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Never have the pizza guy, your inlaws, or party guest complain, because they couldn't find your home. Get these light-up address signs and proclaim your address to anyone within view. The glow brightly, and are easy to install. And with many styles, color variations, and fonts, you are sure to find the right light-up address sign for your home.

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Edgewood Large Lighted Address Plaque

This plaque allows you to display your address in an elegant way with an alluring vintage vibe. The numbers are crafted of cast aluminium. As they are lighted, they are visible from up to 100 metres away.

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These LED house numbers are powered by rechargeable battery fed from a solar cell and are made from anodised aluminum, while the black finish will easily absorb the light during the day to power it.

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The victoria reflective address sign

Ivy leafs surround the metal address sign. This is a wonderful personalization of this black aluminum construction. The white decorative font shows the house number - along with the street, in Gothic style, on a black rectangular plaque.

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Decorous address sign post with a craftsman lamp on top. Cedar-clad post features illuminated house numbers cast from black metal. Light up house numbers are essential when there are few street lights in your neighborhood.

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Address sign in a shape of rectangle. It has built-in illumination, which make number of your house visible even during the night. If you hang it near your front door, your guest won't have problems with finding your house.

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... are modern architectural LED House and building number sign system

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DIY Pallet Wood Driveway Light - #DIY

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House numbers fitted with LED light. Designed for mounting on the wall. It is mounted on metal frame. Modern and functional design for each freestanding house according to taste and need.

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Give your yard an upgrade with this stunning light up address sign. Made from wood, the sign is finished with a water-resistant sealant to protect it against the torments of bad weather. It’s also easy to install with just two screws needed for the job.

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Really light and visible in the dark light-up led house number. When you live on the street where the lighting in not a good-quality, maybe it is a solution for always lost guests looking for you place for living.

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Buying Guide

How high should light up address signs be hung?

When you’re selecting the placement and height of a light up address sign, you’ll want to make sure that it’s in an ideal place for the average person to see it clearly. As a rule of thumb, that means that you’ll want to place your sign so that the numbers are between four and a half and five and a half feet off the ground. This will allow most people to be able to see the sign and read it easily without having to manipulate their necks or straight their eyes too much.

What color light to choose for a light up address sign?

When it comes to light up house numbers, the color you choose will depend on your outdoor decor and existing style. Neon colors in blue, red and green are very popular, while some people prefer to keep it neutral with white light. All of these colors make for highly visible address signs so go ahead and choose a color that matches your house exterior and reflects your personality and just have fun with it.

Best Ideas

Scrolled Wall Signs For One Line, Specify up to five 5 1/2" numbers/spaces; For Two Lines, Specify up to five 4" numbers/spaces for top line and up to seventeen 1 1/2" characters/spaces for bottom line. *Please note that personalized items are non-retu

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