Artificial Floral Arrangements Centerpieces

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Flowers are an easy way to add colour and natural energy to the interior. If you don't fancy cut flowers, choose an artificial floral arrangement centerpiece. Perfect for decorating a dining table or a console in the entryway. Check the arrangements below.

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Our Picks

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Magnolia and Hydrangea Silk Floral Centerpiece

This silk decoration may effortlessly become a focal point of any room with its big white blooms crafted in a truly realistic way. If you love magnolias, you may have them in your decor all year round.

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Modern calla with manznaita and succulents Corporate flowers, corporate flower centerpiece, add pic source on comment and we will update it. can create this beautiful flower look.

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Traditional floral arrangement formal

With this original traditional floral arrangement your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. This bouquet of flowers is colorful and excellent as a decoration of the center of dining table.

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Rose Bush Silk Flower Arrangement in Red with Vase

This Rose Bush Silk Flower Arrangement with Vase consists of a faux, red rose bouquet placed in a clear vase with faux water. A lovely and sophisticated decoration for bedrooms, offices, and living rooms.

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This beautiful artificial bouquet made from silk flowers adds an elegant and warm accent to every living or dining room. Long-lasting and affordable, silk flowers constitute a great way to embellish every glorious occasion.

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Hydrangea Floral Arrangement in Vase

Hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotions and their beauty captures this nicely. This 4"x4" glass vase holds 7 radiant stems that blend together in harmony. High quality silk brings life to the arrangement and brings serenity to any space. A pool of acrylic can be found in the bottom of the vase, giving the impression of water. Your bouquet is stunningly real and ready to brighten up any dark corner. Made of cream colored silk, place on your night stand or in an entry way for a happy factor.

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Faux Magenta & Pink Peony Floral Arrangement in Glass Vase

In some parts of the world, peonies signify good health, a happy life and prosperity. This robust grouping of magenta and pink peonies will deliver the feeling of abundance just by its beauty. Twisted greens fill the bottom portion of a 5"x5" glass container to add a fresh addition to the floral arrangement. Made of polyester in the USA, the colors are vivid and easy to maintain. Simply blow on cool air setting with a hair dryer to loosen and remove dust and dirt from the petals.

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Orchid Floral Arrangement in Planter

Lavender hydrangeas come to life in this planter that is covered with washed wood. If lavender is not your favorite color, several other colors are available. The flowers are made from fabric and are an awesome replica of the real thing. They will look great in your country home as a reminder that flowers are the heart of our life. The dimensions are  9'' H x 10'' W x 10'' D. This is Just the right size for a centerpiece or a special welcome in an entryway.

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Cherry Blossom Floral Arrangement in Vase

Cherry blossoms have a unique quality in their meaning. Promoting spiritual awareness and love, they are an invaluable part of the Japanese culture. Spread the value of their meaning and beauty with this gorgeous grouping of 30" tall flowering stems in a 6"x6" clear hourglass vase. The stunning look of realism is made from plastic, silk, faux silk and polyester. Place where you will most be reminded of its pure goodness, like a bedroom, study or living room table.

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Phalaenopsis Orchids Floral Arrangement in Planter

Innocence, elegance and beauty are captured in this oriental dish that welcomes white orchids in addition to other intriguing greens. The boat-like base is made of shiny black finish over plastic. The flowers are a mixture of plastic and fabric that produces a realistic look to the orchids.  The vase measures 11.8" wide which brings proportionate value to the orchids that are also 11.8" tall. This lovely arrangement will look beautiful as a centerpiece or on a side table alone.

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Buying Guide

Brighten up your living space or a special occasion with a beautiful set of artificial blooms. Whilst living flowers spread fresh scents within your home, they are often restricted by seasons and are pollen allergic people's worst enemy.

Faux flower arrangements are in season all year round and can have indulgent fragrances spritzed on to add that extra touch. Look through our guide and find useful advice on how to choose the perfect mix of faux flowers.

Which Material is Best for Artificial Flower Arrangements?

Faux blooms are mode from several materials, and each comes with its benefits.

  • Latex flowers are made from a milky fluid found in 10% of flowering plans. Due to this, they are quite similar in natural forms to living flowers. Latex molds capture flaws and all, to make them as realistic and natural as possible. These are very common at weddings but can be used within your living space as well.
  • Plastic flowers are ideal if you are looking for stubbornly durable faux decorations, and because they are mass produced you can easily find them in budget and grocery stores. Plastic is a good choice with flowers that have thick, shiny leaves because they look a bit like plastic anyway, even when they're real.
  • Silk is such a beautiful material and makes for the most opulent of artificial flowers. Silk blooms suit weddings and other elegant occasions best because with time edges end up fraying and are not as durable.
  • Fake flowers made of paper are a great option for artsy people wanting a unique stylized decoration. They will still last longer than living plants but do not expect to last as longer as plastic or latex ones. They are a beautiful centerpiece and can be used for any occasion.
  • Foam blooms are most popular since they are known as a must decoration for parties, Christenings and weddings. Although foam material is durable and has unusual charm, they are not the best option for home interiors because they are easily spotted as fakes.

How to Style Fake Flowers?

