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These tables are specifically designed for holding indoor plants. Well constructed and in varying sizes, they will hold whatever plants you wish to have indoors. Some will go well with your decor, some will work best in a sun room or garage, but all will offer the ability to give the proper attention to your houseplants, and even maybe inspire you to add a few more.

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Entry or Console Long Plant Table

17 Stories

Narrow entryway and console tables can be used as long plant tables. Your options are limitless as there are so many entryway and console tables out there. Choose between wood, metal, glass, or mixed material tables.

Your long plant tables are terrific for anyone who owns pets, like cats or dogs. These types of indoor plant tables lift your plants high enough off the ground to prevent your pets from digging into your beautiful plant collections.

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Etagere styled Multi tiered Plant Table for Indoors

Red Barrel Studio®

Etagere-styled plant tables are perfect for anyone who owns more plants than fingers! They are massively sized and come in a variety of configurations, like vertical alignments, pyramid structures, and other shelving arrangements.

Add a wood etagere-styled plant table with slats for a farmhouse delight. Select a curvy accented bookshelf-styled etagere plant table into a contemporary styled home. 

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Nesting Table for Plants

These types of indoor plant tables are found in many materials. Some nesting tables come with two tables while others come with three.

You have a choice between square tabletops or rounded tabletops. Pair square plant boxes with square tops and round pots and planter bowls with round tabletops.

Nesting tables for plants are like pedestal tables but these types of tables are easy to store when not in use. If you are someone who needs a plant table just for the colder months, then nesting tables are a wonderful option for you.

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Corner styled Multi tiered House Plant Table

Andover Mills™

To get the most space in a room, the corner-styled house plant table can help with that. These types seamlessly fit into the corners of living rooms, formals, and dining rooms.

Corner-styled indoor plant tables are offered in fewer tiers like two or three if you don’t have as many plants to showcase. If you have many plants and you want them all in one place, then choose a four-tier corner-styled plant table instead.

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Three Piece Solid Pedestal Plant Tables

Solid pedestal plant tables often come in sets of two to five and they sit at different levels to help showcase your plants. Since they are solidly built, they are perfect for holding heavier medium-sized plants.

Choose a flashy silver, gold, or polished black pedestal table to match glam and contemporary fashions. Go for rounded pedestal tables in deep warm tones and dimpled surfaces to create a rustic, farmhouse country attraction. 

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Connected Tri level Plant Table Stands

Connected tri-level plant table stands are manufactured in either wood or metal. Some of them come with flat tops, while others offer a small lip to prevent your plant from getting knocked over.

If you consider yourself a perfectionist who spends minutes spacing your plant tables evenly, then this option will make your life easier. Simply sit the connected tri-level plant table down and you are done!

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Tall Square Open Pedestal Planter Table for Indoors

Tall square open pedestal planter tables for indoors come in square or circular configurations and multitudes of materials and color tones. These tall open pedestals are terrific for spotlighting your favorite plant.

Add shorter and wider girth plants to the pedestal to give your magnificent plant the attention it deserves. Choose a skinnier and a bit taller plant vase or pot for straightforward elegance. 

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Vertically Stacked Indoor Plant Table and Stands

Compared to other multi-tiered plant tables, the vertically stacked plant tables and stands burrow attractively in small corners in small rooms. These types can be found in rattan/wicker, bamboo, wood, and metal.

Vertically aligned plant tables and stands work best with smaller and lighter weighing house plants. Place a vine plant, like the string of tears, Epipremnum, or ivy, at the top for a gorgeous cascading charm.

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Ladder style Multi tier Plants Table

Millwood Pines

The ladder-style plant tables are found in both wide or tall variations and are almost always made of wood, with metal material as your other option. These types come in as few as three tiers up to five tiers.

The ladder-style plant table is not recommended for people with small children and pets. Place them centered against a wall or resting snuggly in a corner. The A-frame ladder-style tables are magnificent when positioned in front of a window.

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Solid Drum styled End Tables for Plants

Solid drum-styled end tables for plants are like the solid pedestal plant table types, only much shorter. Since these types sit lower to the ground, they seat taller plants better compared to your taller pedestal-style tables.

These drum-styled types are made with wood, metal, wicker/rattan, stone, and ceramics. Add them to your living rooms, sunrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms.

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Buying Guide

What types of indoor plant tables are there?

Multi-tiered indoor plant tables are one of the most popular and stylish types of tables out there. These plant tables can be found in numerous shapes and sizes, making them a versatile option for a wide range of home styles. In addition, multi-tiered plants can display multiple plants in a visually interesting manner.

