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If you are a fan of the great outdoors or love the sight of green plants and trees, then you’ll want to add some artificial trees in your interior design. These are manmade trees designed from real looking synthetic materials such as silk and plastic. You can choose from a huge collection of artificial trees that exactly resemble real-life plants. You can place the trees anywhere in your house such as in your living room, entryway, or even on your porch. All artificial trees are innovatively designed from high-quality safe materials to brighten up your living spaces and enhance the beauty of your home.

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Our Picks


Understated Faux Tree

Birch Lane™

What we like: Realistic different-sized leaves

What we don’t like: Pot it comes in looks cheap

Not so great for: If you want a fuller looking tree

Perfect for: A minimalist space

This faux tree focuses on foliage that differs in size for a more natural look. Although tall in height, we think that its understated vibe would be perfect for a minimalist corner accent piece. However, the pot this tree comes in makes the tree look cheaper than it actually is. Because of this, we recommend replacing it with something larger or more decorative.

The vibrant shades of green used for this plant don’t have a particular style, either, meaning your plant will suit any room. Whether your style is laidback neutrals or brighter florals, this its thin stem will fit in a corner nicely. 

$208 $282.82

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Palm Faux Tree

Nearly Natural

What we like: Realistic moss-like details on stalk

What we don’t like: Top-heavy so may fall over

Not so great for: High-wind areas

Perfect for: To make a botanical statement piece

Standing an impressive six and a half feet tall, this faux tree is covered in over three hundred palm leaves. The tropical trend is huge at the moment, with botanical and leaf prints everywhere you look.

To recreate your very own island paradise in the comfort of your home, place this plant in the corner of a sunroom. If you position it where the light hits, you’ll feel like you’re soaking up the sun even on cold days. Plus, the plain black pot won’t take away attention from the main feature. As for assembly, this tree arrives in two pieces that are easy to put together. 

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Fiddle Leaf Faux Tree

What we like: Bold, oversized leaf design

What we don’t like: Foliage looks sparse in places

Not so great for: If you want your plant to fill a space

Perfect for: Studio apartments

We love the oversized leaves of this faux plant, which is inspired by fig trees. Coming in a small black plastic planter, the leaves are crafted from green silk. However, the slight waxy sheen of the leaves does look a little unrealistic close up, especially for the relatively pricey cost.

An excellent option if you live in a studio apartment or shared space, it won’t take up too much room. Its tall size and narrow frame would look great next to a window or in a dusty corner. This is because greenery, even if fake, will automatically make a space feel brighter and more alive. 

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Full Faux Tree

What we like: Tons of foliage  

What we don’t like: Can’t be placed directly into a corner

Not so great for: A smaller room

Perfect for: An entryway

Bold and bursting with life, this tree has a full look to it that will add a pop of color to any space. Featuring an impressive 2500 leaves overall, it is reasonably well-priced considering its stunning foliage. Moreover, the tawny brown base made up of several straight stalks pairs beautifully with the top section.

A small downside of this gorgeous tree is that, because of its leaves, it won’t fit cleanly into a corner. We don’t recommend it for smaller spaces due to this, as it could appear overwhelming. It would look amazing in a contemporary entryway to create a laidback luxe vibe as soon as you enter your home.  


Dark Faux Tree


What we like: Affordable price

What we don’t like: Longer stem looks bare

Not so great for: Placing out in the open

Perfect for: Next to a sofa or armchair

The fullness of this faux tree lies in its top, making it a great choice if you want an accent touch for your living room. Place it next to a sofa or armchair for an instant burst of greenery that won’t constantly need tending to.

Despite the vibrant cluster of leaves above, the thin stem, though realistically designed, leaves a bit to be desired. The slimness could make your plant look a bit sorry for itself if it is left out in the open rather than placed next to something. Nevertheless, the mixed color hues of green and brown leaves help to give it more of an authentic look.


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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree with Basket

Evoke a slower-paced Mediterranean life with this stunning faux Fiddle leaf fig tree. Lifelike and lush with variegated leaves and a textured molded plastic trunk, this tree comes with a stylish contemporary basket pot to complete the look.

Best of all? You don’t have to worry about placing it in a sunny window, and it’s realistic leaves stay green without any watering and are easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. At 68” tall, this stylish accent piece is perfect for brightening up a foyer or a living room.

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Rubber Foliage Tree in Pot

This tree will garner compliments for your green thumb without any indoor gardening upkeep! Luxuriant and hyper-realistic, this 60” tall faux rubberwood tree features natural wood branches and delicate greenery.

When it arrives at your door, fluff the branches for a natural look and arrange the leaves to fill out your space. Style with a textured ceramic pot or woven basket and use it to add a botanical touch to your office corner or place by your favorite reading spot.

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Ficus Silk Tree in Planter

Ideal for complementing a dresser or a long, leather sofa, this Ficus tree stays evergreen all year round, no matter the light conditions. Bring the best of the great outdoors inside with these realistic, sturdy leaves and graceful, twining trunks.

Available in six different sizes between 36” and 96” tall, you can choose exactly what you need for your space. Mix and match several tree sizes for lush, boho botanical décor or enjoy one tree on its own as a stylish accent.

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Oberham Capensia Tree in Basket

With realistic looks to charm even the most die-hard devotees of real indoor plants, this lifelike Capensia tree will win you countless compliments and enliven your living room for years to come. Dark green leaves shimmer with hues of burgundy woven throughout.

Pair with an antique mirror and a graceful, white ottoman for a stunning shabby chic corner display. Spanish moss and a basket pot complete this perfect botanical style accessory.

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Artificial Bamboo Tree in Planter

A sophisticated square planter is paired with a graceful bamboo tree that will stay evergreen and lush regardless of the environment. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this lifelike silk perennial features veins in its slender leaves and realistic variation in the trunk texture.

