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Living rooms can quickly become cluttered with remotes, books, toys, and multimedia items, creating a chaotic living environment. One of the best ways to reduce clutter is to install a shelving unit. Corner shelves provide increased storage capacity and organization for your home, especially when floor space is limited. They can also improve the décor, enhancing the style and atmosphere of your home.

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Free Standing 5 Tier Corner Ladder Shelf

Pyramid-shaped corner shelving units add both style and practical function to your living room. Opt for a model with a weathered oak construction to match this type of shelving to a variety of home décor choices, from rustic to modern.

The graduated tiered design means the shelves become progressively smaller as they rise, so you can use the bottom shelf for displaying heavy books, while the higher shelves are suitable for everything from candles to coin collections. 

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Diamond Metal and Wood Corner Shelves for the Living Room

A diamond-shaped corner wall shelf can organize your home and improve its style. With a series of five cascading shelves built into a gold metal frame, these types of shelving units add to the aesthetic of your home, especially if you’re interested in a modern or coastal vibe.

While good for displaying art pieces, books, and framed photos, you can also try showcasing seashells, driftwood, and other natural artwork.

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Modern 3 shelf Corner Bookcase

A combination corner shelf for your living room and cabinet can provide you with several options for both a decorative display and storage, all while maintaining a compact footprint. The design cleverly combines a square cabinet with wedge-shaped upper shelves. 

Fitting snugly into the corner of a room, this type of shelving unit allows you to store household goods in the lower drawers and cabinet while providing shelves for an open display. Consider placing potted plants, vases, or lamps on the upper shelves to tie the unit together.

As some shelving units can become unstable, consider using an anti-tip kit depending on the weight distribution. 

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5 Shelf Corner Stand for Living Room

A wooden corner stand for the living room is sometimes all you need to use unused corner space while adding a sleek, stylish piece of furniture to your home. If you have a household with energetic pets or small children, opt for wedge-shaped shelves with rounded edges; they fit perfectly into the room’s corner without posing a safety hazard.

Showcase a flower arrangement, figurines, framed photos, or other collectibles.

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Industrial Handcrafted Mango Wood 3 Shelf Corner Bookcase

If you need a shelving unit that exudes an industrial design, a three-shelf bookcase made from mango wood and iron is a perfect choice. Powder-coated iron slats and wood shelves combine to provide you with a modern, functional system that you can add to the corners of your home for a chic look.

These shelves are also highly decorative, reinforcing an industrial aesthetic and complementing rustic ideas or brickwork. Solid mango wood features unique colors and wood grain patterns, so every shelf is different. 

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Glass Corner Shelf for the Living Room

For a modern and stylish alternative to traditional wood, consider tempered glass and stainless steel. It’s easy to clean and maintain, in addition to its aesthetic qualities.

Ideally, the glass shelves should be paired with stainless-steel legs, preventing corrosion and providing a strong, stable platform. A system that allows you to assemble it easily without the use of tools would be even better.

For a chic, high-contrast decor aesthetic, try placing painted ceramic vases or metallic sculptures on the shelves for a truly artistic combination. 

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Triangular Corner Wall Shelves

Unconventional in design, a set of three triangular shelves, one facing a different direction, is a work of art that allows you to display your belongings tastefully.

Trinkets, family heirlooms, or framed photographs stand out on these types of shelves. The compact, mounted design is perfect for rooms with limited space since you can also store items under the unit. Look for a unit made from engineered-wood construction with melamine coating to ensure long-lasting functionality.

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Floating Corner Radial Shelves (Set of 2)

Sometimes, even when you have the space, you don’t need more than one or two shelves to take advantage of your room corner, creating an attractive display. A set of two radial shelves, both attached to the wall, allows you to add small knick-knacks, framed photos, potted plants, flowers, or candle holders.

These shelves are more about aesthetics than storage capacity, as they often don’t have the weight capacity or surface area to reduce clutter or promote organization. Consider shelves like these if you need to add a little extra flair to your home’s décor. 

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2 Tier Stainless Steel Corner Storage Shelf Organizer

Are you looking to install a home bar in your living room or provide additional space for video-game consoles and media players? A simple two-tier stainless-steel corner shelving unit may be the perfect addition to your home.

Easy to clean, durable, and rigidly constructed, this type of shelving system is ideal for everything from consumer electronics to stemware and cocktail-making equipment. They’re also compact and lightweight enough for you to place the shelves on top of a larger corner storage cabinet for added functionality.

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Decorative 5 Tier Corner Floating Wall Mount Shelving Unit

A floating wall mount shelving unit, using a zig-zag pattern, is stylish and modern, providing unobtrusive storage without taking up valuable floor space in your home. The quirky shelf design adds a unique touch to your living room décor.

Using a series of five shelves, this system provides an excellent platform for displaying family photos, CDs, and books. Rounded edges improve safety while maximizing storage space.

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Buying Guide

Corner shelves for your living room come in all sorts of sizes, heights, shapes, and styles. One of the most common is the triangular shelf set that can fit in that odd bit of space that doesn’t seem to work with anything else. A corner shelf can be used for books or magazines but is more commonly used to hold decorative knick-knacks.

What are the most popular designs of corner shelves for the living room?

The most common types of corner shelves for the living room include open units, hutches, mounted shelves, and solid backed pieces. Cabinets with lighting are increasingly popular too.

