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9 Must-Have Blow Up Chair Features

An inflatable chair is a perfect way to bring fun seating to your get-togethers. They're easy to blow up and deflate, and they're simple to store away once the party is over, so they never take up unnecessary space.

Inflatable chairs are available in various styles and colors, so you're guaranteed to find one that suits your needs and taste. On, you can browse unique blow up chair ideas for inspiration on how to use and place these trendy inflatables

However, to get the most out of this exciting portable seating option, several features are essential for enhanced comfort and durability.

Gold Inflatable Chair
Inflatable Chair
Inflatable Lounge Chair And Ottoman
Inflatable Lounge Chair
Red Inflatable Chair

A Comfortable Headrest

An inflatable chair needs to be comfortable and relaxing so you can chill by the pool or hang out at a party. A headrest is a luxurious feature that makes spending time in a blow-up chair more enjoyable. Headrests allow you to lean back and let the chair fully support you as you tilt your head up to the sun and soak in the vitamin D.

For even better comfort, you can find models that come with an inflatable footrest, making it the ideal piece for a den or home office to get a cozy reading nook.


This is an incredibly important feature if you're going to be using the blow-up chair outdoors, but it can also be beneficial for indoor party use in case of accidental spills. Waterproof materials are easy to wipe clean.

For outdoor inflatable chairs, water resistance is critical if you plan to use the chair poolside or if you'll be leaving it outside between uses. Most inflatable chairs are primarily made from heavy-duty PVC; however, some models feature flocking on the seat for added comfort. Ensure the flocking is water-resistant and quick-drying for easy maintenance.

A Funky Design Choice

When you're shopping for a blow-up chair, a bold and fun color or design is essential. These chairs come in many varieties, and if you're going to use it outdoors for summer fun or indoors for additional seating at get-togethers, the vibrant color adds life to the party.

However, it's easy to find a color that matches your home decor if you have a neutral color scheme. You can opt for a white, cream, or beige inflatable chair instead of bold color, but choose one with a unique feature like diamond tufting. These features let you create a statement piece in your home.

Multicolored Inflatable Chair
Multicolored Inflatable Chair

Easy To Clean Material

An inflatable chair should be no stress and no mess - that's why you must have an easy to clean material. Nylon is standard for inflatable chairs because it's durable and hassle-free.

You're also likely to find inflatable chairs in plastic, PVC, felt, or corduroy. While polyvinyl chloride and plastic are other materials that wipe clean easily. Felt and corduroy pose more of a problem for stains or spills.

Look for models that feature a removable, machine-washable cover for quick and easy cleaning.

Clear Inflatable Chair
Clear Inflatable Chair

Portable and Storable

If you're looking for a blow-up chair because it's easy to store when it's not in use, then the size it folds down to and the packaging it comes with are essential factors. Your blow-up chair should have a practical way to neatly pack up when you're done with it.

Look for models that come with a carrying bag or case, so you have something to pack the chair into when it's flat for minimal effort when transporting it to a new location in your home and added protection in storage.

Ergonomic Design

Inflatable chairs don't have foam padding or springs to support your body while seated, so you need to look for an ergonomically designed model to support the back and neck.

Of course, you can't change the fixed height of an inflatable chair like you can with an ergonomic office chair, but factors to consider are the width and depth of the seat of the blow-up chair. You want the seat to be big enough to support your back correctly, and it should also provide lumbar support.

Inflatable Gaming Chair
Inflatable Gaming Chair

Durable Construction

Inflatable chairs are not built to last for the same length of time as your standard living room setting. However, they should feature a durable contraction that won't break after several uses.

Look for blow-up chairs with reinforced seams to prevent ripping and rugged abrasion-resistant material that can withstand heavy-duty use on various surfaces from hardwood floor to carpet to grass.

Conveniently Self-Inflating

The last thing anyone wants to do after an exciting new purchase is to spend hours struggling to set it up. Opt for a blow-up chair that inflates automatically to spare your lungs the hassle of trying to fill the chair with air manually.

If your chosen model has large dimensions or several inflatable sections, you may need to purchase a manual foot pump or an electric air pump to inflate the chair properly. Ensure you fully inflate the chair for optimal comfort, but do not exceed the maximum air pressure indicated by the manufacturer.

Pockets and Pouches

If your blow-up chair is to become a permanent part of your decor, a model that comes with storage features is useful. 

Choose an inflatable chair with pockets on the side to store your books, magazines, remote controls, or your phone while relaxing for easy access to your essentials.

Invest in a Blow-Up Chair for Fun, Portable Comfort

These must-have features can make your inflatable chair a functional and worthwhile investment for your entertaining space.

A blow-up chair has become a fun, modern way to add additional seating to your yard or living room and is versatile for relaxing outdoors or transporting it on the road for a day at the beach. Regardless of how you're planning to use it, a blow-up chair can be a fun twist to your home decor.

Solid Gold Inflatable Chair
Solid Gold Inflatable Chair

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