House Address Plaques

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Having a house address plaque that allows guests or delivery drivers an easier way to find your home is not only convenient, its considerate. And we have plenty to fit your personal aesthetic motif in a way that will only add to the look of your home's exterior. These plaques are very well-made and anyone trying to find your home will appreciate your consideration.

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Handcrafted single digit ceramic house

Uncluttered in shape - address plate, with your house number.It is finished in ceramic and its base is a sturdy stoneware. Use a beautiful color palette of beige, turquoise, greenery. And next to your number, there will also be floristic decorations.

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American craftsman arts and crafts font

Funky design for a house number plaque, perfect to bring in a new, refreshing addition to the front of your house. This one is made with a matte iron base with a black coat of paint and golden numbers which give it an elegant vibe.

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Dragonfly craftsman house numbers

A great alternative to traditional house plaques - this vertical set made of oil rubbed bronze provides a sustainable construction that will distinguish your house for years. 19"x 6 1/2" for 1 to 3 numbers 25" x 6 1/2" for 4 to 5 numbers.

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Antique french copperbrass stencil

Antique copper with brass elements address plaques with your house number - they roam with us directly from the French brocante. Beautiful patina, stand out against a black background. Presented numbers - are just an example.

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This vertical address plaque for house will help you distinguish your parcel from the neighbourhood. It features antique brass numbers on a stylish navy blue background.

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Oval Standard Address Plaque

This address plaque will let you showcase your address in style with the oval construction made from recycled aluminum that ensures the highest quality with the sand mold to make the plaque durable and stylish.

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A simple but aesthetic modern wall-mounted house number plaque. It has a square wooden mount finished in matte black. Large three-D stylised letters are manufactured of chromed metal and well visible.

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Princeton Column Address Plaque

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This #Dekorra rock is hiding a well pipe... doubling as an address marker! Get yours at

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Best Ideas

A patchwork log cabin quilting pattern rendered in natural-toned pieces of tile makes a weatherproof house number plaque. Framed in dark wood, it can be hung securely or it can be removed and set aside for cleaning or painting.

American Craftsman Address Plaque Bungalow Mission by AtlasSigns, $209.00

House numbers address plaque copper on

Vertical address plaques are becoming more and more, therefore encouraging to create ingenuine masterpieces. This combination of copper letters on mahogany background create the sense of style and prestige.

Spanish Revival. Hand-painted flourishes in yellow and blue give ...

Oval house number engraved plaque number

The oval engraved number of home. Made on the dark painted plate of wood. The carved numbers show the lighter color of wood. Such a great accessory for a house fasade. Very useful especially on the long streets ;)

Succulent hanging planter metal address

Succulent vertical hanging planter and metal address plaque - with it's quite large 20" x 12" size. It has satin nickel address numbers placed on rusty brown board where you can keep your lovely flowers as decoration.

Polished, wood-grained backing with raised metal numbers makes an attractive statement out of the need to display a house number. Better yet it creates a plaque that can easily be moved from one place to another for best advantage.

Unique Address Plaque - Copper Coated with Verde Patina

House address plaques

Oval House Number Engraved Plaque

Curb Appeal on a Budget • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials!

16" - "Vertical" Cast Bronze Address Plaque

Nice idea for my outdoor clock

@Betty Nugent Tisdale how about this for a house number? Ballard Design knows what we like!