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A metal house number is a fashionable way to display your house number or address details. Thanks to these customizable, decorative, and durable decor pieces you can increase your home’s curb appeal. Install them on your front door and wow your family, friends, and visitors. Check out these ten metal house numbers in different styles to suit every exterior decor style.

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Our Picks

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Elegant Floating Mount House Number

Architectural Mailboxes

This brass metal address sign has a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired design that does not reveal holes or screw heads. It is available in an antique silver or nickel finish. The numbers sit flush against the wall and give your outdoors a neat and classy appearance.

Designer Advice:

All our designers love this custom house numbers. They have clean appearance and are easy to see from the street. The brass numbers are well-built and sturdy. The numbers look good and stand out regardless of the finish you pick. They will stand out just as well on any colorful background wall or mounting post.


Decorative Rustic Mount House Number


This cast iron metal address number has a classic French Provincial design that elevates the visual appeal of any vintage-style home. This product is available in a brown finish and sits flush against the wall. These durable numbers will age beautifully with time.

$12.5 $14.19

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Functional Floating Mount House Number/Letter

QT Home Decor

This stylish custom address number is made of stainless steel. It comes with mounting plugs hidden behind the numbers, maintaining its clean design. These letters and numbers are resistant to the elements. They have a formal yet practical appearance that will be a good fit even for commercial and industrial spaces.

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Heavy Duty Aluminum Home Address Number


This house number has a highly-durable rounded structure that stands up well against the weather conditions. It has an industrial-style appeal, but its gunmetal or gold finish will also work with country-style homes just as well.

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Cute Blue Floating House Number


These sleek and colorful metal house numbers are the perfect addition to make a house look and feel more inviting. The screws are painted the same color as the numbers, so they remain invisible. The numbers are available in four colors—red or blue for fun, neutral white or silver for a classic look.

Designer Advice:

This is another one of our favorites for a quaint seaside cafe or home’s front door. It has a sleek design and glossy surface that throws off unique patterns when exposed to light. We like the brilliant blue color best out of all the options available, but the red one is a truly striking alternative. These house numbers are sturdy and weatherproof and will last for years.

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Solid Metal House Number


This unique house number is built with marine-grade stainless steel, which will stand up against the elements very well. It features threaded nails for mounting, neatly concealed to maintain the sleek aesthetic. It comes in three shiny finishes.

Designer Advice:

This steel house number is a fun way to display your house address. The floating numbers appear to emerge from the wall, which can be truly eye-catching for visitors and passersby. It is also well-built, which translates to fewer worries about the durability of this piece. We suggest pairing this design with mid-century modern, contemporary, or transitional exterior decor.

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Antique Reflective House Number

Vicenza Designs

This decorative pewter-made custom address number is resistant to scratches and does not fade. It has a handcrafted Venetian design that goes best with traditional or classic decor. You can buy this house number in 11 beautiful finishes.

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Quirky Zinc Metal House Number

Atlas Homewares

This decorative custom house number sign sits flush against the wall and is resistant to the elements. The house number is available in a black or matte black finish. The number is part of a scroll collection and adds a funky, playful vibe to your exteriors.


Textured Zinc Metal House Number

Buck Snort Lodge

This flush mount house number has an aesthetic perfect for vacation cabins, lodges, or cottages. The textured surface comes in seven finishes. The structure of the number resembles that of a twisted log or twig and goes very well with rustic, bohemian, or nature-focused decor styles.

$22.62 $24.26


Classy Zinc Metal House Number

Whitehall Products

This die-cast metal house number sign is available in polished brass or brushed nickel finish. The metal-plated finish gives it a posh appearance that goes with contemporary, art modern, or minimalist home decor styles.

$10.69 $12.11

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Buying Guide

Will a metal house number be visible from a further distance?

Metal house number signs are visible from a further distance when properly placed. The first key to visibility is selecting the right size metal numbers for your house. Walk out to the middle of the street or path in front of your house. The spot you choose needs to be where guests or passersby might first glance at your house to find the address.

Measure the distance from your doorstep to this point. For distances up to 100 ft., house numbers should be at least 3”-4” high. For every 50 ft. further away, you need to add another inch in height. The stroke width of the numbers should be a minimum of ½”. The thicker the stroke width, the higher the visibility from a distance.

However, to ensure the most visibility from a further distance, choose the highest contrasting color to adhere your metal house numbers to so they will stand out even more. For example, metal or metallic-finished numbers will pop out from a white backdrop of a porch wall.

To increase their visibility on overcast days or nighttime, add lighting just above the numbers. Another option is to back-light the numbers, or you can spotlight the sign with a solar outdoor light placed in the ground or mounted on a porch post.

How do I evenly space my house number?

When hanging up your house number, a common concern is how to evenly space the individual numbers on the outside of your home. You can solve this problem by measuring an equal distance between numbers and using a level to ensure they are straight. However, a more straightforward solution is hanging metal house number signs instead.

