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Highlighting the natural beauty of your precious botanicals calls for the perfect corner plant stand for indoor use. After all the hard work in curating and maintaining them, you want to properly display your plant collection and make them part of your home. That's why we've gathered the best options that will suit the look of your space based on your interior design.

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Our Picks

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Multi Level Corner Plant Stand

Featuring a staggered, tiered arrangement, each of the four round holders has an 11-inch diameter, enough for a pot and a catch-all area. The entire structure is made of sleek iron and is available in white, black, brown, and gold metal finishes.

Designer Advice:

This is a great option for contemporary and midcentury modern interiors, where you can flex your lovely botanicals in groups of four. You can also use the holders to display other decorative items such as gemstones, candles, and small curios. 

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Eco Friendly Corner Plant Stand


Create the indoor garden of your dreams with this seven-tier corner plant shelf made of eco-friendly high-quality wood and ABS plastic. With its generous dimensions and durable construction, it can accommodate 17-inch diameter pots and a weight of up to 150lbs.

Designer Advice:

Its rustic, natural wood finish will perfectly fit in industrial, farmhouse, and cottage interiors. While proper assembly will ensure the product's sturdiness, it's best to place heavier pots in the bottom tiers and the lighter ones on the upper level.

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Square Corner Stand for Plants

Shine the spotlight on your indoor greenery with this premium corner stand for plants. Its elegant appeal can be drawn from the solid wood top covered in an ivory burl veneer and supported by a stainless steel frame in brushed brass finish.

Designer Advice:

The price range might be considered lavish but its sophisticated aesthetics can elevate the glam factor of transitional and traditional interiors.

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Dark Gray Corner Plant Stand

Arlmont & Co.

Versatile and adaptable, this corner plant shelf for indoor spaces can hold nine plant pots and towers at 55 inches. The frame and tiers are constructed entirely of metal in a dark gray finish and can hold up to 55 pounds.

Designer Advice:

Its minimalist appeal can fit different interior styles. You can also use the other tiers for books or decor to achieve an interesting arrangement. To ensure stability, it would be best to position heavier pots and items on the bottom shelves.

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Boho Corner Plant Stand

This stunning corner plant stand features an open slatted cylinder in faux wicker and is supported by a metal base with an X-shaped crossbar for stability. These planters are sold in sets of two with varying heights.

Designer Advice:

Its tropical aesthetic is a great choice for bohemian and eclectic interiors. With an open framing, you will need to place your plant in a separate pot, preferably in white or cool tones, to achieve a beautiful contrast with the stands' finishes. 

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Brushed Brass Corner Plant Stands

Treat your plants like a masterpiece with this three-set pedestal-type corner tall plant stand. Made entirely of metal in a burnished brass finish, the tallest stand has a height of 31 inches while the smallest has a vertical dimension of 20 inches.

Designer Advice:

The geometry of these corner plant stands is great for modern minimalist interiors. Due to their solid weight of 36 lbs, we recommend that they are positioned in permanent spots, either in groups of three or as single pedestals distributed in multiple spaces.

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Modern Corner Plant Stands

All good things come in threes such as these triple-set nesting corner plant stands for indoor use. With a tall frame and bowl-shaped planter entirely made of iron, your plant babies are secured and easily moved without the added weight.

Designer Advice:

Get that chic effortless modern vibe by mixing draping plants, ferns, and succulents. Since these corner plant stands don't have drainage holes, we recommend placing either indoor plants that require minimal water or faux botanicals. 

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Retro Glam Corner Plant Stands

Bring some bling to your botanicals with these metallic corner plant stands. The metal bowl features a gold finish with hammered details and is supported by a metal tripod. They are easy to maintain and are resistant to rust and frost.

Designer Advice:

The retro-glam vibe of these stands will fit contemporary, bohemian, and eclectic interiors. Since the planters don't have drainage holes, it's best to either put your plants in a separate pot or add rocks or liners in the bottom.

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Mid Century Modern Corner Plant Stand

This playful multi-tier corner flower stand for the living room provides a dynamic way of displaying your florals. Fabricated in metal and finished in electroplated paint, this set is available in green or powder colors.

Designer Advice:

While its gold branches and spirited colors might be too quirky for some, this is a vibrant choice for midcentury modern and interiors with a pastel palette. The visual qualities of this flower stand can double as a sculptural décor or trinkets holder. 

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Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best way to deal with the potted plants that are bunched together within your space? If so, then it is time for you to get indoor corner plant stands! You can't appreciate the beauty of your spider plants if they're tangled with ivy scattered all over your flooring.

To properly display your houseplants, continue reading as we'll give you tips on how to pick out the best indoor corner plant stands for your home.

Which materials are best for an indoor plant stand?

