Oak Bookcases With Glass Doors

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There is truly no better way to spend your time than in the company of books. If you are a bibliophile, the best way to preserve your precious collection is in oak bookcases with glass doors. Oak has qualities that make it ideal for bookcases where you can safely stow away your beloved books. Installing glass doors on your bookcase ensures the books are protected from dust and other elements. Listed below are some suggestions for an oak bookcase with doors.

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Traditional Lawyers Bookcase

Forest Designs

Built by experienced craftsmen, the traditional lawyer’s bookshelf is a fine specimen of premium quality woodwork. It is offered in 14 different finishes and has typical mounting type doors with elegantly polished knobs. Owing to the fine craftsmanship, it resembles an antique oak bookcase with glass doors.  It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Designer Advice:

Adorn your bookcase by placing a quaint little LED table lamp on it. To create a warm reading area with depth, consider adding wallpaper or painting the wall behind your bookcase. For a bold, defining effect, choose a colored backdrop, darker than cherry oak for gorgeous results.

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Five door lawyer bookcase


The five-door lawyer bookcase is trapezoidal and constructed with furniture-grade oak ply. It has five separate glass panels that cover five wooden fixed shelves with ridged detailing present along the length of its door panels. Fitted with simple yet elegant knobs, this functional storage space for books is a valuable addition to your bedroom or home workspace. 

Designer Advice:

Add to the charm of the bookcase further by arranging all your books as per color or placing them horizontally. Another quirky but fun option would be to arrange your books backward with the pages facing out instead of the book’s spine - this would complement a room with neutral colors and minimalistic décor.

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Barrister bookcase with glass doors

This classic bookcase is made up primarily of oak wood and glass. Rectangular in shape, this barrister bookcase with glass doors has four shelf levels to stack all your books. Like all barrister bookcases, the glass doors of each level get pushed back into the bookcase when opened.

Designer Advice:

This exquisite piece of furniture can be placed in your office room or at home in your bedroom or study. Decorate your book corner by placing a bohemian style, handwoven rug/carpet close to it. Light up the corner by adding vintage-style brass wall-hung candle holders.

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Standard bookcase with glass doors

World Menagerie

The rustic style of this oak bookcase is reminiscent of an antique bookcase with glass doors. The glass doors are held in place using strong mortise and tenon joints which are guaranteed to be long-lasting. The bookcase contains vintage-style iron door pulls and is beautified by adding ornamental accents.

Designer Advice:

This piece of furniture is well suited for all interior settings - traditional or contemporary, modern and rustic alike. Use the bookcase as an interesting addition within your home office to create an old-fashioned office look. 

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Two door vintage style bookcase

Crafters and Weavers

This double glass-doored bookshelf comes in a beautiful cherry finish. It is elegantly built using fine oak and fashioned into a rectangular box consisting of three fixed shelves and two glass doors. The simple but elegant wooden knobs accentuate the gorgeous oak and provide the look of a vintage bookcase with glass doors.

Designer Advice:

The durable oak bookcase is bound to be cherished as a long-lasting family heirloom for generations to come. Add a grandfather clock or a wall-hanging pendulum clock near your oak bookcase for an authentic vintage feel. 

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Sleek Standard Bookcase

Millwood Pines

Sleek and sophisticated, this standard oak bookcase represents one of the best designs in bookcases with doors. The size and depth of the bookshelf allow for ample storage space for books and the solid wood oak finish is refined. Fitted with five shelves, each with its glass door, this is an ideal storage option for your books.

Designer Advice:

Due to its sleek shape, this bookcase can be accommodated in your living room, study, bedroom, dining room, or even by your bedside. The ideal seating arrangement around this bookcase would be a delicately upholstered chaise lounge chair with soft lighting from a floor lamp shade. 

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Three door lawyer bookcase (with leaded glass on the top shelf)

Crafters and Weavers

The attention to detail is obvious in this gorgeous oak three-door lawyer bookcase. Made with quarter-sawn white oak stained in brown, this bookcase consists of one solid piece and does not require further assembling. The top shelf door includes leaded glass. This bookcase is robust, easy to maintain, and can house all your cherished books securely. 

