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For a sturdy and attractive addition to your home library, might we suggest mission bookcases? They are simple, but they are very well made. They will never let you down and will stand the test of time. They can hold, however, many books you want to put on them. They are made of plenty of different wood options to properly match your decorative scheme, whether in your living space or office space. Take a look at this collection for more.

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Waterfall bookcase traditional living room dc metro

The enchanting composition of the glassed doors of this bookcase in the mission style is an excellent combination of solid wood construction with functionality. Beautiful details delight and bring to the room a unique art deco atmosphere.

Crofter bungalow mission oak 3 pc lawyers bookcase ac9264

Big and very stylish, this mission bookcase is a wild dream of many book worms. Central panel features horizontal glass door, the side panels have slanted flanking, solid wood construction guarantees long years lasting.

Mission hills 68 h sliding door bookcase

A functional and stylish element of furniture for use in home libraries. This wooden bookcase includes large glass doors, shelves and two storage drawers with decorative metal handles. It assures plenty of space for books and decorations.

Mission bookcase that’s at the same time capacious and stylish. Wooden construction provides a warm, cosy vibe to any interior it’s in. Interesting design keeps the room from being boring.

Beautiful bookcase in its simplicity, made of oak wood It has a very vivid color and solid finish. A mission bookcase gives you three shelfs and the top which can be used for decorative accessories.The border of the tabletop has a darker color.

Now you can display your knick-knacks without worrying about damaging them. This hardwood bookcase drowns in a cherry finish, featuring 1 smaller- and 1 larger cabinet - both enclosed by clear glass paneled doors.

Being a characteristic representation of this missionary style, this wooden bookcase enchants with its solid finish and traditional design. 5-tiered construction offers an impressive storage space.

Our advice Buying Guide

As a book lover, you don’t just lust after a cheap bookshelf. When you think about having your own private library and the best way to display your treasured books, you dream about something that is similar to that of the Admont Abbey Library in Austria. Barring that, maybe an impossibly swirly book nook that you can settle into. If that’s the case, then what you need are mission bookcases!

As there are myriads of them available on the market, you need to know how to find the best one for your space. Here’s a guide that will teach you to do just that:

What are the common features of mission bookcases?

Mission bookcases are large pieces of furniture that come with support walls, backing walls, and horizontal shelving. They’re often tall and rectangular although not all the time. They’re constructed using solid wood and they’re fitting for both traditional and modern spaces.

How to select the right size mission bookcase?

The right size will depend on a couple of factors like how much space there is in the room that you’ll be placing the furniture in. For an open space, the best choice is one that’s wide and measures a couple of feet across.

If there is not much room, then you can go up and not out. This means you need a tall mission bookcase, especially if you will be storing lots of books and decorative items on it. If that’s too much for your space, you can go smaller with a bookcase that only offers two to three shelves. Regardless of the size that you will be getting, make sure you get the measurements of the piece’s intended placement before you make a buying decision.

You may have kids around the house. If so, then consider whether you want them to access what’s displayed on the shelves or not. If you do, then a shorter option will be best for your household. If not, then a tall bookcase is a good idea as it can keep fragile and/or special items unreachable by children. Just make sure that you mount the bookcase to the wall as children tend to be curious climbers.

Do mission bookcases come with adjustable shelves?

Many mission bookcases have adjustable shelves to allow for customization. If you have large books and you’re considering placing them on your new bookcase, then make sure what you get comes with adjustable shelves. Removing the shelves is easy to do. You just have to take out the added supports which hold them up.

What are mission bookcases crafted from?

Contemporary furniture makers make use of a myriad of wood types for mission bookcases as hundreds of wood types are available to them even those that are extremely exotic and rare. However, you’ll find a lot of mission bookcases made of European wood. The denser the type of wood is, the harder it is to work with. If your mission bookcase is made of solid wood, expect the price to increase. But, it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime which is why it's a good investment.


A small-sized, free standing bookcase that provides plenty of space on its three shelves. Its simple construction look very attractive in any interior design. The product provides three spacious shelves.

If you are looking for a beautiful living room furniture, this stylish mission style bookcase or curio cabinet will be perfect. Captivating woodwork, glass door, and slim design create a unique whole.

This unique made of the fine warm color wood mission style bookcase is an elegant piece of furniture that looks amazing with any interior design. Owing to its medium size it provides a lot of storage for your needs and saves some space either.

Mission style bookcase

Heirloom quality mission style bookcase. Decently wide and tall, with two deep bottom drawers and shelving behind double glass door. Mosaic tile accent rim on top. Heavy duty wooden construction. Traditional metal knobs on drawers and door fronts.

