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Give your office the feel of a set from The Great Gatsby with art deco-inspired office furniture. Our top art deco furniture, great for office spaces, is full of ornate designs, light bouncing materials, and eye-catching styles. Escape the sterile minimalist modern-day designs with art deco-style mirrors, seats, tables, and more.  

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Modern Art Deco Bookcase


This gorgeous bookcase has four cube shelves perfect for displaying diplomas, awards, and other in-theme decorations. It plays well with other modern art deco furniture, and its airy design leaves your office feeling spacious.

$2249.99 $2359.5

Designer Advice:

Fill vertical space in your corner office with this bookshelf that takes art deco inspiration.  Style it with an art deco rug to tie your living space together. A black rug with gold geometric designs contrasts this golden bookcase while bringing out its metallic tones. 

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Art Deco Wall Clock


Keep track of the hours with this 16” ornate wall clock. Its geometric bezel is characteristic of art deco products, and it has both numbers or roman numerals for hour indices. It is muted so that it won’t disrupt work with ticking noises. It’s a small piece of office furniture that goes a long way in furthering an art deco-inspired office space. 

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Art Deco Executive Desk and Chair Set

Rosdorf Park

Both pieces come with geometric accents and ornate hardware, characteristic of art deco furniture. The chair is made of wood and leather and has padded armrests for hours of comfortable sitting. The desk is a significant piece of furniture that is as heavy as luxurious.

Designer Advice:

Add a couple of matching task chairs on the other side of the table to create an intimate meeting space for clients and coworkers. You will exude professionalism and confidence while hosting important meetings with this art deco furniture. 


Ornate Art Deco Office Chair

Etta Avenue™

Combine functionality with art deco-style furniture with this ornate office chair. It has seat angle adjustability, an ergonomic design and comes with an extra seat cushion. The seat is vibrant velvet upholstery that juxtaposes with the gold buttons that line the chair. Large angular tufting and piping complete the art deco look and deliver unmatched comfort. 

$229.99 $399

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Eclectic Art Deco Mirror


This geometric layered art deco mirror keeps your office space feeling light and spacious. It is best as the center of the design on a wall with its circular sunburst design. It amplifies natural light in your office while giving disseminating posh charm.

Designer Advice:

Pair this eye-catching mirror with other metallic pieces. Place a gold art deco style accent table beneath it and top it with succulents, coffee table books, or a candle. 

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Small Art Deco Style Writing Desk


If you are looking for a small streamlined desk that meshes with art deco style inspired furniture design, then this is the writing desk for you. It has a matte black manufactured wood desk, gold hardware, and an x-shaped metal base. Its two drawers are ideal for papers, envelopes, and other small office tools. Either use it as a printing station or combine it with a small chair to create a self-contained workspace. 


Leather Art Deco Bankers Chair

World Menagerie

Bankers’ chairs frequent art deco-inspired offices because of their ornate wooden structure and elegant leather seating. This stately banker’s chair is no exception to those rules as it consists of a deep red solid wood frame and dark black faux leather. It accommodates the needs of an entire office spread with a five-point wheeled base and swivel design. 


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Art Deco Mirrored Credenza

Etta Avenue™

This bold mirrored credenza will bounce natural light and keep your area bright at all hours of the day. The drawer and shelf mirrors are broken up with dramatic black geometric lines to give it a classic art deco feel. Store office tools in the three upper drawers and set up a beverage station on the shelves below for celebrating successful business deals with clients or coworkers.

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Bold Art Deco Console Table

Global Views

This Art Deco console is a sculptural piece handcrafted from hardwood with hand-textured brass sheeting. Adjustable glides ensure that it is level regardless of your flooring, and the 72”x12” top surface provides space for art deco art prints and crystal decor pieces. 


Luxe Velvet Art Deco Armchair

Everly Quinn

Impress clients and ensure they’re comfortable with a pair of luxuriously upholstered art deco armchairs. The velvet fabric is available in four bold shades, complementing the gold-finished cast iron legs. Channel pleating along the back of the chair adds visual interest to the piece, while the hollow curved backrest conforms to your contours for optimal comfort.

$325.99 $599

Designer Advice:

Place opposite an art deco executive desk with details like mother of pearl inlay and gold hardware. Or, position two chairs in front of a sunny window with a glass-topped side table for casual meetings with clients.  

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Buying Guide

Art Deco borrowed many of its elements from existing movements. Cubism tamed, Futurism, and Art Nouveau are a few examples of styles that helped to create Art Deco as a visual art style. Most people are drawn to the one-of-a-kind sensationalism that is seen in Art Deco.

Art Deco inspired furniture uses a mixture of materials, shapes and cultural significance to build on futurism and retro designs. Coffee tables are popular for presenting Art Deco in elaborate style.

What are the common features of Art Deco?

Geometries, zigzags, circles and triangular patterns are frequently seen in Art Deco designs. Boldness in wandering away from the rules of cut-and-dry styles, you may find a round wood table top sitting on horseshoe-shaped legs. A thin iron bed frame with magical designs of vertical oval shapes and outlined with square brass tabs is another example of how drama plays a part in the inspiration of Art Deco designs.

