming tub and incorporated in blue and tan decored bathroom. Note the pull out steps: they might be neatly hidden under the tub or help your dog climb into the bath.

Not all dogs are willing to cooperate during washing, so I consider this dog wash station amazing - makes the often troublesome task of dog washing far easier. For big dogs and their owners, it's a huge facility.

Westmont basement laundry room chicago

Traditional and cozy setup for a laundry room with a dog bath made out of white-painted steel and empty space underneath for storage. The dog bath has a handy set of stairs leading to it, which allows the dog to easily reach the bath.