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A metal planter box is an easy and chic way to display plants and other greenery. They can be simple to let your flowers shine, or have a bit of decoration to fit a theme. Either way, when spring comes, your flowers will bloom and brighten up your garden or the outside of your house. Metal is a good material come rain or shine due to its durability. We’ve picked out some of our favorite large metal planters below. 

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Our Picks

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Ridged Metal Planter Box


The sleek look of this planter box is modern and cool. Made from double-layer galvanized metal, it features an oval shape. Helpfully, it has an open base to prevent flooding. This will also allow your plants to absorb more nutrients.

Designer Advice:

We recommend using this planter in a vegetable garden. Its understated ribbed design will blend in seamlessly with surrounding plants and allow you to plant without backache. You can pick a more colorful option or classic silver depending on your garden. Plus, its low edges mean you’ll be able to tend to your carrots and tomatoes with ease. 

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Square Large Metal Box

This square box planter is available in three colors - white, gray, and black. It is rust and weather-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about it looking damaged over time. Additionally, it has been coated in scratch-resistant powder.

Designer Advice:

The ultra-modern design of this planter would look great placed on a balcony. It won’t overwhelm but rather enhance a smaller space, unlike a rectangular planter. Moreover, the Styrofoam insulation will ensure your plants stay healthy in changing weather conditions. This makes it a perfect choice if you live in a state with constantly changing weather. 


Copper Steel Planter Box


Available in three different measurements, this planter is made from steel with a rusted patina finish. The modern, modular design includes drainage holes and is weather resistant. A removable shelf insert allows you more options with what to plant.


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Large Metal Planter Box with Hooks

17 Stories

Featuring one rectangular planter and three hooks at the top, this planter hybrid is innovative and stylish. Standing on wheels, it is crafted from weather-resistant metal covered in an anti-rust coating. Drainage holes are included, too.

Designer Advice:

As this planter is on wheels, it’s a great option if your garden gets sun at different times of the day. The hanging hooks will support plant pots, but you could also get creative and use them as a place for your gardening tools. Furthermore, it is quick to assemble so you can get to work right away.


Distressed Large Outdoor Planter Box

Gracie Oaks

Deliberately distressed for a rustic vibe, this planter is made from iron and measures eighteen inches wide. Without the legs, it is five inches tall. Moreover, it has a gunmetal gray color that will match most garden themes.

$31.99 $54.99

Designer Advice:

This planter is the perfect choice for farmhouse or cottage-style outdoor spaces. Its distressed paint look will add a charming finishing touch to any patio setting. However, it is not weather-resistant, so we recommend keeping it covered or under a patio roof. There are no drainage holes, either, which could cause water build-up over time.

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Buying Guide

Decorating your patio or deck using large metal planter boxes can add elegance and sophistication to the area. If you are keen at enhancing your outdoor space's aesthetics, continue reading as we've created a buying guide on the most versatile accessories for homes, large metal planter boxes.

What are the best types of metal for planter boxes?

  • Copper - Copper planter boxes may be solid copper units or fiberglass planters with real copper coating. Large copper planter boxes patina over time into a stunning greyish blue. They'll naturally deter pesky insects, too.
  • Wrought Iron - It comes powder coated with rust resistance and a sophisticated look.
  • Aluminum - Also powder coated, it’s rust-proof and durable with the ability to stand the test of time.

How to select the right size metal planter boxes?

Visually, your large metal planter box should be half your plant's height. With this design principle, a 7" box will look great with a 14" plant. This rule applies regardless of how many plants a container will hold. In general, make use of planter boxes that allow a lot of room to accommodate a root system. There must also be room for growth. What's more, there's a need for an inch of breathing room above the soil for watering.

Your plant-to-container ratio must be just right. Placing a large plant inside a small container will cramp the plant's root development. A container that is too large for a plant will look awkward as well. A large container will hold so much soil as well that moisture retention will be problem, especially for tiny root balls. Since you're thinking of buying large metal planter boxes, only consider using them with plants that grow bigger over time.

What are the most important features of metal planter boxes?


Drainage is crucial to every plant. As a matter of fact, there are more plants that die from overwatering as opposed to underwatering. As water fills all the air pockets that are essential for root development, a plant will die quickly. Unless you are growing a water garden that's containerized, make sure that you only use the planter box that has drainage holes. There are planter boxes with removable plugs. Others will only come with indicators where holes need to be drilled.

