Artificial Tulip Arrangements

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Real Flowers die all the time, but artificial Flowers last forever. That is why the Foder collection we have so many showcases of silk flower arrangements for the home. No one wants to sweep up fallen petals or see the unsightly carcass of dead flowers in molding jars or vases. In this collection we have artificial tulip arrangements that will make you home beautiful without the mess.

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Artificial Tulips Flower Arrangement

Beautify your home decor with those lovely tulip arrangements - artificial and full of blooming grace. You can use it as a modern table centerpiece that is accentuated by a stylish, clear glass vase.

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Real touch tulip arrangement with white

Vase with artificial flowers is an excellent way to revitalize the interior. These beautiful tulips made from the finest materials look like living in a glass jar with water imitation. The whole looks fantastic and introduces a note of spring about the time of year.

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Coastal prep silk tulip arrangement

If you want to add some style and warmth to your interiors, try faux flower. This silk tulip composition enchants with its lovely pale pink color. It beautifully matches modern, glazed or transparent decor.

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Waterlook Silk Tulips in Glass Cylinder

If you're dreaming of an extraordinary and refreshed design in your house, you should check out those amazing silk tulips in glass culinder! They're gonna bring you a huge dose of unique and intriguing look.

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Spring tulips spring wreath yellow

An adorable Easter basket that can also be used as a daily decoration for your front door. It's a beautiful floral arrangement consisted of white and yellow silk tulips sitting in a stylish basket. You can hang it, using a stylish bow.

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Waterlook Silk Tulips in Ribbed Vase

This original and stylish decoration would be a perfect choice for every kind of space, no matter if you prefer modernity or tradition. Check it out and enjoy an extraordinary design in your living room!

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Autumn Hydrangea Arrangement with Round Vase

This faux flowers arrangement in round vase makes a decent decoration for autumn: it is designed in warm color scheme with reds dominating, with berries and hydrangea. The composition is put in round vase with chestnut finish.

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Real touch white tulip artificial flower

A lovely decoration for all types of celebrations, which can also be successfully used as a beautiful enhancement for your dining table. The floral arrangement is designed of silk blooming yellow tulips in a clear glass vase.

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Magenta Peony Arrangement in Water

If you're a fan of natural and amazing decorations, this stylish and unique peony arrangement in water might perfectly fulfill your expectations! Check it out and enjoy an incredible design in your house.

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2 Piece Lily Tulip Arrangement Set

If you're looking for some intriguing and stylish decorations for your house, why won't you check out this amazing tulip arrangement set? It's gonna bring you a dose of an incredible, original design!

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Buying Guide

There are those who live in an area wherein it's difficult to procure fresh tulips. Having a new tulip arrangement each week isn't economical as well. Fortunately, you can opt for an artificial tulip arrangement and use it as part of your home décor.

Artificial tulip arrangements are available in several sizes, materials, and colors. Faux flowers allow you to enjoy as many arrangements as you want as they don't punch a hole to your pockets. You may, however, require help in choosing the best faux arrangement of tulips for your home. If so, then check out our buying guide below.

How to match artificial tulip arrangements with your interiors?

If you're planning on getting artificial tulip arrangements to decorate a room, you need to ensure your new home décor doesn't look and feel out of place within your space. To help you with this, here are tips to keep in mind:

  • Choosing the Correct Color - Pastels are a safe bet especially with tulips as they resemble the real flowers closely. However, if you want tulips arrangements that make a statement, consider going for the ones with a jewel tone.
  • Checking the Vase or Planter - Most artificial tulip arrangements come with their own vases. The vase that you can put your money into is one that suits the color scheme of your room. If your arrangement doesn't come with its own planter, choose the shape, color, and size that make sense within your space and the size of your flowers.

What are artificial tulip arrangements made of?

Artificial flowers, including tulips, come in a wide range of fabrics and grade. There are those that are made using low-grade papery nylons, while some consist of high-grade latex and wax coated fabrics.

Consider the pros and cons of each material to determine what suits your needs and preferences.

  • Fabric-Based Tulips - Fabric-based flowers are readily available and they're close to infinite when it comes to shape, design, size, and color. Because of the enormous selection of tulips that are fabric-based, the quality also varies so you should be selective.
  • Foam Tulips - Foam tulips are the cheapest on the market right now. They're lightweight and they look lifelike when they are mixed in a beautiful bouquet. The low price can be considered as this type's main advantage, but these tulips are durable and pliable as well. The only thing we don't like with foam flowers is their undersides which can look untidy.
  • Wax-Coated Tulips - These flowers are categorized as "real touch" because they are coated with an oily wax which makes them look and feel like skin. They're silk or fabric-based flowers coated in layers of wax. They're more realistic compared to uncoated tulips. You may find them to be pricey compared to the aforementioned materials as wax coating is an added feature.
  • Latex Tulips - Latex tulips are similar to wax-coated ones as they possess similar properties. They're also categorized as flowers that are "real touch." They are of better quality compared to wax coated tulips, however, as they are based on pure latex. Latex doesn't fray like silk, but it can translate to a higher cost.

Best Ideas

Morning Glory and Hydrangea Arrangement

Hydrangeas are the queens of flowers but they fade so quick! This flower arrangement, on the contrary, is forever! It is a harmonius composition of hydrangea flowers and a bunch of vine leaves. Needs no watering!

Illuminated Tulip Floral Arrangement in Vase

It is an illuminated tulip floral arrangement in vase that is available in five colors: fuchsia, light green, light pink, white and yellow. It adds beauty and style to any living room and dining room.

Large Cymbidium with Vase Arrangement

If you're a fan of stylish, elegant and fresh decorations, you're gonna fal in love with it out this amazing item! Check it out, bring some spring to your house and enjoy an extraordinary, unique look.

Comprising lovely, pale pink, silk tulips, this faux flower arrangement constitutes a charming decoration, ideal for weddings, banquets or family dinners. They bring in a smooth breath of spring's ambience.

Floral arrangement consisting of faux tulips. It is mounted on glass vase. Designed for indoor use. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior.

The striking combination of silk tulips in this artificial arrangement in a glass vase resembles bright flowers. The beautiful details in the form of a glass vase and water create an attractive composition ideal for every interior décor.

A charming cottage style flower arrangement excellent as a centerpiece. White and pinkish flowers with yellowish accents and green leaves are of silk while stems of plastic over wire. A round woven basket wrapped with twigs looks like a nest.

A pleasing combination of exuberance and gentility. These life-like silk tulips will make a delightful accent, embellishing any glorious occasions. Available in 2 colour combinations - Pink/White or Red/Yellow.

If you're looking for a quality centerpiece for your dining table, then, this artificial arrangement is the thing to aim for. It's made of silk white tulips that come with a beautiful clear glass base that creates an illusion of water at the bottom.

Floral arrangement in clear glass vase. It consists of carefully made faux tulips. Sophisticated decoration for each room.

A vase full of surprises - large artificial flowers don't need water, so there is nothing to prevent you from experimenting with the contents.The artistically carved wooden vase is full of floral arrangement: greenery, yellow tulips, and white daisies.

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These realistic handcrafted silk tulips are a beautiful addition to any home. Add them with the glass vase and enjoy the high quality and well made artifical tulip arrangement.