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In the old days, all wood furniture was built by master craftsman. These antique bookcases are a testament to their artistry and vision. They are made of the finest woods, built to perfection, very sturdy, and can hold anything you put on their shelves. However, you will probably only want to put your older books here, for the sake of tradition.

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Elegant curio cabinet with glass doors. Construction is made of wood with antique finish. It contains 3 drawers in various sizes and 6 shelves for storing books or display decorations. Stylish accent for each living room.

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Antique Desk & Pair of Bookcases #antique #furniture

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Dress up your kitchen while adding valuable cabinet space with this old-fashioned china cabinet. Designed for the top to fit flat against a ceiling, you cannot beat the ornate beauty of the upper surround. Glass panels display your fine china or collectibles.

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This beautiful retro-style Black Curio Cabinet is a real masterpiece made of fine painted and natural wood. Glass-case looks elegant and neat and is perfect for placing some precious books or ornaments.

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Useful bookcase that represents nice British Colonial style. It perfectly fits antique stylizations. Durable wooden frame includes some decorative accents. Storage shelves are hidden behind durable glass doors.

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Phenomenal bookcase made of wood and finished with carefully made carvings. Includes open shelves and cabinet with double doors. Adds freshness and elegance to all kinds of interior.

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Now that’s an astonishing piece of furniture. An exceptional, Victorian walnut bookcase, with subtle gothic elements. Perfect for an elegant and classy living room, bound to give it a unique, antique vibe.

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This cabinet with glass doors is some reference to tradition, but also a way to decorate your room. Such cabinet is not only practical thing. Perfectly adorns and decorates the room in which it is located.

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Fine mahogany wood used to manufacture this cabinet ensures that the construction is tough and sturdy in favour of years of enjoyable usage. Bun feet and glass panel doors enhance the traditionally influenced look.

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Buying Guide

What type of interior will antique bookcases match?

Antique bookcases are perfect in most period interiors inspired from previous centuries (such as Edwardian, Victorian, or Colonial), especially when they include several sophisticated details and carvings.

On the contrary, antique bookcases with simpler designs can work in more modern and traditional interiors depending on their style and finish.

For example, an antique bookcase in a dark wood finish wouldn’t look out of place in a nautical décor, whereas a model with a distressed look could match a French country setting.

Where to best shop for antique bookcases?

The best place to shop for antique bookcases is Foter as we include a wide range of models from both Amazon and Wayfair, two of the best online shopping platforms when it comes to furniture.

You can use Foter to start with a helpful, picture-based overview of different models, narrow down your search once you’ve figured out what type of antique bookcases you’re after, and have your most pressing questions answered immediately on the same page.

How do I identify an antique bookshelf?

These are some telltale signs to look for in order to identify an antique bookcase:

  • Check dovetail joints: if they’re perfectly shaped and symmetrical, that usually means that they were cut by a machine, indicating that this particular period-looking bookcase might not actually be antique (in fact, machines only started to be used to cut furniture in 1860)
  • As well as by the joints, impeccable symmetry overall might mean the same
  • Look for labels and stamps with manufacturing information
  • Centuries ago, it wasn’t common to use precious wood in spots that you couldn’t really look at. Check the back of your bookcase and the inside of its drawers and cupboards: if you spot a different type of wood, that probably means that what you’re looking at is an authentic antique bookcase (yay!)
  • Unlike authentic antique pieces, some models are now designed and manufactured to look worn out (for example, to match shabby chic decor); real antique bookcases will probably also have some proper signs of wear, such as by the drawer runners

Best Ideas

victorian furniture | bookcase on display in the Victorian Parlor exhibit.

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This rustic bookcase shall enchant everyone, who enjoys vintage design. Deriving from Amish design, made from solid pine, this 60" bookcase features 3 adjustable shelves. Its stained finish guarantees durability.

Now you can display your knick-knacks without worrying about damaging them. This hardwood bookcase drowns in a cherry finish, featuring 1 smaller- and 1 larger cabinet - both enclosed by clear glass paneled doors.

It is a very nice and stylish bookcase with a square top and three shelves for books or decorations. It is a classic product made of durable wood with a rich rosewood finish. The overall product size is 48.01" H x 18.01" W x 17.51" D.

Turin Bookcase | European-Inspired Home Furnishings | Ballard Designs

... Walnut Bookcase - Late Victorian Louis XV Manner Walnut Open Bookcase

A high style bookcase in a mission style made of the warm shade of wood is a perfect solution for the office and more. The glass door of the cabinet allows to expose the contents, and the whole is presented elegantly.

Reclaimed Bookcase from Full Circle Designs! This piece incorporates reclaimed barn wood, pallet wood, antique oak bed rails, a screen door, and barbed wire. ~385 SALE!! Was 500!

A small antique bookcase, which thanks to its charming, vintage character can smoothly be a shabby chic kitchen or dining room cabinet. Ideal to store glasses or dinnerware, it will enchant with its ornate finish.

Showcase leatherbound classics and antique decor on this elegant bookcase, featuring a weathered white finish and carved accents. ...

Antique Bookcase with Doors

If you are a fan of stylish Art Nouveau furniture, you need to have this two door bookcase with beautiful glass doors. It adds a style into any interior in your home. The wooden construction brigns the solidity into the room.

Barrister bookcases. Love these. Have two. Go craigslist! :-) ~Jena'