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if you love the outdoors, or a tropical getaway, but can't manage to make it camping or to the beach, then large indoor plant pots with your favorite plants can be the your escape. There is something about large picture windows, and large plants, that give a home that exotic theme some people really find peaceful. Plus, plants oxygenate the room, bring life to dull spaces, and can be a quiet companion.

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Wooden Large Pot for Indoor Plants

This all-natural wooden plant pot adds a rustic and traditional feel, which will work well in farmhouse-style interiors as well as more contemporary homes. Carved out of solid wood with a beautiful rounded surface, this large pot is perfect for those looking to create an ambiance centered around nature and to evoke the outdoors inside.

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Magnesium Oxide Extra Large Indoor Plant Pot

Made from magnesium oxide composite, this sturdy plant pot is ideal for large foliage and plants. The black textured brickwork looks smart and will offset the green of your plants perfectly. The elegant cube design adds a minimalist touch which is perfect for modern homes. Luxurious and modern, this indoor plant pot would suit a space with plenty of natural light.

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Eco Friendly Large Pot for Indoor Plants

Taking care of the environment has never been more important. This indoor tree pot has been manufactured from 100% recycled materials which makes it the perfect choice for the environmentally-conscious consumer. It is made from recycled polyresin which simulates the look of a classic ceramic pot, without the weight. The round white design with stylish rivets will brighten up any space!

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Monochrome Extra Large Indoor Planter for Trees

You can’t go wrong with monochrome shades of grey, white and black. This heavy-duty pot is perfect for those with an eye for consistent interiors. Minimalist, and manufactured from a combination of fiberglass and finely ground stone powder, these planters are surprisingly lightweight making them easy to carry. Durable and timeless, the rounded design inspired by the Mediterranean is sure to inspire your horticultural projects both inside and outside the home.

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Large Pot for Indoor Tree

This unusual clay tree planter takes inspiration from the natural texture of a pine cone. This gorgeous piece will add texture and ambiance to your home and is sure to be something you want to display prominently. Finished with an antique, distressed paint finish complimented with varnish, the ceramic is expertly crafted to shine and sparkle as your tree or bush flourishes.

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Imposing Wicker Indoor Tree Pot

The triangle motif on these elegant metal plant pots is sure to catch the eye. Decorated with wicker and painted beige and black these geometric and sophisticated planters will complement a wide variety of foliage, trees, and plants. The model style is perfect for indoor use and would look great in any contemporary, or bohemian home.

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Large Decorative Iron Plant Pot

This large iron plant pot will make a fantastic centerpiece for your foliage or plants to delight. Crafted from iron, this white pot is positioned on a stylish bronze tripod stand. The simple design and muted tones will suit any home décor and add a touch of glamour and elegance to your room.

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Resin Planter for Indoor Plants

Make a statement with a colorful indoor plant pot in deep azure blue. Smooth and shiny, the dappled amber effect will catch the light and brighten up even the darkest room. Lightweight with a monochromatic finish, this is the perfect alternative to a heavy ceramic pot. This pot is easy to move and has been manufactured from a high-density resin that creates an elegant and beautiful centerpiece to complement your foliage.

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Grey Big Planter for Indoor Plants

Give your interiors a modern twist with this graceful and contemporary planter. Featuring clean lines and an elegant gray silhouette, this planter is designed to replicate concrete. The clear definition of these large square pots means they can be used either as a focal point, or to create a barrier between spaces, such as between a living room and sunroom.

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Bold Large Concrete Decorative Pot for Indoor Plants

This large planter is perfect for adding a splash of color and a warm, Nordic feel to your home. This romantic plant pot, crafted from concrete has a rough, industrial quality. Painted in bright blue, it is sure to make a statement in your home and suit all types of trees and plants.

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Buying Guide

There’s nothing better than having a home that’s filled with beautiful and properly taken care of plants. You won’t just have instant gratification from knowing that you’re going to enjoy the health benefits that go hand-in-hand with having indoor plants, but also decorative elements that enhance your home’s look and feel.

If you’re thinking of filling your interiors with decorative plants, of course, you would also need decorative pots! Below, you’ll find a buying guide on large indoor plant pots. Check it out!

What plants can be grown in large pots?

Large pots tend to make soil dry slowly so the plants are susceptible to rot in the roots. It’s important that you have only large plants that need placing on large indoor pots. As you will be getting large-size pots, the right plants to use with them are the ones that grow fast.

What are the pros and cons of different plant pot materials?

The most common materials for large indoor plant pots are terracotta and plastic.

  • Plastic pots are lightweight, low cost, and colorful. They retain moisture, which means you will be able to water less frequently. Select plastic when the weight of a pot counts.
  • As for terracotta, it is a heavier material compared to plastic and it typically costs more. However, it offers beautiful patterns. Terracotta pots are porous, which means you will need to water more frequently. The material is the best choice for you if you have plants that like well-aerated or dry soil like succulents, cacti, bromeliads, and orchids.

