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Are you an aficionado of oriental style? With an Asian bookcase of carved wood you'll easily organize the books as well as the knick-knacks in no time. What's more, the space will get spiced up with an eye-catching feature that emanates decorative Asian style.

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Red Crawford Cabinets Asian Bookcases Cabinets And Computer Armoires

With these cabinets your interior will not only gain a significant boost of storage space but will also gain on style and visual appeal, since they sport the beautiful, contrasting finish of red and black and the splendid unique design.

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Oscar De La Renta Collection Pagoda Bar Cabinet Asian Bookcases Cabinets And Computer Armoires

On the internet auctions and in antique stores you can find even very old Chinese, Asian bookcase or cabinets from the era of the Chinese Empire. You will be delighted by this black wooden pagoda bookcase in Asian style with mirrored elements.

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Chinese 2 door shelf asian bookcases cabinets and computer armoires

Don't buy another snoozefest cabinet-let your book shine on the shelves in the greatest Asian style.Presented here Asian Chinese 2-door bookcase has a greenish trim. It has a double-door, and open, specific geometric shelves at the top.Made of dried hardwood.

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Noir Furniture Meiling Bookcase In Hand Rubbed Black Gbcs117hb Asian Bookcases

Its openwork, chevron patterning and hand rubbed black finish make this Asian bookcase a refined addition to one's living room or library decor. 4-tiered construction provides a considerable storage space.

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Brixton Asian Influenced Home Library Bookcase Asian Bookcases Cabinets And Computer Armoires

This beautiful bookcase is a wonderful way to add your favorite titles beautifully. The beautiful and solid wood construction is massive and spacious, and the glass cabinet doors beautifully display the contents.

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Consigned Antique Chinese Geometrical Bookcase Display Asian Bookcases Cabinets And Computer Armoires

The antique style chinese bookcase with the geometrical pattern on the door. Made of high-quality cherry timber. I love this style of furniture and this is my top choice for my living room decoration.

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Heidi etagere asian bookcases

Designed in Asian style, this highly-attractive bookcase represents an eye-catchy, chinoiserie twist and an elegant white finish. Includes 4 fixed shelves, perfect for storing books and displaying decorations.

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These exceptionally designed Regency style pagoda bookcases whisk you away to countries of the Asian Orient. Multiple shelves of them come in varied sizes. Cream finish and tiny in-style details add elegance.

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Combining Asian influences and a contemporary twist, this red lacquered bookcase enchants with its intricate form, visible especially in its openwork construction. A great way to add refinement to one's living room decor.

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Buying Guide

Deciding which furniture to buy for your home can be challenging. Asian bookcases are a great way to give your home a different effect, and there are so many styles available that it’s difficult not to find something ideal for your house. However, in order to choose the correct furniture items, you will need to take into consideration several factors. We’ll consider some of the most important things that you should be thinking about when buying any Asian bookcases.

How to determine the right size for a bookcase?

Figuring out the ideal bookcase size for your home will depend on a few factors, including:

  • The size of your home: Although you may want a bookcase which is large and allows room for hundreds of books, this doesn’t mean that your home will allow it. You should take some measurements in the room of your choice to figure out how much you could give away to the new bookcase.
  • The number of books: This is something that is personal and you should take into consideration before buying a bookcase. You don’t necessarily need to think about the number of books that you own, but rather about the number of books that you wish to store on the bookcase. You may want the case for a music room, for example, where you have fifty music books to store.
  • The number of shelves: This will largely depend on the number of books that you have and how much space you have in your home, but it will influence your decision ultimately. The average bookcase with straight linear shelves from one side to the other will be around three feet long. Many shelves will be able to hold at least twenty books.

What different designs of Asian bookcases are there?

The most common designs that you are likely to see are:

  • Cube design: This popular design involves several cubes which are all joined together to create a larger piece of furniture. In this case, each shelf may be split into two or three different sections. When you look at the full bookcase, there are many cubes, normally aligned in sets of either three or four. This means that you could have a total of 20 or 24 cubes making up an Asian bookcase.
  • Temple design: Many countries in Asia are associated with religion and beautiful temples of worship, so it’s no surprise that this manifests itself well within Asian style furniture. A popular design you will see is the temple design, which is a simple bookcase with extra details. Along the top are small domes, spirals or spikes which resemble those found on buildings of worship around the continent, particularly South East Asia.

Asian bookcases cover a whole range of styles, and there are many which are totally different from others. Because of this, it’s important that you get a good feel for as many different designs as possible. By doing this, you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of finding a bookcase that really suits you and your home.

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