Designer Advice:

Place your oak bookcase with glass doors near a room entrance or fireplace creating a focal point in your room. Position a warm cozy recliner, easy chair, or even a rocking chair close by and enjoy hours of uninterrupted reading. 

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Traditional Bookcase with two glass doors

Home Furniture Factory

Composed of oak wood and glass this rectangular-shaped bookcase is synonymous with functional simplicity. It has a minimalistic design with three shelves to help you stack all your favorite books securely into it. Sturdy and robust it comes with a lifetime warranty and can be customized or made to order as per your specifications. The ornately designed handles and overall woodwork finish make it appear like an antique bookshelf with glass doors.

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Solid Oak display bookcase

Crafters and Weavers

Enjoy the ample space with this sturdy and interestingly designed bookcase. The sturdy base makes it a stable piece of furniture. The bookcase consists of a panel doors and is made of solid oak and polished with a hand-rubbed lacquer finish. It has plentiful space with three adjustable shelves to house all your books.

Designer Advice:

Accentuate the simplicity of this bookcase by placing small potted plants around its periphery and on top of it. Consider placing flowering blossoms, succulents, and varieties of overgrown ferns to perk up your bookshelf and create a customized earthy reading nook. 

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Two door bookcase with cut out detail

Crafters and Weavers

Handsome and sturdy, this bookcase is manufactured using oak wood with a medium-dark brown stain. It consists of two glass door panels and has three internal adjustable shelves. Artistically carved heart and leaf designs are present on the top rail of this bookcase. The cutouts exemplify beautiful craftsmanship and provide an antique feel to the bookshelf. 

Designer Advice:

The beauty of this item is that it can also be used to display your curios. Use the space to store your favorite books and combine the storage space for your chosen accessories or display items, e.g. small decorative pots, expensive china, medals or trophies, etc.

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Readers will say that there is no such thing as too many books, only too few bookcases. You can help solve this problem with oak bookcases with glass doors. Books are heavy, so the sturdy supportive power of oak can help your bookcases last a good long while. The glass doors not only keep off dust but also protect your precious volumes from curious fingers or pets who are firmly convinced that shelves are for them – not for books. While Charles Wysocki’s bookshelf cats – “Frederick the Literate,” “Remington Well-Read,” and “Max in the Stacks” are charming beyond words, a real cat in your books can be devastating. Glass doors are a wonderful solution.

What are some of the best oak bookcases with glass doors on sale?

LaPierre Barrister Bookcase

Preserve the space in your room with uplifting doors. No need to plan side space for doors that swing out and away from the shelf, nor any need to keep grooves for sliding doors clean. This beautiful LaPierre Barrister Bookcase can keep your collector books safe from dust, sticky fingers and pets. It can also be an ideal place to display fragile breakables, alongside beautiful books.

Reference Library

Keep your reference materials together in one place in this sturdy oak veneer glass-fronted bookcase. There are four sturdy shelves for books and two file drawers for magazines, clippings and other important files. The doors swing out but are located above the file drawers for your convenience. Place this bookcase near your desk for a quick fix for research woes. While you can find reliable information on the Internet, if you know how to look, not every bit of information researched by humankind is out there on the World Wide Web. There is still merit in owning reference books and keeping files of interesting bits of information.

Latham Standard bookcase

If you are hard pressed to find space for another bookcase, this slim Latham Standard bookcase can help. Narrow and tall, but self-supporting, it can slip in between other bookcases or tuck into a niche that won’t accommodate a wider bookcase. Great for heavier tomes, because of the narrow shelves, it has pegs for adjustable shelf width. So, whether you are protecting legal or medical texts or a set of vintage fairy tale books, this could be your next bookcase.

Laughlin Standard Bookcase

Resembling an old-fashioned wardrobe, the Laughlin Standard Bookcase, is available in either oak or poplar. It has two sections – a large upper section with adjustable shelves, and a smaller lower section. This could easily be a place to store books for Big People in the top and for Little People in the bottom.

