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Plant stands tables are essential if you want to grow plants indoors. It is so much easier to water and care for your plants if they are not at floor level, and the tables and stands help display the various plants, as well. This is especially true of small plants such as African violets. Plant stands for larger plants need not be tall. They can simply be a low stool that gets the pot up off the floor, making it easy to clean around and under it. Nor do they always need to be extremely decorative, they can be utilitarian.

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Our Picks

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Iron Plant Stand Table

Winston Porter

What we like: Graceful motifs, multiple areas for displaying plants

What we don’t like: Can only accommodate small plants

Not so great for: Heavy pots

Perfect for: Light pots, outdoor and indoor spaces

Showcase your show-stopping blooms in style with this plant stand table, a must-have piece for your home. Set it on your deck to highlight your favorite flowers or place it inside to display lush plants. Crafted in iron, it features three slatted shelves that make perfect resting spots for pots.

Its hourglass silhouette and baroque motifs exude a dash of distinction. Due to the size of the bottom trays, this piece can only accommodate small pots of up to 7lbs. It’s also advisable to keep the weights of the plant pots similar as the stand tends to tip over, when one of the sides is empty. 

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Three Tiered Round Plant Stand Table

Mercury Row®

What we like: Rotating individual tray

What we don’t like: Thin legs make this piece potentially wobbly

Not so great for: Outdoor

Perfect for: Combining plants and other decorative items

This open and airy plant stand table is ideal for displaying a variety of different-sized plants with minimal fuss or clutter. Made from metal with an attractive, understated frame, and rotating tiers, this stand helps you create a dynamic feel in any room of your home. It also has a raised lip edge on each tier to catch spills and make watering easy. Available in 14 metallic finishes.

At 10lbs per tier, this is a durable piece that can accommodate plants and other decorative items. This will look great when styled with terrariums, sculptures, and candles. Or you can use it to create a waterfall effect using different types of plants. You can make the legs more stable by adding felt pads underneath.

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Wood Drum Plant Stand Table

What we like: Unique and elegant design, versatile applications

What we don’t like: Small dimensions, unfinished edges

Not so great for: Ultra-sleek interiors

Perfect for: An accent piece in your living room

Your living space is about to get a lot more interesting, thanks to this chic and organic side table designed to hold your plants as well as any other accessories. This attractive plant stand table is crafted from sustainable teak wood in a stacked open slat design, naturally finished with a rustic and two-tone look that offers the perfect amount of contrast to the modern shape of the design.

Ideal for modern, rustic, bohemian, and tropical-style interiors. This piece will look even better when paired with a lush pot of plant, like a fern. Get two or more of these to create interesting conversation nooks in your home, or to use some as your end table.

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Plastic Plant Stand Table

What we like: Weather-proof material, simple design

What we don’t like: Price point is high for the material

Not so great for: Modern interiors

Perfect for: Rustic and farmhouse interiors, outdoor areas

Constructed from high-density resin, this plant stand table is tough enough to a variety of weather conditions. Unlike real wood, this piece is impervious to moisture, water, and mildew. The contemporary design features a square slatted top and square legs making it comfortable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in 15 color options.

A well-loved piece because of its simplicity and easy maintenance. Easy to assemble and can be paired with any type of patio furniture. Aside from using this as a plant stand, it can also be used as an outdoor coffee or side table. Ideal size for outdoor arrangements without taking up too much space. 

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Two Level Round Plant Stand Table

Amazon Basics

What we like: Compact design with two levels for plants, weighted base

What we don’t like: Only comes in black

Not so great for: Heavy pots, can only accommodate between 4 to 5lbs

Perfect for: Small spaces and corners

A space-efficient metal plant stand table to display your foliage and blooms on the patio or in your home. The top shelf features a recessed insert to hold pots up to nine inches in diameter, and the lower shelf provides storage for a second plant. Constructed from coated metal, this stand is designed to resist warping and corrosion caused by moisture - making it perfect indoors or out.

