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Front door wreaths aren't just for the holidays anymore. People put them out for birthdays, new babies, and even funerals. Putting a large front door wreath on your door will give you a new and inventive way to decorate your front door. Let the neighborhood know that you just had a bundle of joy, or that your throwing a birthday party. These wreaths are fun and festive, for any occasion.

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Floral large door wreath

Large front door wreaths and flowers go hand in hand, and they’re full of decorative possibilities.

For a cohesive result, consider choosing a wreath with flowers in two or a maximum of three colors including at least one from your house exterior, whether the actual wall or some decor elements.

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Unique wreaths for front door in unusual shapes

The Holiday Aisle®

All large front door wreaths are round… or are they?

If you’re known for thinking outside the box when it comes to interior design, you could surprise your family and guests with a wreath in a different shape. For example, how about this square design?



Delicate large front door wreaths

If consistency is your main interior design ethos, then a large front door wreath with a single type of flowers would be a better match for your vision.

By pairing it up with leaves or twigs in a different color, the flowers will stand out in a tasteful and delicate way.

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Elegant front door wreaths leaves

As well as traditional bright green leaves, you can also find large front door wreaths made to look like branches from a specific tree.

We especially like this elegant olive design: if you have European-inspired interiors or gardens, it’d be an even more tasteful touch.

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Spring wreaths for front door

If you’d rather rotate your large front door wreaths every three months or so, let’s start with the right designs for spring.

We recommend celebrating the blooming season with a colorful wreath that combines bright green leaves and flowers. To take your commitment to the next level, stick to flowers that actually bloom during this time of the year (luckily, it’s most of them!).

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Elegant summer front door wreaths

What better than the color of sunshine to weave magic into your large front door wreath during the summer months?

Relying on sunflowers or other yellow varieties that are known to bloom during this season is the easiest way of celebrating it on your front door.

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Berry beautiful wreaths for front door

Not all natural-looking large front door wreaths involve flowers! Fancy something a bit more unusual?

Another natural take on this idea involves cheerful berries. While it’s a charming design in general, you can actively use it to complement rustic interiors, too.

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Leafy front door wreaths idea

If you’d rather keep it minimalist, you could consider some leafy designs for your new large front door wreath.

This is also a clever choice if you’re looking to reinforce your natural inspiration and complement your garden’s hedges and features.

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Front door wreath ideas for fall

The harvest season is all about warm colors and a homage to the most traditional farming practices.

Therefore, start with beautiful front door wreaths in hues like orange, yellow, and brown. As for designs, you could opt for withered leaves or include a few ears of wheat to immediately add to the harvest feel.

And it goes without saying that, throughout October, you can always go for a Halloween twist instead by choosing a spooky wreath.

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Winter/Christmas front door wreaths

Santa, snowmen, and other traditional imagery will easily convey a Christmas feel, but what if you’d rather make the most of your large front door wreath for the entirety of winter?

In that case, we recommend focusing on natural elements instead. The most tactical ones are evergreen branches, pine cones, white berries, holly, and—of course—a sprinkle of snow.

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Buying Guide

It's rare to see a house which has always got a wreath on the front door, so it's widely accepted that these accessories are used during special occasions. Of course, one of the most popular occasions to use a wreath is Christmas time, when the neighborhood is full of lights, poinsettias and Christmas cheer. Other occasions to use a wreath may include weddings, birthdays or when a loved one has passed away. Let's take a look at some of the designs you could add to your front door.

What are some of the best designs of large front door wreaths?

White snowflake wreath

A great choice for Christmas time if you want to join in with the winter celebrations without all the ivy and the greenery, this wreath is completely white and reflects the typical weather. It's not a great choice if you have a white or light-colored door, but for black and other dark colors of front door, this wreath will work well. Hundreds of intricate snowflakes made from plastic or wood join together to create this unique wreath design. It is held up at the top by a piece of greenery, which you can fix to your front door to hold it in place.

