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Vases come in so many different shapes and sizes, it is hard to know where to begin when describing them. Big floor vases look charming with large floral arrangements such as sunflowers, or peacock tail feathers. Bouquets of peonies, chrysanthemums or cabbage roses look great in fat-bodied ceramic tabletop vases. Oh, and let us not forget the beauty of a single rose placed in an elegant, slender vase, or the charming display of a branch of cherry blossoms in a brass or bronze container. Ceramic, glass, bronze, brass or even country tin vases display your bouquets.

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Our Picks


Milk Tin Vase

Sand & Stable™

What we like: Attractive novelty design

What we don’t like: Lightweight material, not sealed, high price point compared to its limited use

Not so great for: Holding flowers with water

Perfect for: Faux flowers and ideal for farmhouse decor

This metal tin vase is made from galvanized iron and features dark gray dimpling and a rusted brass accent. The vase has two easy-grip tin handles, with the entire piece shaped like a milk can pail. Offered in three sizes. Ideal for a country farmhouse setting and perfect for placing on a fireplace mantel.

Available in three sizes, you can create different charming arrangements with a set of these vases. An important aspect to note is that this piece is not sealed and will leak when placed with water. We recommend using this when displaying silk blooms or foraged foliage. 

$31.99 $36.5

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Three Piece Metallic Vases

Etta Avenue™

What we like: On-trend with their metallic finishes

What we don’t like: Small size

Not so great for: Displaying on a large console

Perfect for: Compact tables or for creating vignettes with other items

Spruce up your living space with this unique set of three shapes and textures. Made of ceramic, the metallic gold finish gives each piece a gleaming sheen that is sure to brighten your room, while the varying shapes add textured elements to this eye-catching set.

While they look tall in images, these pieces are around one foot in height. That said, you can still create attractive vignettes using these vases by grouping them together along with other decorative pieces for your console table or coffee table. You can also place one or two of them on a riser, such as a book to add height. 


Apothecary Style Vases

Ebern Designs

What we like: Provides a unique way of displaying blooms and cut plants

What we don’t like: There is nothing we don’t like about these vases

Not so great for: Modern, sleek spaces

Perfect for: Ledges, shelves, window sill, narrow console tables, small coffee tables

These cute glass bottles that act as vases give you the ability to showcase everything from herbs, flowers, plants, and small curiosities. Available in a set of seven, these apothecary-style bottles are held together by a metal tray with rail. Perfect for setting in a narrow coffee table or by the window sill.

With a water-tight design, you can fill them with water to display blooms and plants for a period of time. We recommend using these to showcase small cut flowers or create an alternating display of florals along with other items such as gems, pebbles, or marbles. Versatile look which adds a charming element to industrial, farmhouse, cottage-style, and rustic interiors. 

$52.99 $69.99

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Rounded Metallic Vases

What we like: Soft volumes and metallic finishes

What we don’t like: High price point for their sizes

Not so great for: Anchoring a console table vignette

Perfect for: End tables and shelves

These vases, which come in a set of three, exude a global vibe with their use of metallic color and texture. Made in ceramic, they lend a sculptural statement with their warm textural finish that would look perfect in any room.

The tallest piece in this set is less than one foot while the shortest one is at 4.72”. These will look great as accent pieces to a large console table vignette, combined with other decorative items. You can also use these to complement a table lamp for an end table display. Aside from tables, these vases are also ideal when styling shelves, paired with books and photo frames. 

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Eclectic Ceramic Vases


What we like: Bright colors

What we don’t like: Not leak-proof

Not so great for: Pairing with large items, they would dwarf these vases

Perfect for: Bohemian, farmhouse, maximalist, and eclectic interiors

Refined rustic, yet elegant, and effortlessly beautiful, these vases are the perfect addition to your modern home. Made from 100% ceramic, this durable set has a distressed finish and comes in a set of three multi-colored vases. There's also an option for monochromatic schemes and neutral color selections.