Comes with a weighted base to prevent the plant stand table from wobbling. There is also an option to reverse the orientation of the top. If you are using the upper part as a table, you can opt for the flat part. Great for displaying a larger arrangement on the top and a variety of smaller plants at the bottom. 

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Lofgren Metal Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Straight lines and circles give you many options with this 3-tiered metal stand. From plants to pictures or statues, you will be able to see all your favorite things from every side. Available in 4 colors, black, white, gold and silver, this lovely 30" tall stand will fit into all decors. The legs are adjustable for storing or changing a dimension, and rubber feet keep wood floors protected from scraping.  A modern home could benefit with a silver stand atop a white fur rug accented with artistic hand blown glass. Live plants will do well in front of an open window and protected by the 10" lip on each circular tray.

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Newbern Round Pedestal Plant Stand

Bowed and beautiful, this round pedestal plant stand is transparent with long slim slats that flow from top to bottom. Cappuccino in color, the barrel-like construction suits all types of decors. Made from manufactured wood, the modern shade looks great in contemporary company. 32'' H x 15.75'' L x 16'' D, the rounded top is 11.5" in diameter. With the tower-like appearance, short flowerpots, small picture frames or a stout statue will be on display against the tall base. A bedroom, hallway or living space will be very accepting to this lovely contemporary piece with a modern design.

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Taranto Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Go green with this bamboo plant stand that fits any style with its tall sleek design and simplistic look. Towering at almost 4-feet high, you can show off trailing greenery like begonias, English ivy or philodendrons. 3 lower shelves expand below the 7.9" W x 7.9" D top platform in triangular form ending with a bottom shelf that measures 14.6" W x 14.6" D. Bamboo is a favorite for staying natural and adding air-cleaning plants may keep your room not only attractive, but healthier too. 

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Solid Wood Mahogany Pedestal Plant Stand

Elegant and traditional, solid wood mahogany is graced with double types of ornamentation in its lust for unique old-world beauty. Hepplewhite period can be seen at the pedestal base and extreme curved feet are the designer's choice in making this piece an original. More modern straight leg design grows to the top where Chinese handiwork is evident. Standing 32" tall, this plant stand is meant to be an heirloom of distinction. Hand rubbed and hand finished to a sheen, your favorite plant or framed photograph will be proudly displayed. Arrives at your home completely assembled.

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Majestic Elephant Pedestal Plant Stand

Elephants symbolize power and strength and this pedestal plant stand portrays these traits beautifully. 3 creative trunks form majestic curved legs in perfect symmetry and poise. Hand painted resin delivers a deep mahogany color with intricate designs of gold. A round platform that is 12" in diameter will support 100 pounds of your most treasured statue or vase. Bring an Asian flair to your high-end traditional or contemporary styled home or use as a focal point in eclectic or minimalist decors. 

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Weston Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

This small shelf is just the right size for displaying plants, antiques or books in 2-tiered fashion. Metal forms the outline of geometric design and is available in espresso or black oak. A full length bottom shelf serves as a balance to the dark metal in concrete or natural wood. The entire unit is only 8.9" in width and can easily be attached to a wall for sturdiness. 2 cubbie holes and 2 open areas bring a different type of style for decors that need a little spice. The unit is 23.4" tall and can hold up to 15 pounds on the lower shelf. Add an artful addition to your contemporary or modern living area or bedroom with items that you cherish. Switch out to holiday trimmings during the seasons and enjoy the different settings that are possible.

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Charters Towers Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

This charming concept for an industrial style mixes galvanized metal and solid wood legs that create a circular pattern. 6 freestanding bowls that measure  7.75" in diameter and 2.25"high are supported by stainless steel hardware attached to solid fir wood posts. Greet guests at the front door of your rustic or country style home with an array of sweet smelling flowers or seasonal items with potpourri delivering a festive scent. Comes fully assembled and the entire stand folds up for easy storage. Padded feet on legs will protect your wood floor.