Letter front door wreaths

You can buy large front door wreaths in the form of a single letter of the alphabet. This is the perfect way to welcome your child home from college, or show how much you love a friend who has been away for a few months. Within this category of designs there are, of course, various materials and patterns which are used. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Tartan pattern: A large capital letter cut out and decorated with a tartan or chequered pattern is a popular choice and one which you will come across many times.
  • Plain wood: Plain wooden large letter wreaths are designed so that you can either enjoy the natural appearance or use it as a base for your own patterns.
  • Floral letter wreath: A large letter of the alphabet made from flowers is another popular design of wreath that you will find for your front door. The wreath may be made from artificial flowers, or real flowers which are intended to last around two to three weeks.

Large floral front door wreaths

If you want a beautiful way to greet your guests as they arrive for your first dinner party, or you just want something to brighten up the exterior of your home over the winter, large floral wreaths could be an ideal option. They are made using artificial flowers, twigs, feathers, greenery and occasionally glitter and golden twisted wires. The blend of items often creates a gloriously colorful wreath which is bound to make everybody look twice.

From winter wreaths to flowery summer wreaths, you don't have to wait until December to start decorating your home. With so much variety available, it's not very difficult to find something that your entire family will love.

An attractive wreath can do wonders in regards of adding an extra touch of style to your space. With so many wreaths on the market, you might find it hard to find the right one.

Our guide will provide you with all the necessary information such as different styles and materials to help you pick the perfect wreath.

What size wreath should I get?

There are two questions you need to ask yourself when deciding on the size of your wreath. Do you want a festive or minimalist look? And what is the area where the wreath will be displayed?

  • A small wreath (20-30 inches in diameter) would look good on a 36-inch wide door.
  • However, oversized front doors will need to be adorned by a bolder and larger wreath with a diameter of between 30-36 inches.
  • The bigger the wreath, the higher it should be hung. Also, larger wreaths are usually considered more festive.

What are the Different Types of Wreaths?

Fresh Wreaths

These are usually made of fresh boxwood, juniper and balsam. They are suitable for cooler weather.

Silk Wreaths

Silk wreaths will last you the longest and can be displayed in any environment. They are created using a grapevine base with silk flowers attached. Silk wreaths are easiest to maintain, but colors may fade if exposed to direct sunlight. They can be cleaned using a blow dryer on low setting or using a basic dust brush.

Natural Dried Flower Wreaths

Made of dried flowers, these wreaths are a must during spring. They give off the most natural charm and are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. However, humidity is dried flowers' worst enemy since it can cause the florals to turn brown and limp.

Preserved Dried Flower Wreaths

As summer comes to an end, wreaths made of preserved flowers such as salal and eucalyptus are a great way to welcome fall. They are best for indoors to prevent bleeding of colors and low humidity environments.

How to choose wreath style?

The style of your wreath should depend on where and when you are going to display it. Here are the most popular options to consider:

Front Door

If you intend to hang your wreath on your front door, notice the color of the door and interior of your home. Dark colored wreaths will not be seen from afar if hung on dark brown or black doors. Choose bright colors to bring your front door to life. The same would apply with white or cream doors. Focus on contrasting accents.

Seasonal Wreaths

As much as you would like your wreath choice not to be affected by the season we are in, an evergreen wreath during spring would not look good. You should keep this in mind when choosing a wreath. Spring begs for the brightness of Forsythia and Peonies. As for summer, choose the beauty of Amaranthus or Canna Lilies. Fall is all about yellows and oranges, so you should incorporate those colors in your wreath. Suitable flowers for fall would be Helenium and Chrysanthemums.

Home Interior

If you would like to hang your wreath indoors, you need to determine the style of your home.

  • For rustic décor, a grapevine or twig wreath will capture the essence of your home.
  • Traditional styled homes are ideally complemented by wreaths made of bundles of flowers.
  • County styled homes should go for a wreath that includes fruit such as apples or grapes.
  • Flowers and fruit will look out of place in contemporary interiors; you should opt for a wreath made of unusual materials such as wooden dowels, metal or paper.

Holiday Wreaths

A holiday wreath is a must in any home, and it is a simple yet elegant decoration to welcome guests and family.

