Faux Silk Taffeta Drapes

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Faux silk taffeta drapes. Need we say more. Well, we will anyway. These are lovely, can decorate a window better than most window treatments, and give your space a different sort of decorative spark. They are the classic style seen through homes with taste and class for decade and they can be yours. See our collection for more details. You are going to love them.

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Our Picks


Platinum Embroidered Ruched Faux Silk Taffeta Header Curtain Panel

These ruched header drapes represent elegance and chic, evoking associations with baroque or rococo style. Made from faux silk taffeta it adds glamor to the living room. Suits perfectly traditional interiors.

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Signature Stripe Beige Sea Foam Green Faux Silk Taffeta 120 Inch Curtain Panel

Elegant curtain panels for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste. It is made of nice touch faux taffeta and decorated with striped pattern. Includes rod pocket for easy mounting. It is very well appreciated by satisfied customers.

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Blue Grey Gold Stripe Faux Silk Taffeta 84 Inch Curtain Panel

These are very unique and attractive functional and decorative elements that will decorate any window in the house. These curtain panels are 84 inches long x 50 inches wide and they are made of faux silk taffeta in 100%.

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Signature Faux Silk Taffeta Curtain Panel 46 In. X 96 In.

A proper window decoration might totally change the character of the room. This stunning collection of curtain panels will give your space a royal look. You can choose from a wide range of warm colors.

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Solid faux silk taffeta robins egg 84 inch curtain panel

Curtain panel for living room, bedroom and more. It is made of fabric and fitted with rod pocket. Machine washable. Classic form and elegant design.

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Half Price Drapes Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Rod Pocket Curtain Panel

Curtain panel made of faux silk taffeta and decorated with striped pattern. It is fitted with rod pocket for easy mounting. Elegant accent for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

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Light Pink Cream Stripe Faux Silk Taffeta 84 Inch Curtain Panel

The striped pattern curtains made of the faux silk. Looks exclusively ornately. Whimsically styled and colored, the silk taffeta curtain panel features pink and cream stripes that will enhance any decor.

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Flamingo pink faux silk taffeta curtain panel

Curtain panels that provide protection from sun. They also decorate indoors, especially window areas. These long curtains are made of faux silk material finished in beautiful pink color. This attractive material is also resistant to wear.

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Red Golden Tan Striped Faux Silk Taffeta 108 Inch Curtain Panel

Made from stylish red linen with golden tan, these refined curtain represent faux silk. Designed to enhance even the most sophisticated interiors, they will save you from undesired light. They measure 108 inches long x 50 inches wide.

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Signature stripe faux silk taffeta 120 inch curtain panel

A curtain panel that provides protection from the sun. This useful product also increases a decorative value of any room. It has got a very interesting pattern and it is made of high quality flannel and cotton.

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Buying Guide

What is the best material for living room drapes?

When choosing a fabric for your living room drapes, the material’s weight is an essential factor. This is because its weight dictates how it hangs. Lighter fabrics, such as tulle or muslin, can look flimsy, while heavier ones made from velvet or brocade may not form pleats for the look you hope to achieve.

The fabric will also depend on the style of your living room. Is it more formal or casual? Is the decor traditional, luxurious, or minimalist?

For a traditional, classic, formal, or romantic look, the best material is silk or faux-silk. Faux-silk taffeta drapes add a sophisticated design element, especially when they puddle on the floor or are pleated. Silk or faux-silk is a shear fabric and allows light to pass through it easily. If you prefer a slightly darker ambiance to your living room, add lining to these drapes.

For full versatility, choose a cotton or polyester cotton-blend material for your traditional or modern living room. Cotton drapes come in numerous colors and styles to fit various decors. Tighter, heavier weaves block out more sunlight, while sheer cotton creates an airy look. However, you will notice a slight stiffness and less natural flow with this material choice.

Does faux silk taffeta wrinkle easily?

Faux silk taffeta drapes create a romantic, luxurious atmosphere in any room. Taffeta is a lustrous, heavy material and is perfect for drapes and curtains because it keeps its shape and does not wrinkle easily. However, silk may wrinkle, so when the two are combined, it is best to know how to wash and dry the drapes if wrinkles appear.

Natural silk taffeta should be dry cleaned, but faux silk taffeta is easily cleaned at home. The general rule is to wash your faux silk taffeta drapes in cold water with a gentle detergent. It is recommended to wash them by hand without wringing or twisting the fabric. Once washed, hang your curtains in a sunlight-free area with ventilation to dry. If needed, iron your curtain on a low heat setting. Always check the manufacturer’s tag on your curtains for specific instructions.

What colors to choose for faux silk taffeta drapes?

The color of your faux silk taffeta drapes will largely depend on your personal taste, whether you prefer a minimalist look or don’t mind a colorful atmosphere. Your current interior design scheme will also determine the right color to choose.

One of the easiest ways to tie a room together is to match your new drapes with an accent furniture piece or accessory in the room. This could be your couch, area rug, or even your floor lamp for some cohesiveness.

Sticking to neutrals, like grey, beige, and cappuccino is generally the safest approach when it comes to color selection. They can fit in with a variety of home decor and still look elegant. Also, you’re less likely to get bored of it fast. If your walls are painted in a bright shade, taffeta drapes in a neutral tone will help offset the room. Likewise, they’re a great pick for pale walls as well.

If you’re looking to bring life to a neutral shaded space, patterned or vivid colored drapes, such as blue, honey, or green may be your best bet.

Best Ideas

Enjoy the appearance of luxury such as might have been found in Edwardian England by creating drapes of faux silk taffeta. The beautiful fabric crinkles in the same way as real taffeta. It is the perfect choice for formal drapes.

A charming window curtain made of silk taffeta in a very light blue color with a subtle, flowery decoration. The curtain will suit interiors in a traditional, rustic style, creating there a romantic atmosphere.

Living Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Orinda Curtain Panel Panels, Drapes ...

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Terroir Taffeta Silk Drapes & Curtains

Available in various finishes, this faux taffeta curtain is a solid item, made from 56% Nylon and 44% Polyester. It features a 3” Pole Pocket with Ruched Header. Designed and meant to be stationary and used as decorative panels to frame out your window.

A beautiful design for an unusual curtain, made out of silk in a vibrant, green colour. Perfect to put up in a mid-century living room to give it a colourful contrast, bound to spice up your home with its unique look.

Taffeta drapes will add some elegance and color to your home. Very long, distinguish will create a magic atmosphere from historical time in your bedroom or living room. Very soft, shining material will spoil your eyes.

Faux silk taffeta curtains striped in three colors offer a charming way to lend color and variety to your home décor. Sweeping from the top to the floor, they have the elegant sweep and crisp folds characteristic of silk fabrics.

Hampton Faux Silk Taffeta Stripe Curtain contemporary curtains

Catalina Faux Stripe Taffeta Curtains & Drapes

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This set of plummy blue drapes embodies elegance and prestige. Polyester nylon blend taffeta will offer you a crisp smooth panel that will shimmer and reflect the light in any room. Available in various lengths.