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Are you looking for your next set of bookcases? Are you very interested in the environment and being as green as possible? Do you love the sustainability and hypoallergenic qualities of bamboo? Then let's put all of these together and get you some bamboo bookcases that you are sure to enjoy. They are very strong, and the bamboo was ethically harvested. Take a look and see in this collection.

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Bamboo Bookcase

Ebern Designs

Give your book collection a new home with this bamboo ladder bookshelf. It offers four layers of storage and since it's made from bamboo, it won’t corrode over the years and it’s low maintenance. Although compact, this bookcase has a 5lb. capacity and enough space for books and pot plants.  

Designer Advice:

This bookcase is perfect for a natural style home with organic elements and lots of plants. You can place it in your living room, or use it to decorate a balcony, home office, or a study. Consider grey, beige or white walls as a background for this, and sage green would look great too.

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Solid Bamboo Wood Step Bookshelf

Latitude Run®

Made from organic bamboo with a waterproof finish, this modern bookshelf will elevate any space you place it in, whether it’s in your bedroom, living room, or bathroom. It’s stable enough to hold up to 15lbs worth of books and there are five sturdy shelves to choose from.

Designer Advice:

If you’re looking for style and functionality, then this bamboo bookshelf is where it’s at. Although lightweight, it can hold a lot of items and it’s the perfect height and size for a small apartment, a children’s playroom, or a study. It’s designed for a trendy modern aesthetic that incorporates grey walls, natural floors, and natural light.


High grade Bamboo Bookcase

George Oliver

Give your space that chic mid-century modern feel with this dynamic bookcase. Of course, it’s made from solid bamboo wood with three layers of shelves to store your favorite books, vintage magazines, and trinkets. The whole thing stands on three legs for maximum stability.


Designer Advice:

Bamboo bookcases like this are designed to add style and interest to a space. In addition to your books, you can decorate it with vibrant decor accessories and even use it as a bar cabinet if you like. It’s really versatile.

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Brown Vintage Bamboo Bookshelf

Standing at 41.5 inches, you’ll find plenty of room in this bookcase for both new and old books. It offers five shelves with a weight capacity of up to 40lbs. Because it’s made from bamboo, it’s moisture-proof, mold-proof, and low maintenance. Plus, its deep brown finish gives it a nice mid-century modern look.

Designer Advice:

This easy-to-assemble bookshelf offers a unique mid-century modern look and it’s perfect for storing books and displaying cute figurines as well. It could be just what you need to complete your reading nook and it can be used to provide extra corner storage in a living room.


Natural bamboo bookcase


With four shelves and two drawers, this eco-friendly bamboo bookcase is the perfect way to keep your books organized in style. It’s easy to install and has a roomy top surface for decorative items such as flowers and trinkets.


Designer Advice:

Whether your home has clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, or a warm and homey feel, this bamboo bookcase will bring a lot of charm to your space. Even on its own, it’s a showstopper that will complement any room with neutral tones.

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Eco friendly 4 tier Bamboo Bookcase


Spruce up your sunroom, living room, or study with this simple yet impactful bookcase. It has four shelves and is finished with an eco-friendly lacquer which accentuates its natural finish. Thanks to its lightweight and open-back design, this bookcase is very easy to move around.

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Buying Guide

A bamboo bookcase is something that everyone should have. Not all of us have huge book collections, but everyone needs a bookcase as this type of furniture is one of the few that’s versatile with its many uses. Apart from organizing books, bamboo bookcases can also store and display DVDs, records, decorative objects, and, yes, even trophies! With its many functions, any room could use at least one.

How to select the best design of a bamboo bookcase?

As you’re thinking of getting a bamboo bookcase, you need to decide on the unit’s purpose. As mentioned earlier, this type of furniture isn’t just for storing books. So, will you use it as a display cabinet for photographs, souvenirs, memorabilia, chinaware, and the like? If so, then you need adjustable shelves to give you flexibility on what to store. If you’ll be using the bookcase as well for storing items that you need daily like sunglasses, mobile phones, keys, etc., then a unit with some drawers or closed shelving will provide you with space for storing such items.

Are bamboo bookshelves strong and durable?

Although bamboo is naturally strong with its tensile strength of 28,000 lb./, its strength can be enhanced with lamination. Through lamination, the material is given another layer of protection against wear and tear. But, even without it, you can’t go wrong with a bamboo bookcase as it is made of a material that is stronger than steel. Steel's tensile strength is only 23,000lb./ So, if you want furniture that’s going to last you your entire life with its natural resilience, then you already know what you should get.

How to measure for a bookcase?

To get the right bamboo bookcase for your home, you need to measure the area where the case will be placed in. If there is a window that may be blocked, then make some adjustments to your measurements. Make sure you double check the floor space that is available in the room as well as the wall space. As soon as you have the dimensions written down, then you can proceed with identifying the ideal height, breadth, and length of your bamboo bookcase.

How to style a bamboo bookcase?

Of course, you’ll be adding books to your bookcase. To add interest, alternate the stacking of your books both vertically and horizontally. You can also use decorative items as bookends like stunning accessories or picture frames. They make excellent bookends, plus they help make the room feel stylish. Just make sure the objects you pick are heavy and sturdy enough that they can keep your books standing upright.

Give your bamboo bookcase an organized feel by gathering various collectibles. You will be able to create loose symmetry especially when you place carefully selected items in between stacks of books. If you have a square object in a shelf like a picture frame, mirror it using an item with a similar size and shape on the opposite side.

Best Ideas

Durable bookcase with five shelves that are suitable for books, plants, decorations, etc. Its bamboo construction is durable and brings a natural accent into the house. Rectangular shelves are thick, so they provide good support.

Bamboo Bookcase

This bookcase provides solidity and attractiveness thanks to its bamboo construction. It features an open construction with plenty of space for books on its shelves. Its frame also includes some decorative elements.

Combining rattan and bamboo is the best option to recreate a smooth, tropical appeal. This bookcase will distinguish any of your space, fitting well both to the living room or office decor.

English Bamboo Bookcase

A nice combination of functionality and different decorative styles. This English bookcase includes a Japan lacquered top. The frame includes bamboo accents and glass doors. The case offers plenty of space for books.

Bamboo Shelf -534-081

A gorgeous bookcase made in Asian style, which is going to elevate your room's appearance as well as functionality. Made of durable bamboo, the bookcase includes 3 open shelves, lovely cutouts, 1 storage drawer with a pull-knob, and stable legs.

Bamboo Furniture 4 Tier Bookcase Shelf Shelving Unit Display Great for tropical, asian, zen, tiki, or beach theme decor, stores or homes. (805) 479-Tiki (8454) M-F 9am-5pm PST or eBay user ID: TIKITOESCA or email address: Thanks! M

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