Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangements

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Some people like roses. Some, lilies. And others, carnations. But if you love the delicate and elegant look of a hydrangea, but hate to watch them die, then we have the flowers for you. Our selection of silk hydrangea flower arrangements will put the attractive flowers you love in your home, without the possibility of death and the eventual clean-up.

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Petal Perfect Natural Decorations, Inc. Faux Hydrangea Arrangement I

I love hydrangeas, and you? Of course real flowers are the most beautiful, but sometimes an artificial flower arrangement is the best decoration solution. Here, white hydrangea bouquet was placed in square clear glass vase.

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White hydrangea arrangement silk flowers

Featuring beautiful white Hydrangea, this silk flower arrangement will provide a gentle, refined character to the space. Placed in tall, glazed vase, will provide an ideal living room decoration.

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Beautiful thick glass vase filled with acrylic water and refreshing shades of green limons and and white lilac for accent. This state-of-the-art composition replenishes and gives a spark to every room.

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Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

Absolutely gorgeous, always blooming and fresh flower arrangement. Green and white silk hydrangea flowers in antiqued vase. The arrangement is lush and looks incredibly real and elegant. Perfect for a dining table decoration.

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Fake flowers? Why not? If they look like the real flowers, you should try them into your home. These hydrangea silk flower arrangements is excellent for special occasions like wedding.

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basket and flowers for a Spring/Summer garden party - early evening, lunch or Sunday Brunch

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Large Cymbidium Silk Flower Arrangement in Burgundy

This impressive bouquet / flower arrangement in vibrant, vivid colors decorative detail is perfect for all kinds of interiors. Beautiful flowers made from silk touch material look like living.

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Giant Mixed Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

A very attractive spring/summer flower arrangement. Mixture of silk hydrangeas in tall clear glass vase. Tall and large, give the impression of freshly cut flowers. Beautiful color combination that will make a great centerpiece.

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White hydrangea wreath front door wreath

The beautiful composition of the silk flower arrangement makes the walls or doors look exceptionally. The beautiful garland with a beautiful flower arrangement with a bow is a fresh and very impressive accent.

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A charming contemporary artificial floral arrangement composed of lavender flowers in shades of white and delicate pink with green leaves and stems. A vase is of clear glass, has a quite wide body but its bottom and neck are significantly narrower.

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Buying Guide

How best to preserve hydrangea silk flower arrangements?

Hydrangea silk flower arrangements preserve very well, especially if you invest in very good flowers, you can expect them to last for years after their initial purchase.

To keep them looking good, make sure that you dust them regularly. Dust piles up on silk, weighs it down, and causes discolorations. Cleaning them a few times a week will help avoid this.

Secondly, keep your silk flowers out of the sun, which will cause them to fade. Lastly, avoid getting your silk flowers wet, which will cause them to get misshapen.

What flowers go with hydrangeas in an arrangement?

Hydrangeas silk flower arrangements look absolutely gorgeous on their own.

However, should you wish to add another type of flower, you could consider roses, peonies, delphiniums, tulips, or ranunculus.

You can either look for them in the same shade for a cohesive monochrome effect or, alternatively, create a balanced contrast by looking for a flower in a darker hue than your hydrangeas.

Best Ideas

Elegant white wedding

Floral arrangement finished with pastel colors. It is fitted with richly decorated pedestal base. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and elegant design.

Arranging Artificial Silk Flowers is Great Fun

The attractive design of this beautiful hydrangea silk flower decorative arrangement on the door captivates. Beautiful composition of colors and details delights, great composing in the container with inviting sign.

Beautiful contemporary floral arrangement. Hydrangea flowers in white, pink and purple tones as well as green leaves are of faux silk. Short stems are of plastic over metal wires. A low cylindrical vase (filled with clear gel) is of clear glass.

Floral Home Decor Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement

I really like the white hydrangeas with their delicate lacey look, I would change the color of the roses and substitute the tulips for a few mini calla lillies ;) love the way the arrangement flows

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John-Richard Collection "Fiesta" Faux Floral Arrangement - Horchow

An elegant flower composition in a metal sculptural pot in shades of pink based on the large hydrangea flower. The silk-made flowers look like real one and never faded. This type of arrangement fits both to the rustic interior also to the modern one.

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Silk Blue Hydrangea Arrangement | Silk Flower Arrangements

Lavender & Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement - Silk ...

Hydrangea Silk Flower Arrangement | See White