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If your exteriors feel a bit bare, some large house numbers can be a smart decorative choice. And we said ‘smart’ because, at the same time, you’ll also be making sure that the mailman and your future guests no longer miss your house. Still, to enhance visibility, it’s important to consider your wall colors, too. Luckily, our experts have found a variety of big house numbers for every possible option.

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Brushed Stainless Steel Floating Mount House Number

The modern style of these house numbers is just one of the things that make them so popular, and they can look good on almost any home. The 304 stainless steel construction makes them very sturdy, so you can depend on them to last a very long time without rusting or fading away. The floating effect that these numbers achieve looks very interesting to say the least.

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Custom House Numbers

Searching for an interesting decoration for your garden or front of the house? These intricately carved numbers will embellish your outdoor area with rustic accents. Each number stands on a square, metal base, not to be blown away by the wind.

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Atlas homewares avalon modern house numbers modern house numbers

House numbers made of metal and finished with modern font. Dedicated for mounting on the wall. It is resistant to weather conditions.

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Black Aluminum House Numbers

The cast aluminum construction of these house numbers make them tough by anyone’s standards. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can find the one that works best for you. These numbers can be installed on brick with a cement adapter, though you will have to purchase it separately. If you want your address to be more noticeable, these numbers can help.

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Zinc Die Cast Scroll House Number

These uniquely-shaped address numbers are made to be incredibly durable with a zinc die cast metal construction that is very impressive. They are easy to install and can be installed on a plaque affixed to your home or mailbox. Each number measures 5.5” from top to bottom, so they are ideal for those who want to make their home easier for people to find.

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Zinc Metal Floating Mount House Number

The sturdy zinc metal construction of these house numbers is quite impressive to say the least. They have a modern design that will look good against any home, and the floating design will make your house stand out in the best possible way. The round plaque shape and classic look of these numbers is just one of the reasons that they are so popular with homeowners.

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Fishing for an elegant house number plaque that would look decently on your modern home exterior elevation? This square black plaque features large size and raised silver numbers, visible from distance.

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Large brushed silver metal 3d number 8

With such large numbers like these, the number of your house will be visible a mile away. Each number is characterized by a 3D design and quality metal construction with a brushed silver finish. Durable, easy to install and easy to maintain.

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Zinc Metal Hammer House Numbers

These metal hammer house numbers can be affixed to your mailbox or the address plaque on your home. They have an incredibly unique and rugged design with intricate detailing that will make your home stand out among all the other houses in the neighborhood. The zinc die cast construction means that you can count on these numbers to hold up very well over the years.

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Metal Floating Mount House Numbers

These floating mount house numbers have a clean contemporary design that will add a special sort of aesthetic to your home. These numbers are mounted away from the wall, so they look as if they are floating in the air. Made from 304 stainless steel, these numbers are extremely durable and resistant to the normal rust and weathering that most address numbers succumb to.

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Buying Guide

Many cities, towns, and villages require that house numbers be prominently displayed for the benefit of emergency workers. Large metal house numbers provide a durable and often attractive way to do this. You might think that a metal house number is a metal house number, but you would be wrong. There are variations in size, type of metal, letter style, and even in decorations that are placed on the metal. Some numbers are numerals, and some are written out in words.

How to mount large metal house numbers?

There are different ways to mount the numbers. Some are on placards, all as a unit. Some are mounted flush with the house wall, some are attached to rocks or to garden walls and some are placed in a way that they stand out from the wall.

What are some popular designs of large metal house numbers?

Basic House Numbers

Basic house numbers, mounted flush against the wall, are the simplest of designs. Often using New Times Roman or Bookman style, they are easy to see and to read. They might be chrome, brass, black or white in color, depending on the color of the wall on which they will be mounted and on the taste of the homeowner.

Floating House Numbers

Floating house numbers take the basic large metal house numbers a step further. Using specially developed mounting screws, they are set out from the wall, allowing them to cast shadows. They might sometimes have a special backing to emphasize this, or they might simply be mounted on the wall.

Decorated Enamel Numbers

Metal doesn’t have to be chrome, brass, black or white. It can be decorated in floral or other patterns. Enamel paint is often used to add the decoration, or it can be baked on in factory-applied enamel. Placed on a plain wall, or installed as a floating number, colorfully patterned numbers can really pop visually.

Artfully Rusted

Tall, thick iron letters can be artfully rusted, and then coated with a weather protecting clear coat to keep the rust at an “artful” state. They can give a weathered, time-worn look to a house that’s actually quite new or they can be mounted on cedar siding that has been allowed to weather naturally for a rustic look.

Tooled Metal

Stippling, cross-hatching and other tooled metal work can also give letters a unique, individual look. If the letters are sufficiently large, pictures can even be etched into their surfaces. This is one of those areas where imagination and personal tastes are the only limits.

What are the requirements for metal house numbers?

Whatever style you will put on your house — simple and ordinary or wacky and wild — keep in mind that the bottom line is that the number needs to be easily read – something you will surely want if you or a family member has an emergency and you call for assistance.

Numbers should also be kept clear of encroaching vegetation so that an ambulance or fire truck will not have any difficulty reading them. Beyond that, the style you select is truly up to you.

Best Ideas

... are modern architectural LED House and building number sign system

You can easily transform your wall into a source of rustic and vintage decor, thanks to those weathered numbers and letters that can be easily hanged on any wall. Each of those decorations is made of robust metal, giving you an embellishment that's as durable as beautiful.

Metal House Number Sign For Modern House Design Creative House Number ...

Large Aluminum House Numbers

Each of these house address numbers is 6”tall and made of 1/8” aluminum, making them resistant to rust and corrosion. The powder coat finish also means that you won’t have to worry about your address numbers fading from sun exposure anytime soon. They have a nice contemporary look that your neighbors will be sure to envy from across the street.

Cast House Number

This impressive and made to custom order number on the house is a perfect solution for you. Made of steel, iron and plastic are solid and very durable. This simple method ensures transparency and ideal for on a daily basis.

Modern House Numbers. Address Sign. Custom Metal Work...SHIPS PRIORITY ...

Set of 3 house numbers 3 inch up to 8

These handcrafted numbers / letters will become a decorative favorite. Powder Coated finish will protect against rust and weather. Fits well both outdoors and indoors to distinguish your house in a charming way.

8" House Numbers

Useful house numbers that are very large and suitable for mailboxes and outdoor walls. These Arabic numbers are made of metal, so they are resistant to damage and excessive wear caused by negative outdoor factors.

Gil Sans Bold House Number in Cut Turquoise Patina Bronze (large photo ...

36" Tall Industrial Rustic Metal Large Number 0 -artwork

If you often have guests, number sign on your home is must-have. It must be visible and stylish, so this adress sign will be perfect! It is made of wood covered with silver, metallized paint. Insert it next to your front door!

... Tall Industrial Rustic Metal Large Number 1 transitional-house-numbers

Branch house numbers

Crafted of all-weather aluminum and burnished in rich antique bronze, the address numbers feature a beautiful, intricate design. The can be easily mounted on a wall, using 2 wall anchors and 2 screws (included).

5" House Number

The premium quality construction of presented here large metal house number is very neutral and may accentuate your address plaque or mailbox. This brown number "3" is only an example, but any number you will choose it will present well your house.