Great for adding a splash of color to a cottage-style interior. The multi-colored set also brings a bohemian aspect to the space. With their small size, you can place them on a tray for a more organized and curated appeal. Looks charming especially when paired with other farmhouse pieces, such as ceramic birds and a small plant. While they’re made of ceramic, these vases have the tendency to leak water. You can place a water tray underneath to prevent water staining. 

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Wesham 2 Piece Table Vase Set

These two ceramic vases reflect a period when Egyptians stored their food stuffs and water in containers similar to these. The cracked white finish shows the years of wear in the sun. Even though the small and large vases are not antiques, they tell an awesome story from days of old when beauty and necessity often merged. The taller vase measures 14.25'' H x 6.75'' W x 6.75'' D while the shorter version is 8.75'' H x 6'' W x 6'' D. Cylinder in shape, they make a charming set on a mantle or showcased with desert flowers on a coffee table.

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Tompson 2 Piece Table Vase Set

Bring a modern flair to desktop or living room table. Two teardrop shaped metal vases standing 19" and 14" tall respectfully, are able to add a dash of voguish clarity to a simple contemporary decor. Covered with an antique grainy finish, this lovely pair do not take away from the textures displayed in a room, but rather expand a trendy tone. Place side by side on a table with a few wildflowers or a Eucalyptus branch in the smaller one for balance.

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Weathered Wood Vase

A creative wooden vase in pale ocean color delivers a natural nautical feel to a beach front home. Three different heights from 9.84" to 15.9" in height give you different options on placement. A weathered look with fine lines of brown flowing lines brings a haunting look to this natural piece.  Skinny and wholesome, this vase is perfect for showing off natural flowers of the area in addition to dried plants.

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Gemstone Beaded Polystone Vase

This handmade polystone floor vase that is 25'' H x 15'' W x 5'' D will make an international statement when placed on your floor. Hues of brown, red and black have swirls of color and dripping jewels to highlight the piece. A dominant presence of South American handiwork will glow within any corner of a room. Place alongside a natural wall of stone or wood for a captivating glow of natural beauty. Add a tapestry wall hanging to deliver depth and a primitive design.

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Macy 3 Piece Ceramic Table Vase Set

A mystical haze of black and white give this trio of pottery vases an eye-catching appearance. Three separate pieces in varied sizes and shapes will promote a modern twist to traditional living spaces. Arrange as a group, indoors or out, with artificial greenery or branches. Hand crafted with an emphasis on mixing different textures, the unique shapes and dramatic painting will bring life to any coffee table or fireplace hearth.

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Maley 3 Piece Table Vase Set

This trio of clear glass vases are elegant regardless of the time of year. Set in black metal stands, they are ready for you to show off flowers or candles. The 3 different heights provide fresh ideas for grouping as a centerpiece or using in a stepping stone effect on a mantel. Made of recycled glass, they are waterproof and each has a 4"x4"opening. The smallest stands 6 1/4"tall while the largest reaches 12 1/4". Surround with greenery for a refreshing natural look or interweave through satin-like material for sophistication.

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Eivind Glass Table Vase

Quality glass needs no frills to make it stunning. With no blemishes and heavy-weight, this glass table vase stands 5" tall. Add a votive candle or use as a candy dish for visitors. Becoming increasingly popular for small plants or colored stones, the crystal clear cylinder shape gives rise to many items. Available in different heights, use as a trio for new blooms arriving this spring or take one to work and add your lucky bamboo.

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Ralon 3 Piece Jar Set

Three Apothecary jars in three different shapes and diameters set a splendid display to any corner that needs a lift. Made of sparkling glass, each one is topped with an artistically blown lid that brings a stately appearance. Each jar has an individual characteristic that makes it unique, but blends nicely as a threesome. Ready to fill with sand, rocks, colorful stones or plants, these jars can turn a boring table into a sophisticated and pleasurable display.

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Katniss 4 Piece Table Vase Set

Hand made charm reflects from this 4-piece collection of soft blue ceramic vases. A distressed rubbing puts you in mind of older small jugs that graced grandmother's window sills. None over 7" tall, use as a grouping on a kitchen counter or separate and dot throughout a patio grouping. Each piece is water tight and the colors will not fade under the thick glaze coating.

