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9 Styles of TV Stands to Match Your Room’s Décor

Far from being purely functional pieces of furniture (although they're oh-so-useful!), TV stands can be the decorative statement that was missing in your living room.

Luckily, they come in all sorts of designs, materials and finishes, so it won't be hard to match your existing interior style once you know how to choose one.

Here are some tips and inspiration for the most popular types of décor.

1. TV stands for traditional interiors

For this type of interiors, you want to emphasize a cozy feeling. The best way to do so with a TV stand is to stick to models that resemble more traditional pieces of furniture, whether that's a console stand or a corner unit.

Wood is also a key material: you can either opt for natural finishes or neutral colors like white, black or grey.

While storage is always handy, you might want to consider having some open shelves too so that you can add some decorative items.

Old Wood White TV Stand
Solid Wood TV Stand
Mission Oak TV Stand

2. TV stands for contemporary interiors

With contemporary interiors, your focus will probably be on functionality.

These TV stands can still be similar to traditional furniture or consist of space-saving mounted options. Either way, look for sleek lines or interesting designs that consciously break your room's symmetry.

While you can always concentrate on versatile wood, try and stick to lighter finishes or monochrome models in the same colors as your existing palette. Alternatively, you can experiment with metal or glass options.

Metal TV Stand
Walnut White TV Stand
Floating Entertainment Center

3. TV stands for mid-century modern interiors

Here's the ultimate recipe for a mid-century modern room when it comes to TV stands: choose a console model with a horizontal design that emphasizes its length, outward-pointing legs, and darker or warmer wood finishes like teak, rosewood or walnut.

As for storage, you could experiment with a combination of closed cabinets and open shelves.

Living Room Design
Wood TV Stand
Brown TV Stand
Gray TV Stand

4. TV stands for minimalist interiors

To reinforce your minimalist décor, you have two main choices, depending on whether or not you need some additional storage.

If you do, choose consoles or floating cabinets with simple designs that are either monochrome or rely on the combination of two colors (even better if one of them is a light wood finish or white). Stay away from the most decorative models!

If you don't need storage, you could opt for bare mounted TV stands with only a shelf or two to display a couple of decorative pieces.

Floating TV Stand
White Manufactured Wood TV Stand
Light Oak TV Stand

5. TV stands for Scandinavian interiors

For a Scandinavian décor, you can draw inspiration from the first type of minimalist TV stands, but you have more freedom when it comes to storage and open shelves.

What you must remember, though, is to keep your focus on a natural palette. The trick is to combine a lighter wood finish and a color light white, yellow, grey, dark blue or forest green.

Comfortable Warm Interior Living Room
White Walnut TV Stand
Oak TV Stand
Solid Manufactured Wood TV Stand

6. TV stands for industrial interiors

Thriving on the peculiar beauty of an unfinished warehouse feel, industrial interiors could benefit from a TV stand that combines its two most characteristic materials: darker wood and metal.

Look for bare, streamlined designs and consider experimenting with open shelves or even mesh.

Industrial Living Room Design
Dark Walnut TV Stand
Vintage Oak TV Stand

7. TV stands for shabby chic interiors

This adorable interior style is more decorative than most of the ones we've seen so far.

To reinforce it with your TV stand, scout for a model that matches at least a few of these factors: white, made of wood, with a distressed feel, featuring decorative elements or harmonious lines.

You could even experiment with basket-style drawers and small ribbons.

Manufactured Solid Wood TV Stand
Crisp White TV Stand
Distressed White TV Stand
White Cabinet TV Stand

8. TV stands for French country interiors

Just like in Shabby chic rooms, French country TV stands should follow more harmonious lines, details, and, if you want, even have a distressed look.

The difference, however, is that this style is a combination of elegant and rustic, inspired by Provençal homes.

This means that, while wood is still the best choice, you can consider darker colors too or even armoire-style stands.

French Country Living Room Design
Distressed TV Stand
Poplar TV Stand
Weathered Gray TV Stand

9. TV stands for bohemian interiors

The key to a truly bohemian room? Each element should look as if it were one of a kind!

To do so with your new TV stand, choose a unique design that's either quirky or global-inspired: for example, one featuring an unusual pattern or with some interesting carvings.

Natural wood is still the best material, but you can consider TV stands with some colorful elements, too.

Midnight Blue TV Stand
Brown Solid Wood TV Stand
Gray Manufactured Wood TV Stand

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