How to ensure proper pot drainage?

Indoor plants or houseplants do NOT thrive in pooling or standing water, which means you need to have drainage holes at the bottom of your pots to allow air in and water out.

As large indoor plant pots come with a considerable size, you would want your pots to not have drainage holes for aesthetic purposes. Just make use of a cachepot as it holds the pot your plant came in. Then, slip a terracotta pot inside the pretty container. You can also use a practical plastic. This technique is referred to as the double potting. The cachepot, which is your large indoor pot that's decorative, does not need drainage holes. Of course, it has to be extra-large so it can accommodate the saucer that is inside the growing pot.

How to select the style of indoor plant pots?

The variety of large indoor pot plants available on the online market nowadays is vast, so it can feel daunting and overwhelming just to make a selection. If you don't have a solid concept about the type of plant pot that you need, you won’t be able to get the product that suits your aesthetic goals and personal style. So, think about your style carefully. Include your home’s interior décor. Is it contemporary? If not, maybe you want an antique aesthetic. Get the pots that resonate with you and the style of your home – ones that you are in love with!

Now that you know how to select the right large indoor plant pot for your home, it is time for you to check out your incredible options!

Best Ideas

Contrary to appearances, flower pot isn't a dull element, which can be used only as an addition to plants. These set of beautiful, hand-painted flower pots is a proof, that pot can be beautiful and independent decoration of your terrace or garden.

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Plant pot for indoor use. Designed for large sized plants. Elegant accent for each room. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.


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Chapman Round Pot Planter

The right containers are critical to getting the design you are looking for, as demonstrated here by an install at one of our hotel clients. These bronze Thai Jar containers are large (37" tall) and really look classic. The plants inside the container a

Attractive large indoor plant pot is ideal for spacious interiors, where large plants are perfect. The beautiful potted tree is a vibrant touch that delights in every detail. Combined with bright interior design delights.

It you have you living room prepared as a save and soft space for you kids, you always try to avoid the sharp edges, which could hurt them. The solution for your flowerpots is a wooly pocket then. And it looks nice also when you customized the color and pattern.

Above: Adding a sense of drama and perhaps a bit of wit (Did you really just come inside?), a laceleaf maple makes a statement in this soaring entryway. A 3-gallon pot acer dissectum (Laceleaf), as well as other maples, can be purchased from Sooner Plant

shutters. Neat idea. Could cut down large full door shutters and use the smaller portion elsewhere.

Case Study Cylinder Plant Pot With Stand, Large - Modernica

Large indoor plant pot is very useful to hide your plant, when the winter is come. Big space will allow to every size of flower or little trees. White color of the pot makes it universal for most room styles.

Aesthetic large traditional indoor plant pots of patternless ceramic. A light brown plant pot is conical, flared up and has a wide top edge, a dark blue one is more oval and has a round recessed base.

Large Williams Round Pot Planter

This decorative, handmade pot planter is made of fiber stone so it's not only durable but also lightweight. It is delicately stained to get distressed finish. It can be use outdoors cause it's water resistance.

Stunning low-rise planter cuts a low sculptural profile with plenty of impact. Cast from cement and stone powder, flanged oval planter artfully showcases garden greenery with compelling pattern and gorgeous organic tones.

A beautiful basket for indoor use, characterized by a beautifully woven design, and a pair of matching handles for easy carrying. It's lightweight, durable, and stylish; excellent for placing inside a pot with a growing fiddle-leaf fig .

Round Pot Planter

Looking for an affordable proposition to brighten your living room? Try some large indoor plants. This beautiful potted tree is a vibrant touch that delights in every detail.

Large Lattice Pot Planter

Traditional round pot for outdoor use. It has a bricky-red concrete stone surface and fiberglass backing so it's lightweight weatherproof and crack proof. Its textured surface has a geometric lozenged design and rope-patterned top and bottom edges.

3 Piece Jewel Tone Round Flower Pot Planter Set

A set of three pot planters of various sizes, coming in three colors: amber, green and sapphire blue. Each pot features antique-like mosaic resembling pattern on its sides, plus each has a thick top rim.

With this capacious pot for indoors, you can easily grow even larger plants, transforming your room into a tropical jungle. Designed of quality material, the tapered pot is stable, and long-lasting, with holes in the bottom for water flow.

Impressive large indoor plant pots crafted of ceramic or plastic (with bottom drain holes). Some of them are finished in black, the others are wrapped with ropes of natural fibres in beige and brownish tones.

Catching the attention with its heavy, yet very daintily finished silhouette, this large indoor plant pot works out perfectly well in different interiors. It can surmount eclectic decors, as well as play a role in traditional ones.