King Bookcase Bed

Do you love to read in bed, or just really want a headboard that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional? Then you have found Shangri La. We have a collection of King-size bookcases that will replace those boring, showy headboards that do nothing but look nice. Tons of room on ample shelving for books, or whatever, and they are made to last.

Best Products

Newport Storage Panel Bed

Panel bed mounted on a massive wooden construction. It has drawers and open shelves for storage. Functional piece of furniture for each bedroom.

Safavieh Weymouth Distressed Ivory Bookcase

A distressed ivory bookcase looks classic. It's suitable with neutral color palette in bathroom or recreation room. I want to use it to storing towels and bathroom accessories.

Safavieh Weymouth Distressed Ivory Bookcase

Bookcase for any interior according to taste and need. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It is very well appreciated by customers for high quality and neutral design.

Wildon home franklin gel fireplace with bookcases in antique ivory

A functional and space enhancing element of home equipment. This fireplace includes side bookcases. Of course this fireplace is a faux one. It includes six shelves. White color of this element is neutral, so it looks attractive in any house.

Calvert 3 Shelf Bookcase

Freestanding bookcase with 3 shelves arranged vertically. It has a possibility of attaching to the wall for stability and safety. Adjustable shelves allow adapting to the needs of storage.

Alaterre Shaker Cottage Bookcase In Ivory

Do you need a bookcase? This small size, ivory color and classic style satisfy my taste. This product is well made and matches perfectly to any decor.

Safavieh Weymouth Distressed Ivory Bookcase

Furniture look more interesting if they have a distressed finish. On this bookcase it's awesome! Two shelves are perfect for storing items and to display accent pieces or books.

Our advice Buying Guide

How big should a king bookcase bed be?

The width of king-size headboards can vary from model to model, but the common size is around 79-81 inches wide. These dimensions provide ample storage space for displaying decorative items and keeping your books and all your bedtime essentials on hand, but it may not be enough for bookworms. In this case, you should pick a king bookcase bed with a wider dimension.

In terms of height, you may want to go for a higher headboard such as 64 inches if you want to store and display numerous items in the same place. If you prefer a lower bookcase bed, you’re good to go with a headboard that’s about 43 inches high from top to bottom.

How much weight can a king bookcase bed hold?

A typical king bookcase bed is designed to hold 600 lbs. or more between the bed and the bookcases. This capacity is enough to support two average adults and a few shelves full of books. Some beds will support up to 800 lbs., which is sufficient for larger adults and their books.

The bed itself may have a different weight limit from the bookcase surrounding it. Individual shelves may also have their own weight limits, which are often around 40 lbs. each. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s warnings and installation instructions to understand the bed’s limits for safe use.

Is a king bookcase bed worth investing in?

Yes, a king bookcase bed is certainly worth investing in, even if you’re not a bibliophile. An abundance of storage space is one of the many reasons that make this piece of furniture a great purchase. Not only will you have lots of compartments to store your books and magazines, but you can also use them for displaying bits and pieces, like picture frames, vases, figurines, and scented candles to bring character to the setting.

Needless to say, a king bookcase bed can instantly jazz up the visual appeal of your bedroom with its large and eye-catching design.

With a bookcase bed, you’ll also have plenty of room to keep your essentials, such as earphones, glasses, and chargers organized and close at hand while minimizing clutter on your bedside tables and nearby furniture.


This bookcase king size bed is a clever and stylish solution, which allows saving space and creates a stylish, sleeping niche. Finished in dark wood, it conceals a multi-tiered construction to store your books, documents or other stuff.

Hillsdale Lafayette Bookcase Bed // Probably not the most advisable set-up for quake-prone areas, but definitely a nice mix of storage, durability, and potential comfiness.

An elegant traditional king bed having a wooden frame with a finish in warm browns. It features a showy bookcase-style headboard with lighted open shelves and glazed door cabinets as well as cabinets with sliding doors.

King size bed with a durable wooden construction in brown finish. It provides relaxing and comfortable sleeping space for two people. Its headboard area includes many drawers. The lower part also includes three additional drawers.