  • To make artificial flower arrangements look realistic, it is best to style them individually first. It is also important to do your research on real flowers and look at the details, so you know what to look for when choosing realistically looking faux plants.
  • If you would like your flower arrangements to look realistic, it is best to decorate with flowers that are in season. For fall, the colors of the flowers should be reed, burgundy and rust. Winter begs for the same simplicity as the snow so use clean colors like silver and white. Summer and spring are not as strict so you can experiment. However, designers recommend light and pastel colors.
  • Real flowers are not perfect so choose faux blooms that incorporate that same feature. They do not need to be placed perfectly symmetrically.
  • Even if the fake flowers come in a bunch, you do not have to keep them that way. You can separate the bouquet into individual stems and mix them with other fake flowers. Use wire cutters because scissors can get damaged.
  • Odd numbers are known to look better so when choosing your artificial flowers try and find ones that have odd numbers of stems or branches.
  • If you have a mantel, you should warm it up further with some fake fall flowers placed in a square container.
  • Smaller arrangements look best on side tables, so they do not overpower the interior and add enough to brighten up your interior. Do not try to squish in your beautiful arrangements though.
  • Blue hydrangeas tend to fit the kitchen or dining area and can come in big and small bunches. They look extremely beautiful as a centerpiece. Other types of flowers that work well within any interior are -- Gerber Daisies, Tulips, Spray Roses, Lilies and Alstroemeria.
  • Try and not match your furniture to the flowers since your arrangement will lose focus. Ideally, you want the flowers to match the interior but to still pop and bring attention.

Quick Tips

We have compiled a shorter guide filled with the most important things for you to consider when choosing fake flower arrangements because we know how overwhelming making the decision might be.

  • If durability is what you are looking for, plastic flower and latex flowers are your choice. Silk flowers might not be as durable but are known to be exuberate elegance. For people that look for the extraordinary in beauty, foam and paper flowers make a statement.
  • With the choice of material comes the ease to clean. Silk, as beautiful as it is, needs special attention when cleaning and a delicate hand. The other materials such as latex, foam and plastic are not as pretentious. You would think that paper flowers cannot be cleaned but you can use canned air to blow the dust away.
  • When styling your fake flowers there are a few things to keep in mind, do not choose perfect looking fake flower arrangements, think odd numbers of stems and branches, match the color of the flowers with the current season and do not perfectly match the color of flowers with the furniture.

Best Ideas

Faux Hydrangea Centerpiece in Vase

A cylinder shaped glass vase that is 6" in diameter holds a beautiful bouquet of white hydrangeas. Aesthetic with a springtime beauty, this centerpiece will enhance the look in any room. Made in the USA, this fabric floral has been designed to fluff up into a natural shape. Add some twigs from outside or artificial pieces of small sprouts to enhance the realism. Place on your night stand to introduce sweet dreams or use as a model of happiness on a coffee table.

Hydrangea Floral Arrangement in Rope Glass Vase

This fresh pouf of springtime will invigorate anyone. The nice rounded bouquet of white hydrangeas is arranged in a cylinder 8" glass jar with 5 tiny ropes hugging the exterior. Country or rustic ready, this small detail is just enough to add outdoor beauty to a half-bath or a guest bedroom. Greenery has been added to the bottom of the jar to expand the countryside feel. Your guests will feel welcome and loved with this sweet reminder of love and harmony.

Hydrangea and Rose Silk Centerpiece in Vase

Hydrangeas and roses form the perfect message as a centerpiece at a wedding reception, intimate dinner or a patio luncheon with good friends. Fresh and colorful, the flowers gather to display a bouquet of love and heartfelt emotions. Surrounded by a clear glass vase, their beauty appears real although made from quality silk. The vase measures 8"x8" and has a small amount of acrylic water to further the reality. Don't hide your centerpiece when the group leaves, but place where you will enjoy it.

Hydrangea Floral Arrangement in Vase

Blue hydrangeas simply arranged in a glass vase appear as if they were just cut from your garden. Individual pieces made of Poly silk are displayed in a 4.5" diameter thick clear vase. The stems on the flowers have been kept slightly long to give a picture of freshly cut flowers. Blue enhances any space and the bouquet is small enough to place on an end table or a kitchen counter to appreciate.

Spring Orchid Floral Arrangement in Planter

Pink orchids in a decorative black bowl send a signal that spring is in the air. Regardless of the weather outside, orchids send a message of joy and new beginnings. One of the most popular exotic plants in the US, their care is paramount to their life. However, this arrangement is made of realistic fabric so you will always enjoy its lasting beauty.

Driftwood floral arrangement driftwood

The wonderfully crafted artificial flower arrangement is a stylish and very glamorous centerpiece for any interior. Autumn stylistics on the tree bough is phenomenal and captivates by the beauty of details.

Artificial Floral Arrangements Silk flowers arrangements.

Now you can decorate your table in style by using this fantabulous, dried floral arrangement. The whole bouquet sits tightly in a bowl-like pedestal vase, offering a lovely composition of artichokes, lavender, china millet, pods, and lemon leaves.

Silk Flower Arrangement with Red Ranuculus and Ivory Magnolias in a Ceramic Ivory Pot, Artificial Floral Arrangement

Floral arrangement for each indoor and outdoor place according to taste and need. It consists of faux flowers finished with pastel colors. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

If you love flowers, but you don't have a green thumb this type of arrangement is dedicated for you. This artificial flowers are made of silk and they are stylised on bouquet of various flower types (for example poinsettia).

Mia artificial flower arrangement

Silk Flower Arrangment - Elegant Red and Gold Centerpiece AR307

Autumn is a great time to create full of charm bouquets and silk floral arrangements centerpieces. Some darker colors than usual, shades of falling golden leaves, maroon flowers - together give a delicate decoration for autumn evenings.