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Deloris Square Multi-tiered Plan Stand

Squares, scrolls and open frames will give you endless uses for this multi-tiered plant stand. Country and rustic decors love live flowers. This creative stand has style, grace and layers for giving your living greens the room that they deserve. We all need to add a bright spot to our balconies, hallways or patio windows. This black metal offers 4 rising sections to showcase your plants, while giving them a decorative perch. Designed with a Tuscon Valley estate in mind, the scrolls and tiered presence has a glowing air of happiness that will make it your favorite area to relax in. Pamper your flowers and enjoy the elegance that this plant stand can provide.

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Vereen Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Simple and unobtrusive, the Vereen Multi-Tiered Plant Stand is ready for that bouquet of roses, it will always be ready to be the perfect spot to place greenery, entryway decorations or couch-side items. Select either the 23.75" height or the 31.5" height for your individual needs. Two rounded shelves in gray/black, faux birch/white or weathered gray/black will suit any type of decor. The bottom shelf offers a height that gives you proportionate space for other plants or statues. Round shelves offer a wooden look that will compliment your contemporary decor well. Three metal legs with sustainable particle board and laminate mix metal and wood for a contemporary look. 

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Heathcote Climbing Vines Multi-Tiered Plant Stand

Need a little harmony in your living space? The climbing vines metal plant stand brings 6 small platforms for a diversity of living plants. The dark green ivy, crafted of metal, will make a positive statement of your love for plants. Place in a corner where plants can get plenty of sunshine and enjoy the stair steps of vivid colors. It will only take up 24" of space and the ivy adds a nice decorative touch. Each shelf has a weight capacity of 44 pounds and measures 12"X12” in diameter. The assembly is easy with iron rods fitting one another. Minimal cleaning needed. Simply wipe with a clean cloth. 

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Buying Guide

Whether you are bringing the outdoors in or creating an oasis on your patio, plant stands, and tables help to show your potted plants in their best light and make a dramatic style statement.

But with such a variety of plant stands and tables to choose from, it can be challenging to find the perfect piece to complement your home décor. Here are our tips and tricks for selecting the right plant stand for your home.

What Materials Suit Plant Stands & Tables?

The materials you choose depends on where you plan to use your plant stand. Indoor plant stands allow for more flexibility in your choice of materials because they aren’t exposed to the elements. Whereas, outdoor plant stands and tables should be constructed from weatherproof materials or powder-coated metal to prolong the life of the piece.

  • Wood

Wooden ladder stands make use of vertical space and can also be used outdoors when coated in the right sealant. Stands and tables constructed from wood can also act as multipurpose furnishings by doubling as side tables or stools.

Natural wood grain finishes blend well with Scandi-modern and minimalist style homes as they add texture and depth to a sparsely furnished space. Choose light wood finishes paired with stone or ceramic plant pots for a modern home, while stands with a dark wood finish are best suited to traditionally styled rooms.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is naturally water-resistant and makes an excellent option for outdoor areas. The raw texture of the bamboo pairs well with oversized tropical plants, and the malleable material can be designed into a range of organic shapes that suit bohemian and eclectic style homes.

  • Metal

Metals like brass or copper add a luxurious touch to your space and can create interesting color contrast between the green and natural texture of the plant and the bright metallic finish.

Metal frame plant stands create an open, airy look that is ideal for modern-urban, Scandi, and transitional style homes and allows the plant to take center stage for an understated style that won’t overpower the rest of the furnishing in the room.

  • Masonry and Ceramic

Nothing says timeless elegance like a marble column plant stand. Sculpted pots perched atop masonry pedestals add a sense of grandeur to any indoor or outdoor space and work well with transitional or classically styled homes.

Stands with ceramic bowls are sophisticated and modern. Use the combination of a ceramic pot mounted in a low wooden stand for mid-century modern refinement. Or a low, wide ceramic bowl inside an open metal frame blends seamlessly with modern urban homes.