Enbodying perfectly well the characteristic mission style, this tradition wooden bookcase has a clear division into 9 compartments. Each of them has a glazed front, with the characteristic cross framed windows inside.

60" Mission Bookcase | HOM Furniture

Have to have it. Wayborn Open Shelf Mission Bookcase - $169.02 @hayneedle

Mission Bookcases

Amish Outlet Store : Rio Mission Bookcase in Oak

Amish Hardwood Mission Bookcase with Five Adjustable Shelves

OMG! It's something for me! The craftsman built-in bookcases with glass doors and many shelves for accent pieces, decorations and of course books. The warm walnut finish creates the calm and restful atmosphere.

If we are looking for a tradition, then we should go to the most traditional environment - Amish. They created this beautiful mission bookcase, closed with shutters and frosted glass, with an interesting triangle shape - made of white oak and brown maple.

This mission bookcase just holds the instance of traditional feeling - and affords some space to keep souvenirs in and to nestle up a decorous table lamp. Crafted of sturdy oak wood, it will pass the test of time.

Natural inspirations, straight lines, linear shapes - these are the features of the missionary style, so characteristic in its form. Mission bookcase made of acacia wood, which has an absolutely characteristic color that gives the whole character to this rack.

Shelves - Amish Furniture Madison - Mission_Bookcase_[B423L]-EIW

A practical solution for larger interiors that are accommodated with vintage pieces of hardwood furniture. This mission bookcase has a pair of clear glass panel doors with metal pulls, and 4 wood shelves inside for storing your knick-knacks.

Amish Small Mission Bookcase

Amish Modesto Mission Bookcase - Choose from 7 Sizes

33% OFF Amish Furniture - Hand Crafted Shaker and Mission Furniture Online Outlet Store: Mission Display Bookcase: Oak

A high style bookcase in a mission style made of the warm shade of wood is a perfect solution for the office and more. The glass door of the cabinet allows to expose the contents, and the whole is presented elegantly.

Mission Single Door Bookcase

Amish Midway Mission Bookcase with Seedy Glass (HMWB20)

Amish Outlet Store : E&S Mission Bookcase w/Drawer in Oak

A wooden mission bookcase with two glass doors and plenty of shelves is an elegant and stylish addition into drawing room, bedroom, family room and home library. And it fits perfectly to any style and decor.

Prairie Mission Bookcase Plan - Klockit.

The mission style hanging bookcase with glass door. This piece of furniture is unique, because you could put the books on three sides of it. I really like it, because it could be also mixed with the modern interior.

Simplicity and nobility of a form closely related to the function of the subject. This is the most important feature of this wooden mission bookcase, which was made of mahogany and oak wood. Glass fronts give you an insight into your favorite books.

The mission style standing bookcase, which embodies the crucial attributes of this type of furniture. The minishelves with their own little doors build the climate of mystery. Made of high quality walnut.

English style in the house. This wooden bookcase with an oak finish features many shelves and compartments with glass inserts. Solid wooden construction of this bookcase is extra stable and resistant to wear.

This four shelved bookcase will make for a nice boost of traditional appeal for your interior with its deep, honey oak finish of the wood structrue and the immensely sturdy design that will withstand even heavy weight.

Simplicity and nobility of a form closely related to the function of the subject. Strict relations between all decorative elements. These are the characteristics of the mission style, seen in the example of this wooden rosewood bookcase and double doors.

... 1,250. to $2,500. > Mission Oak Bookcase – double wide sections

Realized Price: $400 Estimated Price: $300 - $500 Oak Arts and Crafts revolving bookcase, 50'' h x 22 1/2 square. Provenance: Estate of Alexander Brook

Arts and Crafts Mission Bookcase Woodworking Plan, Indoor Home Furniture Project Plan | WOOD Store


Old-fashioned, elegant cabinet intended to storage books or porcelain tableware. It is made of mahogany wood and has three glazed doors with metal handles. This vintage piece of furniture will make your living room more sophisticated.

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Stickley Brothers bookcase with slag-glass panes at top. Via Treadway Galleries.

Amish Midway Mission Bookcase with Seedy Glass

Warm colours, in particular burnt oranges, reds and deep intense yellows are used to compliment dark wooden furniture. Having an accent wall was also a hallmark of this style of interior and once again we see this being re-introduced on today’s interior

I am really having a hard time finding the bookcase/tv holder that I want:( This is tall enough but not wide enough and not the right color. It is the right styling though.

Mission Bookcase / Display Cabinet