  • For Christmas, you should keep it simple and choose one that incorporates red and green.A traditional choice would be a twig wreath with berries and pine greenery. Youcan also find ones that have red or green ribbons attached to it or have had fake snow sprayed for a more festive look.

  • Depending on your personal taste (simple or colorful), there are two recommended choices for an Easter wreath. For a simple Easter wreath, a bunny shaped wreath made of vine with different neutral-clolored ornaments attached at the bottom will look fabulous. If you would like something brighter, which would attract more attention, choose one with an abundance of ribbons and spring flowers in a color combination of pink and green or yellow and purple.

  • Halloween and Thanksgiving wreaths should interpret colors of fall such as orange, red, yellow and brown. If you choose a simple wreath with no other additional ornaments, you can use it for both holidays.

  • Holidays like 4th of July are all about being patriotic, so choose a wreath with blue, red and white elements. A simple decoration yet one that makes a clear statement can be a wreath with blue, red and white Chrysanthemums. For a more festive look, pick a wreath completely made of ribbons in these three colors. An extra touch to both of these wreaths would be decorative stars attached to them.

Funeral Wreaths

Choosing an appropriate funeral wreath can seem difficult, especially if you are not the organizer. Inform yourself of the color scheme or particular styles of the funeral. A safe option is to choose a classic white wreath made of white roses or carnations since it offers an elegant design. For a more personalized design, you can choose a rose trio heart, which comprises of red, pink and white roses. Other flowers that are most commonly used at funerals include: lilies, daisies, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum and Delphinium.

Best Ideas

Xl wreath front door wreath for spring

Original and natural decorative element of outdoor applications. These front door wreaths are large and they include different plants in many attractive colors. They are also durable and resistant to outdoor factors.

Elegant summerfall front door wreath

The large front door wreath had its origins in the first half of the nineteenth century in Germany. If you want to create your inspiration with this rustic wreath of straw, twigs and wild flowers from the meadow.

Rustic barn star wreath large wreath

A pretty large rustic style decor in the form of a round wreath plaited of thin vanilla sprigs with creamy flowers. It encircles a 5-arm star made of metal with a textured bronze finish. It's fixed to a mount of wires with simple scrolls.

Year round wreath large wreath spring

A lovely decoration that will properly emphasize the front door to your house. This large wreath is beautifully composed with green, purple and blue, also embellished by a stylish zig-zag patterned bow.

Creating a warm, alluring appeal from the very first seconds, this large front door wreath will greet your guests with style. It can be a great motive for a wedding or banquet decoration.

22" Bittersweet Wreath

A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Entry and Porch Ideas - Christmas Decorating -

22" Fabric Floral Wreath

The vibrant colors on this wreath make it a versatile home accessory suitable for spring summer and fall.

This whimsical wreath comes with a variety of wildflowers and vines woven in a loose open pattern to give the piece natural charm. The stems are easily maneuverable, which allows the vivid wreath to be wispy or full.

Hang on a boldly colored front door to make the wreath pop, or indoors over your mantle to bring a touch of summer sunshine into your home’s interior.

Ivory 22" Wreath

Full of texture and style, this wreath is crafted from slender twigs dotted with off-white berries to create a wispy, rustic wreath perfect for your country home.

The stylish neutral wreath is ideal for use all year long, and the artificial material makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Hang on window shutters or a glass door pantry to create a cozy kitchen. Or position against blue or black front door for a stunning contrast that will catch the eye of everyone in the neighborhood.

22" Lavender Wreath

The natural-looking lavender flowers and foliage are woven and mounted on a 22” grapevine base. The combination of purple flowers and mint green leaves make a stunning combination that is ideally suited to adding a pop of color to rooms styled in neutral shades.

Hang above your bed to create a whimsical headboard, or on an outdoor gate to complement the flowers in your garden bed.

White Berry Magnolia 22" Polyester Wreath

With subtle magnolia leaves and white berries, this rustic traditional wreath will add warmth to your home in the winter months.