The Open Shelf Corner Unit

A simple shelf set with triangular shelves held up by metal wall brackets is easy to install and modestly does not draw attention to itself. It is a good place to keep plants, figurines or even books on display racks. Reasonably sturdy, it can manage a faux marble bust or two, or even act as the keeper for your favorite reference books. If you’ve been wondering where to put that big dictionary, this might be the place.

The Corner Hutch

A corner hutch is the perfect place to keep those odd bits of this and that needed for your daily life. If you don’t have a desk, it can double as the place to keep bills, letters, stamps and writing material. Alternatively, it can serve as an out of site repository for a purse, wallet, keys and similar items that you want to have close at hand, but don’t want to place right by your front door.

Solid Backed Corner Shelf

A stand-alone corner shelf with a solid back allows users the opportunity to rearrange the furniture, as desired. The ability to free stand also means that you don’t have to worry about accidentally drilling or nailing into electrical wiring, something that is always a concern when hanging pictures or securing shelving. It also means that it will be easy to pack up if you decide to move. No decisions about what to do about built-ins or add-ons that have been secured to a wall.

Wall-Mounted Corner Shelves

Wall-mounted alternating corner shelves can add interest to your living room. Select a darker color or a contrasting color that will stand out against the paint or paper on the wall for a visual effect that will pop! Add figurines, a small lamp, or plants as part of the visual effect.

Lighted Corner Shelving Unit

Create a cozy appearance by backlighting your favorite tableware set, or even add grow-lights and plants. The warm lighting from the cabinet makes an excellent night light, allowing you to make your way through your house without running the main lights. The soft lights are a solution for families with children or elderly who might need to make their way to the kitchen or facilities. Yet they don’t scream “night light” like those other little plug-in solutions and are unlikely to be turned off accidentally.

Frame Corner Solution

Some floors are unstable, and a free-standing corner unit might be a hazard for young children or pets. The A-Frame unit relies on the stability inherent in a pyramid, making it a sturdier solution than a unit that relies on three vertical supports or two vertical back walls.

Best Ideas

A piece of furniture that has got a functional and decorative character. This corner shelf offers a durable frame and plenty of space for storage of books or display of decorations. The product measures 20 x 20 x 77 inches.

This sustainable standing corner shelf is made from high-quality walnut wood. Having 5 tiers, placed on a surface of 75"H x 16" x 16", it constitutes a good proposition for books storage. What is more, it is light-weight and easy to assemble.

A basic, corner bookshelf, perfect for a living room or a bedroom. It features five spacious shelves and it's made of a high quality, very dark brown wood. It looks good on a background in warm colors.

4 Tier Corner Shelf

Romantic corner shelf offering four open tiers for storge. It is constructed of metal wires with solid bronze finish. For added charm, it has swirly motifs that also support the shelves, making the construction sturdier.

Being an ideal complement to a cosy, yet chic, modern living room, this set of corner shelves will create a stylish display for your photos, glasses, vases and any other precious belongings.

Corner Zig Zag Wall Shelf

This curiously constructed corner shelf perfect solution for modern interiors, beautifully exposes books, decorations or flowers. This practical solution makes it impossible to resist.

Black-Corner-Book-Shelf-Bookcase-Living-Room-Furniture-Curio-Cabinet ...

This open shelving unit can be greate focal point especially in modern spaces. Made of solid dark wood, with unique design and cappuchino finish is a really eye-catcher. It is 71 inches x 47.25 inches x 14.25 inches which makes it very practical.

Intersecting Wall Shelf

Wall shelf featuring very original and appealing contemporary design, construction made of laminated MDF and classic finish. The shelf can be hung either vertically or horizontally and includes all required hardware.

5-Tier Corner Stand

Five tier corner stand made of wood and wood composite. Thanks to the curved shape it helps saving space. Additionally, it features appealing design and style. It perfectly fits majority of the designs adding them class and style.

MR Multipurpose 30" Bookcase

Corner bookcase with the finished of maple. The frame is made of high quality stainless steel. Received very high marks from customers. Use in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, hall and other interiors as needed.

Brampton 30" Bookcase

This stylish and very elegant bookshelf is attractive and very practical piece of furniture for any decor. The traditional and classic style is incredibly versatile. Perfectly made is solid and durable.

Multi-storey corner shelf. This shelf is made of dark elegant wood and this ledge is intended to storage adortments or knick-knacks. This type of furniture will be perfect to living room or corridor.

Interesting modern wall-mounted open corner shelves featuring curved labyrinth-like frames created of metal pipe fittings and flanges finished in black. Shelves surfaces are made of thin sheets of plywood and metal.

... Floating Corner Shelves Suitable For Living Room Decorations Ideas

A classy and sophisticated piece for your home, this amazing casual bookcase in cherry finish will blend with most interior decors, while the clever corner function makes it even more convenient and easier to place in any room.

... Room Decoration Using Mount Wall Wooden Glass Living Room Shelving

The corner shelves are great idea to use whole space in your home. Spacious shelves can contain your books, collections or photos of your beloved. The additional lights will decorate and underline the importance of your items.

Multi-storey corner shelf in contemporary style. It is ideal if you want to save more space on your trinkets without a major overhaul. Easy to install, very stable. It fits both the bedroom and living room.

Modern wall mount bookshelves constructed out of clear toughened glass. Living room corner shelving units sporting simple, clean form with geometric appearance, particularly easy to match and mix with the existing lounge room furniture.

Four Tier Metal Etagere Shelf

19" Corner Bookcase In Cappuccino Finish

Tier Hi Gloss Corner Shelf Chrome Frame Living Room Display Uint In ...

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