You may find a beautiful large metal planter box without any holes. It is often referred to as a cachepot. You can still use this stunning pot, but make sure you don't place the plant in it directly. What you should do instead is to place the plant in a smaller container with drainage holes. Then, place an inverted saucer inside your cachepot to elevate the plant and allow it to be far from the excess water collected within the cachepot.

Protective Coating

Large metal planter boxes may look stunning on their own, but they can be affected by humidity, moisture, and heat that can cause the soil inside the containers to dry out. Drying out, of course, hinders the roots of plants to grow. If you will be choosing metal planter boxes, make sure that they come with non-toxic rust coating in order to protect your planters from rusting and extreme corrosion and ensure the soil doesn't dry out.

Best Ideas

Tatami plate steel planters modern outdoor planters austin

This set of large metal planter boxes constitutes a perfect proposition for one's contemporary spaces, both indoor and outdoor. It will work out well in an office and private, home space.

Made from Corten steel, this nice rectangular planter will look good both in one's interiors, as well as exteriors. Designed to accommodate even very large plants, it enchants with its simple, modern & minimalistic design.

Stainless Steel Planter Box

This planter box is designed for long lasting durability. Constructed from the highest grade 304 (18-8) stainless steel, you can rest easy knowing it will withstand extreme weather conditions and protect your plants’ roots. A silver finished, 12”x 12”x 12” cube, this planter box looks contemporary and subtle.

Hindman Modern 4-Piece Metal Planter Box Set

For people cultivating an outdoor garden this season, this 4-piece planter box set is a fantastic option. Four different sized metal plant boxes crafted from tin stand on 4 splayed legs for a look that is modern and industrial. You can choose from a gray or silver finish, both of which are weather and rust-resistant.

Trough Metal Corten Steel Planter Box Extra Large Rectangle On Casters Wheels

The large steel planter box covered with rust-coloured paint. It gives this box the industrial style. It's basing on four caster, which allow to move it easily, without any bigger effort. The wooden once will probably looks better.

Lisa port apld contemporary landscape seattle

Those large planters give you much space for planting even larger plants inside of a capacious, oval box. Designed of durable metal, the planters are weather resistant and make a beautiful decoration for outdoor areas.

Simple aluminium planter. If you're fishing for a planter that would complement a minimalist interior / exterior, seek no longer. This large aluminium planter delivers a crisp, clean look and some practical features, such as drainage holes.

Retaining Walls

The modern solution of this stylish metal planter boxes is a perfect combination of functionality and design. Interesting mix of metal containers creates an interesting composition in the garden on the patio.

Petal perfect 3 piece adam planter set

Made from galvanized metal, this set of planters will add a cool, industrial vibe to your spaces. Available in three sizes: smalll, medium and large ones, they will serve their roles for years.

Vintage black metal hardware drawer

Simple distressed metal planter with handles and small casters. Crafted circa 1950s. This large planter can perfectly fade into industrial style, so if you're currently fishing for something similar, don't hesitate to inspire yourself.


Rectangle fire resistant planter - brushed aluminium finish matched with hardwood base sporting thick, splayed feet. In general, rather light in weight. The manufacturer ensures that the planter's characterized by excellent strength to weight ratio.

Large Galvanized Tin Planter - Triple

old file cabinets turned into modern planters -- tutorial on Boopy Projects

Exposing flowers in the garden or home can be extremely important. The fantastic metal rectangular planter base was made in strong cast iron, with a deep brown finish. Its elegance is emphasized by carved plants ornaments.

The massive metal planter box is the perfect way to a spectacular exhibition of plants. Simple construction on wheels is easy to arrange. The steel container is durable and ideally suited to any decor. The exciting finish adds all interesting character.

These large metal planter boxes constitute a perfect way to add a bit of the contemporary chic to your outdoor space. Their smooth, minimalistic appeal shall attract all, who like modern trends in design.

With these amazing planter boxes made from durable metal you will finally have a nice and dependable option for your garden or patio that will allow you for planting your beloved pieces and letting them grow in peace for years to come.

Square Metal Corten Steel Planter Box Rust Large 16" Cube, 20" Cube

metal planter box

Now, you can decorate your sun room or balcony with this old-fashioned planter with convenient handles for easy transport. It's large and capacious, crafted of galvanized metal for long-lasting usage.

Don't you have any sweet forest outside your home? Create your own one, in the garden or inside a house. Large metal planter box gives you an opportunity to use its metal chromed frame as a great chance and addition to green plants.

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