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Having a king size headboard is a nice way to add something to your bed's personality. If you're a book lover, then your bed's personality is about to go to a new place entirely, with king size bookcase headboards. In many colors and woods to fit your room decor, and many different shelf counts available, your bed will profit from these gorgeous bookcase headboards.

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King Size Bed with Bookcase Headboard and Built in LED Lights

An LED-lit bookcase headboard king-sized increases light to dark bedrooms that lack windows or lights in general. These types of bookcase headboards sprinkle a modern, contemporary, and glam fashion throughout a bedroom.

Place glossy items below the lights, like crystal glasses, to reflect a rainbow pattern on your bedroom walls. Add minimal items for a crisper and simplistic appeal.

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Upholstered King Bookcase Headboard with Built in LED Lights

House of Hampton®

You can easily find upholstered headboards anywhere. However, it may be difficult to locate a king bookcase headboard with both shelves and upholstery.

Headboards with both built-in lights and upholstery add elegance and comfort simultaneously. Upholstery provides extra padding between your head and solid wood headboard. Add these types for a feminine flair!

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Bookcase Headboard King Sized with Sliding Barnyard Doors

Bookshelf king headboards with barnyard doors immediately scream farmhouse chic style. These types of headboards are easy to come by and offer you plenty of space to display items and store items.

Choose a white-washed bookcase headboard for a daintier farmhouse style. For a rustic ambiance, go with a deep brown finish instead.

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Smooth and Simple King Size Bookcase Headboard with Sliding Doors

Loon Peak®

These smooth and simple king-size bookcase headboards add a touch of mid-century to a space. They are normally built with heavier-duty wood materials giving them a heavier appeal.

The plus to these types of headboards is the lack of handles. The sliding door mechanism prevents your bed sheets or pillows from catching and ripping.

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Tall Bookshelf King Headboard with Single Narrow Shelf

The benefit of owning a tall bookshelf king headboard with a single narrow shelf at the top is the irresistible illusion of grandeur. Modern, contemporary, and rustic designers love these bookcase headboard platform beds.

These types bring your focus to the top of the headboard where you can place battery-operated candles or another décor piece. To emphasize the height, use dressers and other furnishings that sit lower than the headboard.

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Bookcase Headboards King Size with Mirrors and Storage

These types of bookcase headboards in king size are the showpieces between all types. They offer you the storage, decoration display, lights, mirrors, and sometimes drawers as well. They give you a little bit of everything!

Depending on the headboard’s pattern and build, they can be used in French country, cottage farmhouse, and even Victorian styles. Find one with classy crown molding and curvier design for Victorian panache.

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Storage Bookshelf King Headboard with Side Cabinets and Pull down Cabinets

If you hate a cluttered bedroom, then this type of headboard is perfect for you. These types of bookshelf king headboards are built with fully closing doors to hide your books and other small items.

They are extremely low-key and provide plenty of privacy. They hold a boxier shape for an outstanding mid-century modern style.

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Short King Bookshelf Headboard with Multiple Sized Compartments

King bookshelf headboards with multiple-sized compartments come in a variety of configurations. They offer you taller and wider shelves and small and square shelves.

Get creative with organizing the different sized compartments on these king bookcase headboards. Exhibit your favorite family or pet pictures in the big sections and your miniature gnome collection in the small sections.

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Tall King Headboard Bookcase with Large Compartments

These types of headboards are tall like the types with single narrow shelves, only these types serve a more functional storage purpose. They combine gorgeously with traditional four-legged beds or floor resting platform beds.

If you own taller items like books, lamps, decorative vases, or plants, then getting a tall king headboard bookcase with large compartments is a necessity. These styles of headboards present you with plenty of room for your tallest books.

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King Bed with Bookcase Headboard and Storage Drawers

Storage drawers on king bookcase headboards are handy. Small items that would otherwise clutter a shelf, can be stored in drawers. You have the option to store small items in the drawers and leave your nicer, ornate items on the shelves.

A possible downer to these king beds with bookcase headboards is they are almost exclusively sold with the bed frame. If you are searching for both the headboard and bed frame, then this is an ideal bed for you.

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Buying Guide

For people who love reading in bed or watching a little video on a tablet or reader, or even for those who have a large size screen across the room, a king-sized bookcase headboard makes a place to keep all those little things in good order.

What features to look for in a king size bookcase headboard?

A good bookcase headboard will have a smooth area where pillows can be leaned, and sometimes even sliding doors behind where private items can be stashed. Some headboards are even situated in such a way that you can keep a small night light or a scent diffuser in them, creating a homey space where you can easily rest.

What are the possible arrangements with a king size bookcase headboard?

With a King-Sized Bed

If you have a king-sized bed, then it is only logical that you should have a headboard that matches the size of the bed. The wide expanse of the headboard makes it easy for you and your nearest and dearest to each have a space for your reading material, directed reading light, headphones, or other items that help make it easier to share space. You can even flank your sleeping set up with matching bedside tables that can hold those vital items, such as a glass of water, your glasses or an eyeshade if your partner is a nighttime reader and you are not.

With a king-sized captain’s bed for increased storage

An especially delightful arrangement with a king-sized headboard is to team it with a king-sized captain’s bed, with storage under and at the foot of the bed. Pull-out drawers allow you to keep things under the bed without worrying about what is happening to them under there. By matching the finish on the drawer fronts with your headboard, you can develop a cohesive room design without taking up more floor space.

With a Twin Bed

Place a twin bed lengthwise against a king-sized headboard to create an instant daybed that has plenty of storage. Perfect for dorm rooms or for teens, it helps create a sense of spaciousness. It also assists youngsters with being able to keep their items in order in a location that belongs specifically to the youth. This can go a long way toward keeping peace in a room shared by siblings. It can also be used in a bed/sitting room, allowing the daytime use of the twin bed as a couch.