Sturdy, glass-fronted bookcases are the perfect way for bibliophiles to protect their collections. With that said, these sturdy cabinets can also be used to display fine dinnerware, artwork, or even protect your fine needlework. The glass fronts allow visibility, the sturdy wood shelves resist bowing, and your valued items are kept reasonably free from dust, sticky fingers, and pets.

Best Ideas

Furniture Classics Double Sliding Door European Solid Oak Bookcase With Doors Traditional Bookcases Cabinets And Computer Armoires

An elegant large brown wooden bookcase with a moulding top, a full base, fluted corners and a central post. A bottom part has 2 sliding door cabinets. Each of 2 cabinets in the upper part has 4 shelves and 2 glazed doors with simple wood insets.

Oak Ridge Lawyer Bookcase

If you love classical and vintage style solutions, you definitely need to check out this perfect stylish bookcase. You will totally enjoy its functionality and brand new design brought straightly to your flat.

Glass Door Bookcase

It is a standard bookcase that has got a glass door and four shelves. It is perfect for storing and display your books and favorite accent pieces. It is a fantastic addition to your living room.

Vintage bookcase metal lawyers barrister

Move your home decor a few decades into the past with this vintage bookcase. It features the glass front doors, steel details and four section construction. The color is something between the green and gray. Very unique piece of furniture.

Traditional bookcase with two drawers and glass doors. The hardwood frame is covered with genuine oak veneers, and the top part of the piece showcases unique stone tiles detailing that breaks the mould.

Denver 77" Curio Bookcase

Traditional free standing cabinet for books or other collections. Made of wood with a dark brown finish. It has a 2-wing glazed hinged door, top moulding and low sturdy legs. Functional and spacious, with 4 wooden removable shelves.

The sleek, stylish and very functional Oak Bookcase with glass doors is a great way to have an elegant and very aesthetic furnishing in your living room or office. Interesting decorative elements on the glass and attractive shape create a great piece of furniture.

Talk about a place to put all of our cool geeky stuff. BUY THESE BOOKCASES! They are awesome. We just bought a set in ebony - well made and very easy to assemble.

Elegant bookcase with glass doors. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. It is fitted with drawer and 4 shelves for storing books or display decoration. Application in the living room, bedroom and others interiors as needed.

The vintage bookcase is crafted of solid wood in an oak finish, giving you all the space you need to store your precious book collection. It has doors made of clear glass panels, and 4 matching shelves inside.

Oozing with vintage design and sturdy Oak wood construction, this bookcase will bring old-fashioned flavor to your den or office. It has 3 cabinets - each covered with a pair of double clear glass panel doors, and 1 adjustable shelf inside.

Why not go for a bookcase with the glass doors to better display your book collection and at the same time ensure that the books themselves are safe and protected from the dust and light, so that they won't fade.

original early 20th century american factory office varnished oak wood three-unit stackable "barrister" bookcase with plate glass doors

Are you looking for the high quality and beautiful bookcase? We've got exactly what you need. This one features the golden oak finish, glass doors and four shelves for your books and accent pieces.

This rustic oak closed bookcase CD cabinet features a country inspired look with wood panes and rainfall glass doors.

Beautiful Antique English Oak Art Deco Glass Door Bookcase With Leaded Glass

Bookcase made of wood. It is fitted with glass doors and finished with openwork pattern. Contains 4 shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more.

This globe Wernicke oak stacking bookcase features three glass doors. It has been refinished and now presents itself in excellent condition. It measures 13" tall each stack, 34" wide, 10" deep.

Made in the mission-style bookshelves is a combination of elegance and functionality. Robust oak construction and slim glass doors create a unique whole. Beautiful details make the furniture work well in any decor.

Arts & Crafts Bookcase-Cabinet. Quartersawn Oak with Glass Doors & Side Panels. America. Circa 1900.

Early 20th century presents to us this oak bookcase with glass door and what is most important - metal braid on each drawer. Lead glass added to this is the golden color of the oak, this is how a very interesting chest of drawers arises.

This bookcase offers its users a very solid wooden construction with a nice oak finish. It provides plenty of space for books and other items on its shelves. This item also features solid and attractive glass doors.