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Maximillian 3 Piece Table Vase Set

Add some pizazz to a room with neutral colors with this vase trio of bright and cheerful colors. Green, blue and orange will immediately attract attention in a crisp and inviting way. In addition, squiggly white lines define the vases even further by standing up at attention. Use in a chic environment or as a stunning addition to the wood and metal decor of urban industrial. Greenery or Eucalyptus stems are always welcome in each of the distinctive sizes.

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Buying Guide

Flower arrangements are a perfect way to liven up any interior. However, you'll also need a pretty vase to go with your flowers. Keep in mind that not all vases complement certain types of flowers. With so many styles, sizes, and shapes available, choosing a vase that will match well with your bouquets can be quite overwhelming.

Whether you're picking out vases for your living room, bathroom, or bedroom, you can refer to this guide to help you select the best option based on your display of flowers and room settings.

What are the different types of vases to choose from?

There is a wide selection of vase designs that you can experiment with in different rooms and with various flowers. Here are the most common types of vases:

  • Column and cylinder vases are tall and elegant and pair up well with flowers with long stems such as sunflowers and lilies. These are ideal if you want to display the flair of your long-stemmed flowers.
  • Hourglass vases form a harmonious combination with shorter-stemmed flowers with voluptuous shapes, like roses and peonies. These vases have a curvaceous form with a wide bottom, narrowed in the center, and somewhat flared at the top.
  • Although fish bowl vases aren't appropriate for all types of flowers, they are particularly fitting for individual branches or posies of hand-tied flowers such as roses and tulips.

  • A bundle of small blooms looks best in bud vases. They usually come in mismatched sizes which are perfect for slim branches, small delicate flowers, and simple arrangements.

  • A rectangular vase is a good option if you want more space to spread out your floral arrangements.

  • Narrow necked vases are suitable for long flowers with thin stems. Because of its narrow opening, thick bouquets should be avoided.

  • Small cube vases look good with delicate and bulky flowers, such as succulents and anemones. You can also add decorative pebbles for extra decor.

How to select the best vase for different decors and rooms?

Vases can be placed just about anywhere from the table to floor, or even hanging on a wall. The vase you should buy can be determined by the location you're going to place it in.

  • If you're looking to display your flower arrangement on a table, the best option is to choose table vases. These come in various designs, are lighter and smaller, and can also be placed on shelves and countertops.

  • Floor vases support larger bouquets, are typically the centerpiece in a large room and should match with the room's decor since they are quite large.

  • Wall vases are modern, can add a touch of personality to any interior, and are ideal for households with pets and children.

  • Vases with sculptural designs are a great addition to place in art decor and eclectic interiors.

  • If the interior has a minimalist style, opt for plain and neutral-colored vases. Neutral colors, such as white and beige, match well with all sorts of flowers.

  • Choose a colorful vase if you want to spice up an interior and make it eye-catching. Green vases are versatile and look good with various flowers, such as yellow, red, and pink ones. Gray vases create a calm atmosphere and make the flowers stand out.

  • Round and oval vases can easily be placed on console tables and sideboards to bring about a charming focal point in elegant and simple spaces.

  • Medium-sized vases are ideal for making a welcoming statement.

  • Smaller vases, such as bud vases, can be placed on bedside tables and in bathrooms. They brighten up simple rooms and add a homey appearance. Small posy vases are ideal for dinner tables since they don't get in the way.

  • Rectangular vases and cube-shaped vases look best in modern interiors.

Additional aspects to consider when purchasing vases

  • The vase's size is another important aspect to consider in addition to its shape and style.

    • The flower stems should be two times the vase's height at most. For instance, 10-inch stems would need a vase that's 5 inches.
    • Take the flower's measurement and divide it by 2.5 to get the vase's preferable height.
  • Only choose transparent vases if you're willing to regularly clean and maintain it.

  • Some vase colors can energize you while other colors can evoke feelings of relaxation.

    • For an office vase, choose a warm color such as orange to enliven the atmosphere.
    • Pick calm colors such as palladian blue if you want a more relaxing environment.

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