With a Dresser or Table

King-sized bookcase headboards could even be used in conjunction with a dresser or tabletop if the bed is not compatible with a headboard or already has one. By incorporating a second headboard into a room, you have a ready-made bookshelf that is easy to install – and that is good news if you are dealing with a rental or any situation where you might be asked to move every year or so.

Most people will use their headboards as intended – at the head of a bed. But that doesn’t mean that you have to use yours in that way. The key part is “bookcase” for any bibliophile, and placing it only requires a bit of vision.

Best Ideas

Red Oak Wood Bookcase Headboard

A grand, sophisticated headboard made out of a combination of plywood and hardwood, with the surface veneered with Northern Red Oak wood. The headboard not only provides an elegant element to any bedroom, but it also holds an arrangement of useful compartments for storage. Included are also a few hidden compartments, perfect for storing jewelry, as well as standard cupboards and drawers for clothes and linen.

Rustic Bookcase Headboard with Solid Veneers

This decorative bed headboard is made in a rustic style to provide a one-of-a-kind austere vibe for your bedroom. The headboard is made mainly of solid pine wood with elements made out of manufactured wood with solid veneers. The unfinished look of the headboard gives it a natural appearance, perfect if you're looking to give your bedroom a little extra life, and it even has pre-drilled holes for easy installation.

King Size Bookcase Headboard With Shelves

A long and compact piece of bedroom furniture, that does not only serve the decorative function but presents with itself a spacious storage space, even removing the need of dedicated night tables on each side of the bed. The headboard is made out of manufactured wood with plastic elements and features a clean-lined structure with overhanging molding on the top and a black coat of paint with a smooth, shiny finish.

Contemporary Bookcase Headboard In Black

Looking for a modern touch in your contemporary bedroom, but you don’t have that much of a space for elaborate furniture? Take a look at this compact and space-saving bed headboard, made out of composite wood with a black, veneer laminate. The headboard has three, or four depending on the chosen size, compartments which are perfect for an above-bed bookcase.

Streamlined Black Bookcase Headboard

If you care both about the environment and about the stylish appearance of your bedroom, you might be interested in this fashionable headboard. This one is made out of laminated particle board wood and accommodates both for full and queen sized mattresses. Above that, the headboard has an Environmentally Preferable Product certification, which means it met some pretty hard to fulfill regulations.

Smooth Black Bookcase Headboard

A gorgeous and dignified wooden bed headboard, bound to spruce up your bedroom with its chic appearance. The headboard is made out of manufactured wood with a laminated veneer in a smooth black, covered with resistant varnish which protects the wood from moisture. The headboard has a couple of drawers, placed on steel roller glides with French dovetail construction, and it even has three additional compartments to act as bookcases.

Prepac Sonoma Storage Bookcase King Size Headboard

With this lavish and truly spacious headboard you will finally make sure that your master suite is complete both when it comes to style and functionality. It offers plenty of storage space and is the ideal place for books.

Oslo Wood Bookcase Headboard

This is the headrest, which combines the features of bookshelves. This makes it a very interesting solution and a great way to arrange the space behind the bed. This is a very interesting and practical combination.

Dalton Wood Headboard

Espresso wood coordinates with many other finish types effortlessly, as long as a warm tone is present. Personally I find the matching of this bookcase headboard with cream / cappuccino bedding very accurate.

Mid Century Modern Walnut King Headboard Bed Sliding Doors Cabinet Bookcase

The mid-century walnut bookcase with sliding doors. Solid and durable, but I think it has its the best days gone behind. I propose to repaint it on white and give it additional legs to give it back its natural shine.

Chelsea cherry king size storage headboard

A fashionable headboard in shape of a contemporary bookcase with sleek lines and cappuccino finish. This versatile headboard gives you much space for bedside reading materials, pictures and decorations, featuring 6 open compartments and a smooth top.

Broadway Black King Size Storage Headboard

Kingsize bookcase headboard is an interesting way to finish the interior of a bedroom efficiently. Interesting details fascinate, and the shelves will allow you to store your favorite title. The dark finish is elegant.

McKenzie King Bookcase Headboard by Whittier Wood

An elegant long headboard for even very large beds. It's of wooden materials, has a frame in cherry red, brownish backs, low angular legs, a gently recessed slanted top part, many shelves (open, glazed, lighted), 2 drawers, a sliding door cabinet.

A stunning mission oak styled bookcase that will serve as a headboard for any king sized bed and provide you with the much needed functional use. It is structured from the high quality wood and offers the sliding doors for more convenience.

Curiously constructed from solid wooden headboard design with a bookshelf, this is the perfect solution for any fan of practical solutions. Numerous shelves and drawers will hold plenty of trinkets and favorite books.

Available in ten colour variants, this beautiful California king bookcase headboard constitutes an elegant proposition for a traditional bedroom. It measures 80 W x 12 D x 42 H and features 2 angled sliding doors with open storage behind each door.

A large bookcase with built-in headboard for king size beds will, surely, elevate functionality in your master bedroom. Wood construction bathed in a white finish gives you 15 open shelves for books, pictures, decorations, etc.

Nostalgia Bookcase Headboard-9

King Headboards

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A real bookworm should take care of the appropriate bookshelf. It can be a pass to another world. If you read in a bed, the king size bookcase headboard will be most appropriate. Finished with dark brown veneer is an integral whole.

Massive headboard storage is a great way to decorate your bedroom. Simple wood form is a great place to store books and other things, and by the way, a decorative element that introduces functionality into the design.

Offering the contemporary-styled design this bed is crafted of solid hard woods with okume veneer and a stunning espresso finish. It sports a look that will astonish all and a structure strong enough to provide you comfort.