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Potted plants are a wonderful way to keep nature close to your heart and your home. These metal potted plant stands offer the best solution for keeping and displaying potted plants indoors. Take a look throughout this selection and see what strikes your fancy below.

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Our Picks

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Black plant stand mid century inspired

Splash your home with a drop of vintage charm by choosing this fine plant stand. The metal construction and tall size, is excellent for indoor and exterior use.

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Plant stand with 4 pots. It is mounted on metal frame. Designed for indoor use. Suitable for small and medium sized plants. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interiors.

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metal plant stand indoor hanging plant stands meijer Metal Plant Stand ...

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Vintage wrought iron height adjustable

The gorgeous and exquisite metal plant stand indoor is an interesting way to display flowers in every interior design. The ability to adjust, neat basket for the pot and beautiful work delight. The stylish element of every interior design.

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Wire plant stand from the 50s garden

Embodying the smooth retro vibe from the 1950s or 60s, this metal plant stand constitutes a good proposition for both one's indoors and outdoors. Maintains an impressive condition, wearing some normal, minor signs of ageing.

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Electric blue plant stand mid century

Indoor metal stand for plants. Electric blue finish gives it uniqueness, and so does the round tray top with patterned border. Maybe it doesn't strike up an instant conversation, but it provides pleasant indoor accent with modern 1950s vibe.

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Grey metal wire plant stand mid century

Vintage style for a retro-inspired planter stand, situated on three hairpin legs made out of wrought iron with a coat of cream paint and paired with a low-profile bowl on the top, crafted out of pastel green ceramic.

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Copper metal wire plant stand mid

Inspired by simple, geometric shapes - pot stand. Designed in small form, was made of metal in copper color. Its size is ideal for using it for flowers on your windowsill.It rests on the triangles, firmly holding the pot.

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Outstanding free-standing planter stands constructed from sturdy wires and finished in a beautiful white palette for charming elegance. The stands are supported by a stable base too and feature a raised design. They are built to hold a single plant pot at a time but they are extremely useful.

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Mid century modern fiberglass bullet

Bring a unique mark of atomic era style attitude to your indoor space: this retro plant stand cast from metal is a 1960s vintage item. The oval egg shaped pot is fiberglass with stylish crackles texture.

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Buying Guide

What are the most popular metal plant stands?

For easy plant storage and display, look no further than metal plant stands. Indoor versions of these stands have the potential to be durable, lovely, and multipurpose. These types of stands tend to come in a couple of different styles and selections: With one or multiple trivets, and with minimal or baroque decor.

We see the three-tiered minimal ones being most popular right now. The ones that sell the most frequently have either an oil rubbed brass or black finish, as these colors blend in the most with modern decor. However, you should feel free to purchase any type of stand that works for you!

What plants to choose for indoor metal plant stands?

Keeping a variety of plants indoors is a great idea as they help you breathe better, enhance your mood, and are convenient to grow when using your metal plant stands indoor. The type of plants you choose will depend on how much space you have to accommodate indoor plants as well as your climate. Another factor to consider include how much light you have coming in from outside.

By answering these questions, you'll be able to determine the type of plants that will thrive in your home environment. Some of the best indoor plants to consider include the snake plant, Monstera Deliciosa, Pothos, Dracaena, Rubber Tree, and Bird's Nest Fern. These plants filter the air and also neutralize odors. 

Best Ideas

Vintage metal turquoise plant stand free

A handsome pair of vintage plant staders, painted yellow and sky blue. These simple indoor accessories are just meant to hold plant pots, not attracting much attention, but giving the ambiance a finishing touch.

Raised free standing plant stands constructed from metal and finished in distressed dark brown. Sitting on highly compact and sturdy bases, the stands are designed to take very little floor space. Each can hold a single plant pot at any given time and should be a great way to bring some natural glamour into any indoor space.

Art deco vintage plant stand with three wide tiers. Its durable metal construction is finished off white, with a slight touch of patina. Indoor plant stand idea that boosts the ambiance. Very stylish.

If you really love nature and your fingers are truly green - you probably would like to have this piece of furniture at your place. The iron elements of this bookshelf was carved basing on branches inspiration. Looks lovely when the plants are on.

Boasting of vintage charm and old-fashioned scrollwork, this plant stand for indoors is made of durable metal and gracefully weathered. Includes a stylish cabinet surrounded with clear glass panels, and 1 open shelf at the bottom.

Wirely Home Yellow Metal Wire Plant Stand

An elegant mid-century plant that will accentuate your luscious greenery even more by displaying it on its slender raw metal legs. It's lightweight, stabile, easy to maintain, and designed for indoor use.

vintage plant stand

3 tiered plant stand decorated with floral theme. It is completely made of metal with brass finish. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Vibrant arrangement for balcony or patio setup – an antique ladder painted in a pastel green color that makes for a great plant display, and a matching end table with an identical coat of paint and a metal, silver top.

Scrolling metal plant stand with a hanging welcome sign. Product: Plant standConstruction Material: Metal

An elegant traditional indoor plant stand featuring an open dark grey metal frame built of 2 tall semi-oval profiles crossed at the top and having rolled up ends. Profiles are joined by ring stretchers holding plate-like pots of transparent glass.

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