  • Cement - A flexible and durable type of corner plant stand is one that's made of cement. Cement is poured into a form to make a plant stand that can be stained in any color of your liking. As you know, cement is a durable building material. In fact, it's one of the most resilient. It is, therefore, the perfect material for houseplant stands as they will last throughout your entire plant's lifespan. Cement-based stands can even support several plants and resist damage that may be due to humidity or bumps.
  • Wood - A wooden corner plant stand for indoor use is an organic option. Wood can handle anything you throw its way with the exception of water and moisture. There are, of course, certain types of wood that can resist moisture damage. If your home has a high level of humidity, then consider getting a cedar plant stand. You can also protect your plant stand further using a waterproofer and/or weatherproofer.
  • Metal - Metal is also one of your durable options when it comes to the material of indoor plant stands. A plant stand made of metal is heavy, but it is capable of accommodating several planters. You'll be able to select from various metals including cast iron and brass. If you want to prevent rust development, treat the base that's made of metal using a spray paint or metal sealant.
  • Plastic or Resin - Plastic plant stands are popular in homes with pets and children as they're durable, easy to transfer, and lightweight. They are fairly strong but they shouldn't be placed in an area within your home that gets direct sun exposure as they're likely to become brittle, which will result in chipping and breaking.

What other factors should be taken into consideration when buying a corner plant stand?

  • Color. A corner plant stand shouldn't be flashy nor too showy as its role is to enhance the natural beauty of houseplants. The best color for plant stands for indoor use are neutral colors. For a contemporary look, opt for a plant stand with LED lights.
  • Quality. We would advise you to invest in a statement piece if your stand will be in a prominent location within your home. If you'll be placing it in a functional area, we suggest you get an inexpensive plant stand instead so you don't have to worry about your stand getting ruined when children and pets knock it over.
  • Placement. Consider where you'll place your corner plant stand as that will help you determine the style that's right for your home. If you'll be displaying the stand in an area that needs a hero piece, then you'd want an indoor plant stand that makes a statement - one that imposes with a definite wow factor.

Best Ideas

Indoor Plant Decoration Ideas With Beautiful Tall Wood Plant Stand ...

The beautiful corner plant stands indoor is an interesting way to decorate the interior. The robust construction of several flower pots allows you to decorate the living room or another interior beautifully.

Lee Plant Stand

This plant stand in a dark walnut finish is crafted from sturdy plywood. The stand offers a square top, curvy legs and 1 open shelf. The whole is reinforced by bronze hardware for good durability.

A slender silhouette and stable construction make this plant stand a perfect choice for smaller interiors. It rests on 4 natural-finished wood legs that support 1 white-finished wood round top and 1 matching bottom shelf.

Minimalist multi-level indoor plant stand - or feel free to place any other stuff in these black storage cubes. Each of the four planters stays on a different level, defined by the height of steel tubes frame.

Studio Corner Plant Stand

Are you dreaming of a perfect exposure of your favourite plants? Then, this amazing corner stand is gonna be the perfect option for you. Check it out and enjoy the highest functionality in your house!

Go for this truly amazing plant stand for your interior with the four different shelves that will easily help you make your interior look more natural and greener. It is constructed of strong, high quality wood.

... . Plant Stands Indoor, Help You Inserting Green ikea plant stand

Garrison hullinger interior design modish plant stand

Indoor stands for different types of plants. This beautiful set includes stands of different size. Their simple rectangular and square walls perfectly complement any interior design. They are also resistant to wear and damage.

4 Piece Pedestal Plant Stand Set

The elegant ceramic set of plant stands. It has a African style texture on the backs, so I suggest to put it to the safari style living room. You can put it ine the central place or in the room's corner - your choice.

A great decoration for patios, decks, and front yards; this corner plant stand can also be successfully used indoors. It has a durable metal frame with lovely scrollwork, a gorgeous crowning, and a black, powder-coated finish, and three sturdy pots.

Cozy small bathroom with white plant stand cuddled up in a corner. The stand soaks in verdant greenery. Though the bathroom space-challenged, a decoration like this is worth having in spite of everything.

Plants + Vintage Stand (by Kimberly Rhodes Roberts)

This beautiful flower stand is a perfect solution for any decor, solid steel construction, lightweight glass shelves and functionality to reveal your favorite plants. Finishing with a cute bird motif adds all charm.

Attractive and space-saving solution for owners of many plants. This corner plant stand features a small size and durable construction that holds many plants. Its wooden racks provide space for hanging different plants.

Pretty height-varied plant stands for indoor. A stand is constructed of 2 equal circles (at the bottom and at the top) joined by 3 upright thin square-section rods of metal with a brass finish. Large half-egg-like planters are of plain white ceramic.

Adding a smooth, contemporary character to your indoors, this lightweight metal modular plant stand enchants with its minimalistic character. White finish will optically enlarge tbe space.

Ah, I need a cool shelf like this. And I can never find them when I look!

At home we have many usable objects that we do not think in aesthetic way. The ladder, on the other hand, can be used as a stand, a bookcase for flowers. Steel platforms were added to the wooden ladder and transformed into a floral composition.

Blue and yellow, free standing corner shelves. If you need some additional space for keeping your flower pots, then such a corner shelf is a great choice – especially considering that we usually leave the corners in our house empty.

This corner plant stand for indoors will fit smoothly into modern or Scandinavian interiors. Its simplistic wooden design shall appeal to everyone, who like cool and clean decors.

This indoor plant stand will help you create a charming corner. Its wrought iron construction combines solidness and intricate design, visible i.e. in the leaves embellishing the smooth, thin framing.

Use your corner to create charming floral decorations. This corner plant stand will help you achieve a smooth, romantic ambiance. Having 3 shelves, this ladder-like construction can accommodate up to 12 pots (depending on their size).

Do you want to change something in your home decor? So, you need to consider this corner indoor plant stand with philodendron. The white color and cylinder shape brings the modernity into any room.