How to Select the Right Size Plant Stand?

Finding the right size plant stand or table ensures that the piece fits harmoniously with your current style and can support the size and weight of your indoor and outdoor plants. To find the right size planter, consider the height and dimensions of your house plants.

Different plants grow to varying height and widths, which impacts the size of the plant stand you will need. A general rule to follow is the taller the plant the lower the plant stand should be. Plants such as Kentia palm, split-leaf philodendron, and ficus all grow over 4 feet and should be paired with a low plant stand between 6-10 inches with a wide base for stability.

Shorter plants such as the cast iron plant, peace lily, or snake plant grow to between 1-2 feet and can be displayed on plant stands up to 40-inches high. Try a set of nesting tables at varying heights to display a collection of short plants to create movement and interest in your room.

Another measurement to consider is how the plant falls. Many plants grow over the side of the planters to cascade down toward the floor, making a dramatic statement. However, plants that extend more than 2-3 inches below the pot should be displayed in a taller stand not only to display the plant to its full advantage but also to protect delicate fronds from damage.

Which Type of Plant Stand or Table Should I Choose?

Plant stands and tables come in a variety of styles to accommodate the needs of your plants and to match your home décor. Some styles of plant stand include:

  • Nesting

Nesting tables are a set of pieces that fit naturally together, usually in descending size order. The tables can be positioned next to each other to build a multi-dimensional space or spread throughout a room to create multiple focus points.

Place nesting tables together in an entryway or at the end of a well-lit hallway to make a bold statement and a great first impression on guests. Or use nesting tables with large-growth plants on the patio to create the illusion of a lush paradise.

  • Tiered

Tiered plant stands are also a great way to create a textural, multi-dimensional look. However, they do not offer the versatility of nesting tables. If you have numerous plants, a tiered plant stand provides an efficient solution that can help to free up floor and counter space.

Tiered plant stands are the best option for small outdoor areas as they allow you to expand your garden without taking up precious entertaining space. A tiered stand with a variety of potted herbs and edible flowers makes for an inviting outdoor environment and a functional kitchen garden.

  • Single

A single stand offers the most basic way to display your plant collection, but it is also the most versatile when it comes to styling. Single stands and tables can accommodate a wide variety of sized plants to help create a multi-layered space.

Style your indoor house plants on a single stand alongside scented candles, a table lamp, and coffee table books.

  • Tabletop

Plant stands don’t need to be large to make a statement. Smaller tabletop planters can make a big impact when carefully styled and positioned around your home. Add a tabletop plant stand to an entertainment unit, console table, or open shelves to elevate the style of your aloe or jade plants.

Drainage or No Drainage?

For many species of plant, drainage is an essential feature in a stand because it keeps plant roots healthy and prevents rot and mold. However, other plants such as succulents and cacti benefit from minimal drainage as they do not need to be watered often.

Many styles of indoor plant stands do not facilitate adequate drainage as the damp can ruin flooring and furnishings. If your indoor plants do need drainage to remain healthy, opt for an open style stand or a table as this allows you to select the pot and tray best suited to your plants.

You can choose from a variety of stylish pots that offer drainage from ceramic to plastic to metal. Pair a copper pot and tray with a light hardwood plant stand for a modern urban feel. Or style various sized earthenware drainage pots on nesting bamboo tables to create a bohemian oasis.

Quick Tips

  • Select plant stands in materials that complement your home décor.
  • Ensure outdoor plant stands have a weatherproof finish to withstand the elements.
  • The height and width of the plant stand should suit the size of the plant. Tall plants need low stands, short plants can be displayed on taller stands.
  • The type of plant stands you choose impacts the style statement your plants make. Tiered and nesting tables add dimension to space, while single plant stands can make a bold statement when paired with a large cascading plant.
  • Buy a plant stand that offers the right amount of drainage for the type of plants you have.

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