Full Bookcase Bed with Under Bed Drawer Storage & Interior Lighting | Nebraska Furniture Mart

Hillsdale Wilshire King Bookcase Bed - Antique White $1,469.00

-Spencer King Bookcase Bed by Vaughan Bassett- Josh and I ordered this bed [and dresser] last week. I can't wait to get it!

American Drew Tribecca Bookcase Headboard in Root Beer Finish - I gotta have this!!!

Prepac Sonoma Black King Bookcase Platform Bed 3 Piece Bedroom Set - Sears

If there would be a contest for the most functional bed with storage possibilities - then a wooden bed would win this contest. Kind bookcase bed has a plethora of drawers of different sizes. Country oak wood was used to create also a bookcase on the headboard.

Modern Espresso Bookcase Headboard Queen King Storage Captains Bed ...

... > Beds > B.K. Home Furniture LLC > Perimeter Place King Bookcase Bed

Headboard with bookcase made of wood. It has a lot of drawers and open shelves in various sizes. Suitable for each standard king size bed. Functional accent for any bedroom.

Bessey Eastern King Bookcase Platform Bed with Footboard Storage by Coaster

I like this bookcase headboard for my bedroom. It has room for the books I currently have in my bedroom

King Bookcase Bed Group

American Drew Sonata King Bookcase Bed with Dresser

Bayfield King Bookcase Captains Bed Headboard in Espresso | Nebraska Furniture Mart

Jessica Eastern King Bookcase Bed with Lighting

Camino Bedroom 7 Pc. King Bedroom - Value City Furniture $1249.99 Bed Frame, Bookcase Headboard, Footrest, Dresser, Mirror, Chest, Nightstand

Home Gallery Furniture for Standard King, Tribecca King Bookcase Bed

If you want to combine great and fashionable looks with utmost convenience and functionality then this bookcase bed will do the trick, since it will easily allow you to store your books and other items close at hand.

<3 Hillsdale Furniture Hillsdale Wilshire King Bookcase Bed - Antique White

Finished in stylish ivory, this enchanting antique bookcase creates a stylish space for all your treasures. It features an arched top and stylish knobs. The whole construction conceals 4 shelves and 2 drawers.

Prepac Black Sonoma King Bookcase Platform Storage Bed

Grain Elevator Print

1375AUF McKenzie King Bookcase Storage Bed

Add style, beauty and elegance to your apartment with the Alaterre office shaker cottage tall bookcase. It is an excellent addition to entryway too. Try this ivory color and enjoy the beautiful accent piece.

Link to manufacturer - would make bed higher off ground & lower headboard - make footboard bench height same as mattress


Atwood Bed in Beds, Headboards . I could live with this bed, I suppose?

*I like this bed* Wilshire Antique White King Bookcase Bed Hillsdale Furniture King Standard Beds Bedroom Fu

Wilshire King Size Bookcase Bed with Storage in Antique White

A pretty vintage standing bookcase having an openwork frame of pine wood with a worn creamy finish. It has low straight angular legs. Both a top and 2 lower fixed open front shelves are rectangular. Sides and a back features X-crossed inlays.

A faux, planked bookcase in an ivory color which provides an eclectic look to this old-fashioned piece. The abundance of shelves give plenty of space to not only store your books, but also display photos and decorations.

As the finish of this wood bookcase is very dark, its design might appear a bit serious. Some subtle details and a nice woodgrain pattern bring some variety and add lightness. Multiple shelves are characterized by diversed height.

Perfectly matched ivory bookcase in a chic bright space - handmade by master craftsman, with attention to the smallest detail. White color, which is associated with ivory color, applied to wood, presents brushed finish.

Love this headboard (not the bench/shelf footboard though). Bet it would be easy to make out of reclaimed boards.

Check out the Prepac WSH-8445 King Bookcase Headboard in White

Electric fireplace fitted with 6 open shelves. It is mounted in wooden frame and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Application in all kinds of interior according to taste and need. Received a lot of very good ratings from customers.

Intercon Wolf Creek King Bookcase Bed | Sheely's Furniture ...