What materials is Art Deco furniture typically crafted from?

  • Wood - Because this inspired design was derived from past periods, the structure and durability were compatible. Solid wood of walnut, cherry or oak are carved out to perfection, much like a work of art. There are also less substantial wood materials used, like birch, to manufacture pieces of Art Deco design at a reduced cost. Covered with veneers, wood furniture is able to take on the appearance of solid wood.
  • Glass/Mirrors - Gleaming surfaces of glass and mirrors deliver the changing lifestyles of the roaring 20s. Many times this material is decorated with thin metal strips to create geometric designs,
  • Metal - Stainless steel or powder coating holds up tables that are flanked with marble or wood of wondrous designs and shapes. For instance, a chunk of wood that has been cut from a tree, sanded and varnished, will make a statement as a coffee table. The natural appearance suits the artistic style. A bronze Toscano Floor Torchière Lamp adds a bright addition of period assets that have been loaned to Art Deco.

What decorating styles pair well with Art Deco inspired furniture?

Art deco designs can add a new twist to boring decor with little change. Regardless of your style, small changes in furnishings with Art Deco can add an uplift to living spaces.

  • Modern/Contemporary - Modern transitional decors are very accepting of Art Deco inspired furniture. Straight lines join triangular shapes and interesting colors in fabrics to add a creative design.
  • Urban Industrial - Urban Industrial favors Art Deco in items like bar stools, cabinets, and lamps. Accessories for walls spread the theme even further.
  • Southwestern - Furniture that is Art Deco inspired is now being made with a distressed rustic look for use with Southwestern and country styles. French Art Deco period armchairs give a subtle lift to rawhide and leather couches to balance out a western decor.
  • Chic - Anything chic will benefit from Art Deco furnishings. Painted wood, large circles or retro skinny metal legs will add charm to Chic decors.

Best Ideas

Beautiful, vintage hanging lamp is inspired by the nineteen thirties' style. This chandelier has nickel-plated frame and finishing on lampshade. Three-sectional lampshade is made of bright, opaque glass.

Mary Lu Winger Stained Glass Fireplace Screen Modern Art Deco Eames Sledd Studio

An eye-catching screen that will transform your fireplace in a blink of an eye. It is made of powder-coated steel frame with flat legs for stability, and decorated with a lovely stained glass composition.

A comfortable sleeping and sitting space for users who love original solutions. This unique bed includes a very soft and comfortable mattress based on wooden frame. This frame features some shelves for books and decorations.

Sleek 1970s black lacquer brass mastercraft sideboard

An interesting sideboard inspired by the stylization from 1970s. Its solid wooden body includes durable and attractive brass details. Its geometric design includes a very durable architectural metal base.

Inspired by art deco, it will enlighten your living room with style. This beautiful pendant lighting fixture is designed to delight, distinguishing truly your interiors from the others.

With this beautiful piece of vintage art you can easily make your bedroom to sparkle with functionality and lovely appearance. The jewelry chest of drawers comes with a flip-up mirrored top that reveals small comparments, and 5 half-moon drawers that open in quite a unique way.

Inspired by Art Deco, this copper and brass "Losanga" wall mirror is a project designed by Lorenzo Burchiellaro in 1988. Its bold design will enchant even the most sophisticated tastes, adding refinement to the space.

An elegant console table that oozes with magnificent craftsmanship and beautifully lacquered, distressed finish. It's made of solid wood with a wide base for stability, and it comes with a matching mirror, shaped like a radiating sun.

This aluminum dressing table will allow you to combine a more modern look with a retro appeal to it, since the design is straight out of 1940s. It was made with old aircraft parts and ensures not only durability but also unique style.

Add some color into your home with these unique furniture pieces designed by MYK

❤ - Claude et François Lalanne chair

Beautiful Vintage Reclaimed Robin Egg

Art deco furniture is an excellent choice that will give you a unique interior. This beautiful bedroom vanity combining wood with a beautiful turquoise tint can be beautiful and very functional at the same time.

Designed between 1925 and 1940, this unique art-deco armchair bases on a designer, wooden framing. Softly cushioned with light grey pillows, it shows well the evolution of mid-century design. A real bargain for retro style enthusiasts.

is proud to introduce a collection of Art Deco inspired furniture ...

Inspired by art deco, this gold and dark cherry cabinet constitutes a perfect proposition for one's eclectic interiors. Dark brown, wooden framing and silver fronts create together a luxurious appeal.

A luxury stylish standing storage cabinet. It has a rectilinear frame, and a recessed base. Its doors are covered with pearl-looking gypse with a textured surface and a geometric pattern. Thin door frames and circular handles are of patinated brass.

Credit: Art Deco Furniture

This beautiful mirror is characterized by a breathtaking frame that is crafted of durable beech wood, and lacquered for even lovelier appearance. With such an impressive accessory, you can be sure, your home will be oozing with charm.

Elements of Style: Art Deco Furniture, Part I

furniture art nouveau lamp this lamp was custom designed by fabien ...

Modern arm chair as additional seating in the living room, bedroom and more. It is covered with pleasant to the touch material and finished with decorative stitching. Perfect for watching TV or reading books.

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