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The biggest bed you can get without special ordering is a California King. It is the perfect bed for couples, and if you have kids, you can't beat the space. But most of these huge beds only come with basic headboards. That is why, in our collection, we give you the bookcase headboard option. Now you can have your huge bed and storage behind your head.

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Oslo Wood Bookcase Headboard

This is the headrest, which combines the features of bookshelves. This makes it a very interesting solution and a great way to arrange the space behind the bed. This is a very interesting and practical combination.

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Monterey Wood Headboard

It is a wooden headboard for the bed, which is perfect as a bookshelf. It has a specially dedicated spaces on which you can sort out various items as you needed. This is a solution that is pretty and practical.

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Country Heirloom Wood Headboard

This freestanding headboard features compartments for keeping books and also has two hidden reading lights on each side. This allows you to save space on the shelves because they do not have to set the night lights.

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Little Treasures Full Wood Headboard

It is a full wood headboard that is a perfect addition to any bedroom. This headboard adds beauty and style to your bedroom. You will be impressed how fantastic and high quality this product is.

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Vito Wood Headboard

This stylish headboard is made of a wooden structure is amazing and very practical detail to your bedroom. Capacious shelves provide a lot of space to store variety. Beautiful styling in turn makes it to fit into many types of decor.

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Monterey Wood Headboard

Wood headboard with ample shelves on which you can store books, personal belongings, bedside lamp or alarm clock. For this purpose, you can use also an upper top. Rugged construction ensures the highest quality of this piece of furniture.

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Reclaimed style white wash bed all sizes

Durable wooden bed frame that represents a nice, reclaimed style. It is suitable for king and queen size beds. It includes a durable headboard that provides additional stability and its simple construction matches any bedroom decor.

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Ready for guests portman bookcase

Budget-friendly pine wood bookcase with two shelves, distressed ivory finish and open lattice sides that contribute to a versatile design, fairly easy to be incorporated seamlessly into the existing furniture in any house room.

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Guest room refresh arles bookcase

With this two-shelf designed bookcase that sports the stunning structure with X themed sides your book collection can feel safe. It will fit plenty of titles and offers a fine boost of charm with its ivory finish.

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Calla Bookcase Headboard

Reliable, sturdy headboard in white. Great to use in the girls' bedroom and in rooms decorated in a rustic or shabby chic style. It provides a neutral background all the trinkets you want to emphasize.

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Buying Guide

A California king bookcase headboard can be a handy place to put just about anything that you want to have on hand when you are tucked up or sprawled out on your bed.

Who will benefit from a California king bookcase headboard?

A California king bookcase headboard is the perfect headboard for readers or for TV viewers. You can stock it with your favorite books or movies. Add a large, flat screen TV with Internet capability, and you are set for entertainment in bed! Invalids will enjoy this, but so will ordinary working folk or youngsters. Who wants to have to get up from a comfortable couch and then move to a bed? Tuck directional personal lights on each side or stock tablet readers to avoid annoying the non-reading partner with the reader’s all-night bookaholic habit. These large bookcases can also be used as side shelves to turn twin beds into daybed setups.

Can I finish a California king bookcase headboard myself?

Bookcases set up for California king beds can be unfinished. This is good news for you if you have not yet decided on your bedroom décor. You will be able to select a stain and sealer to complete your headboard as you wish. Ideas might include walnut, mahogany, teak or maple stain for good effect. Mix or match with your other furnishings.

Which bookcase headboards have the biggest storage capacity?

Headboards do come in different styles. If you have a lot of books or if you are a taller person, you might like an ornate headboard that has more than one level of shelves. These sometimes have a sliding central shelf that is handy for stashing personal items or fragile things that you would prefer not to have a pet rain down on your head. These sorts of headboard might also have an ornate, turned trim on the front edges adding to the general atmosphere.

What are some alternative uses of a king size bookcase headboard?

  • King Headboard as Daybed Back. Turn a twin bed sideways to a California King headboard, and it is nearly perfectly the same length as the width of a king-sized bed. The headboard makes a nearly perfect back so that the twin bed can act as a deep couch during the daytime and be a comfortable place for a child or teen to sleep at night. (Also works for adults who sleep alone.) all the handy attributes that are true for the king width bed remain true for the twin – it just doesn’t take up as much space in the room.
  • The Headboard as Secretary. If your favorite place to write personal letters or even to draft essays or poetry is your bed, you will love this headboard. It has the sliding center section, the perfect place to keep your diary, as well as two small drawers that can hold stationery, stamps, envelopes and other writing materials.

Best Ideas

Memphis casablanca bookcase designed ettore sottsass 1917 2007

This bookcase was designed with uniqueness in mind and will do an excellent job at catching the eye of your guests, while providing you with the sophisticated and one-of-a-kind way of displaying your book collection or decorations.

Babyletto Spruce Tree 51.13 Bookcase

An attractive and modern construction for the storage and display of books, decorations, plants, etc. This Spruce Tree bookcase features a poplar hardwood construction. Its green color looks natural and attractive.

An elegant king bed with a large bookcase type headboard of wood finished in warm browns. A headboard is composed of side units with open shelves and 1 drawer each and a central unit with inbuilt lighting, shelves and a cabinet with sliding doors.

An extraordinary and functional king size bed with a storage unit. There is a bookcase in the headboard, two drawers in the footboard, and two side towers with cabinets. The bookcase features a lighting fixture ideal for reading in bed.

This cleverly designed headboard makes a great example of a modern approach to design. Stylish and functional features a headboard, which is additionally a small bookcase. All, made of solid wood, guarantees stability and solidness.

Modern and inventive bed. Wooden bedstead was designed so as to give you more area to storage items. There are three small drawers under the mattress. Headboard has built-in two-storey bookcase - top shelf is divided into three compartments.

Available in ten colour variants, this beautiful California king bookcase headboard constitutes an elegant proposition for a traditional bedroom. It measures 80 W x 12 D x 42 H and features 2 angled sliding doors with open storage behind each door.

Stylish and functional, this cleverly designed bookcase will allow saving space, while organizing better your bedroom stuff. A combination of a headboard and a bookcase constitutes a perfect solution particularly for those, who love to read in bed.

This California king headboard has a charming historic look. It flanks the bed with drawers. The shelves resemble a classic rolltop desk set up. The dark wood is perfect to set off your favorite pillow slips and beautiful coverlet.

Walnut finish headboard, structured in spare Scandinavian style is the perfect answer to storing your late-night read or stashing your ceiling projective cell phone. Attractively styled, and exceptionally convenient, this unit is sure to add a touch of class.

CAF McKenzie Cal–King Bookcase Headboard (1382AFCAF)

... Oak Sliding Doors Bookcase Headboard only - E King or Cal King size

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