Pedestal tables are another common type of plant table. Unlike multi-tiered designs, pedestal plant stands can only hold one plant at a time but they are very useful for lifting plants with long, hanging leaves. Nonetheless, they can also be used for flaunting decorative plants.

If you prefer to keep things simple and minimal in your home, a plant table with a narrow rectilinear frame may suit you best. Even though these types of plant tables are plain in design, they offer quite a lot of space for various plants.

What plants are best for an indoor plant table?

The right type of plant depends on the design of your stand. In general, you should consider either a smaller decorative choice (a houseplant, succulent, or pot of flowers) or a plant with hanging leaves for a single pedestal-like stand. You definitely don’t want one that’s much larger than the actual base, as that would result in an unbalanced feel.

If you were hoping to display more than one, you can arrange multiple small or medium houseplants on a tiered plant table.

Larger models with multiple shelves are the perfect opportunity to showcase a combination of small, medium, and larger plants.

What size indoor plant table to get?

When choosing an indoor plant table, you’d want to make sure that it can hold the size and weight of your house plants while fitting in your space. Keep in mind that you should leave a minimum of 6 inches of room in between the plants and your other pieces of furniture.

The first step to picking the right plant table size is to consider the type of plant you’re going to place on it. Or, to simplify things, you can purchase a plant table before deciding on which plant to get. If you're looking for or own a plant that grows taller over time, such as a Cast-Iron Plant, a medium to low plant table that’s around 19 inches tall will be your best bet. For plants that grow over 5 feet tall, like Dragon Trees and Fishtail Palms, you may want to go for a 10-15 inch plant stand for a balanced look. You should also look for a design with a spacious base if your plant has wide leaves.

For short plants, succulents, and cacti that reach heights of 1-2 feet, you can go as high as you want with your plant table.

Best Ideas

An indoor plant table can be a marvelous addition, which will bring coziness and freshness to the interior. This project features considerable space for the plants, being a perfect spot for your herbs and spices.

Reinforced stained wood plank makes a beautiful plant table. The simple square legs and angle cut wood support make an unobtrusive but sturdy support for your beautiful pots and lovely plants. Place near a sunny window for best results.

Milroy Round Multi-tiered Plant Stand

For a rustic home with lots of greenery try this beautiful handmade plant table, crafted from reclaimed wood. Due to the use of authentic wood each product features a unique wood grain and knots. The live bark edge is a wonderful aesthetic feature and the sturdy metal legs in a triangular shape create a more modern look.

Petite Accent Tables, Plant Stands & More

Stehle Pedestal Plant Stand

This is an elegant pedestal that works beautifully as a plant stand or an end table. Made entirely from solid wood, this 14” x 25” table is multi-functional and can be used for displaying plants and decor, but can also be pulled out into the centre of the living room as an additional serving table when entertaining guests.

Gauthier Lake Forest Plant Stand

This tall and narrow plant stand automatically enhances unused corners and nooks in your living space. Made from rubberwood with a deep merlot finish, this 3-legged table features a pedestal base for added stability. The 12” diameter top is green marble-granite and will accent the greenery of your plants beautifully.

Pedestal Plant Stand

This showy plant stand is the perfect solution for any contemporary decor. The combination of solid metal construction and glass allows for beautiful interior decoration and works well not only as a pedestal for the plant.

Handmade Plant End Table

This attractive and very stylish end table is a robust performance from mango wood, which impresses with its durability. Handmade is worked out in detail. It is a great pedestal for flowers or other decorations.

Looking to add a semblance of life into your spaces? Well, you can do exactly that with this beautiful plant table. The piece features a low design, an extra-large countertop, and a sleek white finish that should accommodate several plant pots with ease.

High-quality multi-tier indoor plant table offering up to four different compartments. The table is supported by a strong metal frame, finished in industrial black to compliment the beautiful greenery of the plants. It also delivers a compact space-saving design.

The simple and subtle design of this indoor plant stand is a perfect combination of attractive style and functionality. Combined with vanity with a high shelf for books, benches and other enchanting and introduces a uniquely cozy atmosphere.

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Plant table mounted on iron base and reinforced with solid supports. Top is made of wood. Sophisticated decoration for any interior according to taste. Modern design for each home.

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Cantabria Branch Tiered Plant Stand

Minimalist multi-level indoor plant stand - or feel free to place any other stuff in these black storage cubes. Each of the four planters stays on a different level, defined by the height of steel tubes frame.

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