Perfect for natural Christmas décor, the 22” wreath makes a stylish display above a mantlepiece or over a mirror. Add to a dining room hutch to complement the natural wood grain or hang at the top of a blanket ladder to emphasize the color in your quilt collection.

Frosted Eucalyptus 20" Foam Wreath

Perfect for a rustic style home, this wreath makes a charming way to invite guests to your home when hung an outdoor white gate. Or hang it above a farmhouse style mantlepiece to complement the textural tones of your living room.

At 20” in diameter, this versatile piece is suitable for most home décor. The lush eucalyptus leaves are easy to clean to keep your space immaculately styled.

Atsilbe 24" Foam Wreath

Show pride for your country, with this patriotic red, white, and blue wreath that makes an eye-catching decoration for any national holiday. Hang on a front door for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day or to celebrate a loved one in the military.

The large 24” diameter and stunning color design make a bold statement in any home. Display above the TV in the family room during celebrations or combine with a photo to create a touching memorial for a loved one.

Rustic Welcome Wreath Hanging Accessory

Make a stylish first impression on your guests with this ornate brass French country wreath holder.

The holder is designed to hold wreaths of all sizes to celebrate the seasons. With a curved top to fit neatly over almost any front door and a hook base to mount your wreath, the ornate scrollwork makes for an inviting and elegant entry to your home.

Ficus Microphylla Leaf Polyester Wreath

Understated and tasteful, this microphylla leaf wreath is the perfect addition to your front door and coordinates well with almost any home décor.

The wreath comes in two sizes 18” and 22” to suit the width of your front door without overwhelming it. The realistic-looking ficus leaves are made from polyester for easy maintenance, and the simple design works well to complement rustic or farmhouse style rooms, but can also be accessorized with flowers or ornament for seasonal décor.

Medium Peony Flower 19" Silk Wreath

Bursting with vibrant floral colors, this spring and summer wreath features a dazzling combination of natural-looking silk flowers, plump red berries, and lush foliage.

At just 6 lbs., this lightweight wreath is an excellent addition to your home as the weather warms up. Use it as a centerpiece on a dining table accented with decorative candles for a romantic ambiance. Or hang on a large mirror to enjoy every facet of this stunning piece.

Cabbage Rose and Hydrangea Berry 22" Polyester Wreath

Hydrangea, berries, leaves, and blooming cabbage rose are mixed in this alluring wreath. Available in 5 different color palettes to match your style, you can use this wreath all year long.

The realistic flowers are a great way to add a splash of color indoors. Hang above a fireplace or in a front window to complement the wall color in your home. Or display it on a lavish solid wood wardrobe in your bedroom to contrast with the natural wood grain.

Autumn large letter door hanger fall

A country-looking decoration, perfect for adorning the front door of your house with red berries and some evergreen sprigs. Shaped like a large letter, the main part is made of wood, covered in an off-white finish and stylishly distressed.

For the ancients, the circle always symbolized the sky, and the square - Earth. Your home will be in heaven if a round large wreath hangs from the front door, with thin twigs and flowers from the meadow. Saponin or common mint, and a lot of green colors.

Wreaths champagne berry wreath vintage

The lovely berry wreath for the front door is a subtle touch of decor that delights and makes the interior a unique character. Beautiful combination with ribbon in beautiful color delights and creates an enjoyable whole.

Being an ideal fall decoration, this large front door wreath will embellish one's outdoors, being a cheerful decor's accent. Ideal to greet your guests and create a warm ambience from the very first moments.

Extra Large Bright & Beautiful Front Door Wreath, Polka Dot Ribbon ...

Large Full Customizeable Hydrangea Door

A gorgeous decoration for the front door of your house, perfect for welcoming spring and summer seasons. The 24'' wreath is composed of large, bloming hydrangeas, forming a lovely mix of red, white and green.

Fall Sunflower/Berry Wreath

End-of-summer, beautiful wreath of sunflowers, berries, pine cones and leaves, based on natural twigs. Prefect for decorating you door/entrance or a wall during the beginning of fall season. Warm colors, really pretty.