This realism lends a welcoming touch to a neglected office corner or that empty living room nook. Planter color options include dark copper and black, so you won’t have trouble matching this botanical adornment with your current contemporary color palette.

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Foliage Tree in Basket

Tuscan charm meets modern practicality with this miniature fig tree. Striking, true-to-life plastic leaves are easy to clean and don’t wither or fade.

This tree won’t add to your list of plants to water, but it’s perfect for adding a spot of color to your home library, decorating an office waiting room, or to make an impression on guests as they enter your home. Sturdy and durable, this tree fluffs up easily upon arrival at your door and will yield years of enjoyment.

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Brookings Floor Palm in Pot

Islands breezes and a beachy cocktail won’t seem too far away with this realistic palm tree in your home. At 78” tall, 45” wide, and 40” deep, this tree is large enough to impress your guests but compact enough to be a versatile accent piece.

This tree features 333 vibrant palm leaves and is perfect for adorning that narrow bedroom corner or to place behind your sofa. Alternatively, place one on each side of a television display or fireplace for laid-back, coastal style.

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Tropical Yucca Tree in Pot

Take your coastal décor to the next level with this eye-catching yucca tree. Unlike its real-life cousin, this tropical tree doesn’t need any water to remain lush and luxuriant. Weatherproof and UV-fade-resistant, this tree can thrive indoors or outdoors.

At 51” tall, this topiary tree is perfect on its own or paired with a twin. Arrange either side of your French window or next to your entertainment unit. Or add pizzazz to your patio area with a single tree in an oversized statement planter.

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Tall High End Realistic Silk Bamboo Tree in Basket

Create a peaceful Zen space in your home with this lifelike bamboo tree. With trunks crafted from real bamboo and vibrant silk leaves, this tree is perfect for decorating the corner of your family room or your foyer.

Very little shaping is necessary when this tree arrives at your door. True-to-life Spanish moss surrounds the base of the bamboo trunks and decorates the top of the woven basket pot to complete the look.

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Palm Tree Plant

If you want to harmonize your indoor space with relaxed, outdoor vibes, this gorgeous, no-maintenance palm tree can help you create a tranquil space anywhere in your home. Cool, crisp leaves and slim trunks bring the perfect combination of balance and calm to your office or library.

Available in four different heights ranging from 48” to 72”, you can find the perfect size for your décor needs to enjoy years of fuss-free greenery.

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Buying Guide

Faux trees are the best of two worlds. You get the lush look of the outdoors inside for a soothing and natural interior. However, you don't have to worry about keeping the tree alive.  You don't have the added cost of water and fertilizer, and you don't have to find someone to water the plant when you travel.

But faux trees come in a wide variety of styles, and it can be hard to tell which one is right for you. Below we'll cover the main types of faux trees, the sizes and the planters that can go with them, and when you should select each.

How to Choose from the Types of Faux Trees?

Faux trees are made to mimic a real tree and the specific aesthetic it imparts. Below are the main types of faux trees on the market.

Fig tree

This type of tree is known for its large leaves. Fig trees are popular in indoor spaces because of the lush texture they give the home. Choose this style if you're going for as much texture and greenery as possible.


These have a smaller leaf and a winding, multi-forked trunk. These are more understated due to their smaller leaves. Choose a ficus if you want to merely accent a space with greenery.

Palm tree

This thin-leafed favorite is a must-have for casual or tropical interior styles.


The yucca is another variety of tropical plant. It has thin green leaves that sit at the end of narrow trunks. This also looks great in casual and tropical homes.


You can also find a variety of trees that mimic blossoms or flowering plants, such as a pear tree. Choose blossoming plants for romantic interior styles.


You can also find a variety of evergreens, like cedar or pine. These look great in rustic cabin styles with a north woods feel.


The Coggygria has small light green leaves at the end of twisting branches. This type of tree could work for a minimalistic style due to its understated look.


It's common to see faux trees that have some type of fruit on them. Lemon trees are the most popular. For fun, artsy styles that make use of bright colors, choose a fruit tree like a lemon plant.


The Wisteria has darker leaves that sit on a twisting, multipronged trunk. Often, purple flowers will hang down. A tree like this would look great in a romantic home style.


Faux bamboo works well in Asian styles, like Japanese home designs or Zen styles.


This type of plant has long, large and pointed leaves. It looks a bit like a fern, but the leaves are denser. Because of the stark geometry, you can use this in more modern styles.


Like Bamboo, choose Bonsai trees for Asian interior styles or styles with many different world cultures included.

What Types of Planters Go with Different Faux Trees?

Another consideration is the planter faux trees come in, as that influences the overall look of the piece. A few of the major planter types include:

  • Wicker: Choose wicker for classic and natural styles that make use of texture.

  • Ceramic: The sleek texture of ceramic looks great in higher-end styles, transitional rooms or modern styles.

  • Plastic: Plastic planters are usually made to mirror the style of the plant itself, like a bonsai tree may have a square brown planter to mimic wood. More basic plastic styles can look good in casual rooms.

What Types of Planters Go with Different Faux Trees?

Another consideration is the planter faux trees come in, as that influences the overall look of the piece. A few of the major planter types include:

  • Wicker: Choose wicker for classic and natural styles that make use of texture.

  • Ceramic: The sleek texture of ceramic looks great in higher-end styles, transitional rooms or modern styles.

  • Plastic: Plastic planters are usually made to mirror the style of the plant itself, like a bonsai tree may have a square brown planter to mimic wood. More basic plastic styles can look good in casual rooms.

Hesistant about getting an artificial tree? Don't be! Many faux trees look so realistic these days, you'll barely be able to tell it's fake!

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