Metal number signs eliminate the need to space individual numbers because they are made of one solid piece of metal. Your house number is cut out of the metal, leaving you with one sign to hang. Metal number signs come in various shapes, sizes, and metals, and hanging them is as easy as hanging a painting or framed photograph. Simple and stylish, a metal house number sign adds a modern touch to your home’s exterior.

Can I light up metal house number signs?

Yes, you can add accent lighting to metal house number signs. You can either opt to backlight your numbers with a flat LED panel, or install coordinating, aesthetic, and more noticeable light just above or below your metal numbers—though we’d still recommend LEDs for ease of use.

If you have space available, you can train a spotlight from above or below to fall upon your house letters for an interesting visual effect.

Best Ideas

Modern house numbers centered 5 numbers

A durable and weather-resistant address plaque that can be easily mounted on a wall next to your front door. Designed for outdoor use, the plaque is made of powder-coated metal with cutout numbers for modern appearance.

Custom steel and natural slate house

Custom steel house number address plaque cut/finished/ mounted over a piece of natural slate. Plate stands off slate about 1/2 but may be mounted. Love it's double side effect. I wish there was a tiny bult-in light as well.

Custom house numbers oval rusted steel

A rustic decoration for outdoors and a durable address plaque. It's characterized by worn-out metal construction, with an oval plaque with steel numbers, and two legs that you can easily put in the ground for stability.

Modern metal house numbers mounted on

Creating a smooth transition between the modern and the past, this wood and metal number plaque will help you distinguish your house, creating a refined appeal. Of course each of the orders can be customized, adapting to one's individual needs.

American craftsman arts and crafts font

Funky design for a house number plaque, perfect to bring in a new, refreshing addition to the front of your house. This one is made with a matte iron base with a black coat of paint and golden numbers which give it an elegant vibe.

Custom Street Name House Number Sign Plaque Laser Cut Uv Resistant Original

Thanks to this modern plaque, you can display your address on the front wall of your house or on your mailbox. Characterized by durable metal construction, the plaque is weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

Custom house address number metal sign

Enchanting from the very first seconds, this custom made house address number sign is a lovely piece of metal furniture. It features several birds sitting on a tree branch, creating a good way to distinguish your exterior a bit.

Decorative house number plaque 3s wooden

If you want your home number plaque to truly ooze originality and charm then this piece is the right choice for you - it was handmade and offers the perfect choice for your patio or outdoor setting thanks to the durable structure that won't get ruined by the weather.

This water cut steel plate constitutes a great modern address plaque. It will allow you to distinguish your house from the neighborhood, adding a bit of a contemporary refinement.

Traditional house plaque with large white numbers painted in white on dark blue metal. The house number is of course customizable, while the set of plaques starts with "No." sign. Small holes allow for steady fixing.

An aesthetic modern house number sign made of weatherproof stainless steel. It has a square black wall mount. Large stylised numbers are fixed to it on short round rods, arranged horizontally and have delicate metallic shine.

The you decide to organise your home in the contemporary style or the decorations outside should also fit. This number sign made of rusted metal perfectly catch the idea of the modern decoration style.

Love this house number sign.

Cast House Number

This impressive and made to custom order number on the house is a perfect solution for you. Made of steel, iron and plastic are solid and very durable. This simple method ensures transparency and ideal for on a daily basis.

This element is very practical and it also decorates outdoor areas. These are house numbers made of durable metal with an interesting rust finish. These numbers are large and readable from different distances.

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LED Lamp Of Illuminated House Numbers : Copper Illuminated House Sign

Your house number plaque doesn’t have to be a boring, plain piece, compulsory for your home. Spice up the front of your house with this beautiful, unique number plaque, made out of copper and stainless steel.

Always make sure that your guests can find the way to your home easily with these house numbers. They come with the stainless steel structure and can sport both the number and the name of the street to make them more convenient.

Custom 3 digit mosaic house numbers

Multi-color, mosaic house number that looks very attractive. It not only decorates outdoor walls, but it also provides information about house number. These numbers are large and readable from distance.

Plasma cut metal house number or

Laser cut metal house number / monogram, displayed with fancy scrolls and swirls, or custom design. Handmade of heavy gauge metal. Finished black, bronze or distressed matte white / red to afford a custom feel.

Rustic modern metal address plaque with

Combining successfully rustic and modern styles, this metal address plaque will smoothly distinguish your house from the neighborhood. A combination of wood and aluminum embodies prestige and elegance.

Vertical House Numbers Custom Metal House Number Custom Metal Work...SHIPS PRIORITY...most ship same day

Usually a number plaque home, hangs on the wall - right? You do not have to do the same as everyone else, get yourself a custom solution - a metal plaque, with address letters box, just in the ground before your lawn.