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8 Unique Relaxing Chairs For Your Zen Den

When you're creating a space designed to help you unwind, you have to furnish it with pieces that feel good visually, physically, and emotionally. Your zen den is all about finding what feels right for you and making time for yourself. Choosing a chair that suits your needs and instantly relaxes you can be challenging because there are so many fantastic options on the market, and some are truly unique.

You'll find plenty of inspiration for relaxing chairs on, where there's a style to meet everyone's zen den aspirations. Whether you want cozy or quirky, hanging or reclining, wooden, or cushioned, you'll find the perfect relaxing chair for you.

Rocking Chair

Glam Living Room Design

Rocking chairs are perfect for a zen den, even though these classic pieces of furniture may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Despite generally being firmer than some other relaxing chairs available, rocking chairs have incredible benefits for your mood.

They can improve mental health and relieve pain as the rocking motion releases endorphins in your brain. This movement reduces your stress, making it the ideal chair for a relaxation space.


French Country Living Room Design

The Papasan chair has become popular in North America in recent decades, but it originates from South East Asia. These round, bowl-shaped chairs are made of rattan and furnished with a thick cushion that allows you to sit comfortably for hours.

The aesthetic of the chair is visually relaxing because of the circular shape. Circles are pleasing to the eye and, when arranged correctly, possess a calming quality compared to other forms.

These chairs are comfortable and cozy for reading, napping, or working on your laptop. They come in loads of different colors, both for the frame and the cushion, so you can find a style that blends seamlessly with your interior design scheme.

Massage Chair

Full Body Massage Chair

If you're prepared to invest in a relaxing chairfor your zen den, then a classic massage chair is an excellent choice. At the top of the price range for comfortable seating, these luxury pieces come in many shapes and styles.

A classic look is the black leather recliner-style chair, however, you can also find massage chairs in various styles from wingback to roll arm and in assorted upholstery options including microfiber, wool, and cotton.

What's unique about these chairs is the services they can provide. You can find massage chairs that perform Japanese, Thai, and Chinese massage techniques all in one. With rollers that can target your hips, back, neck, and shoulders, these chairs offer the ultimate in at-home relaxation.

Hammock Swing Chair

Hammock Swing Chair

This relaxation station style is popular for kids' rooms, but it can also make a novel addition to your zen space. Reconnecting to our inner child is healthy and relaxing, so adding one of these fun chairs to your zen den can help you unwind.

Hung from the ceiling on a hook, this single piece of fabric forms a cozy circular nook that you can climb into from the wide oval opening. Inside, a plush cushion completes the hideaway oasis.

A more mature version of this chair features a stand-alone frame that supports a hanging hammock-style chair. You can play with unique aesthetics like rope or tassels for an unconventional look.

Barcelona Chairs

Living Room Design
Faux Leather Lounge Chair
Leather Lounge Chair And Ottoman

These classic style chairs are fantastic for lounging. Whether you want a space to meditate, read, or just chill out and watch a movie, a Barcelona chair might be the right choice for you.

Barcelona chairs are made of leather cushions filled with foam, supported by chrome on a steel frame. They have a retro look that will add character to your den, and the bucket shape of the seat supports your body to have you relaxing with your feet up in no time.

Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair & Lounger

A light and soft option for your zen den, bean bag chairs** are fun because you can quickly move them around the space, and they offer a more casual way to relax**.

Allowing you to sit or lay down, these comfy chairs are meant for being zen and are also great for enhancing the room's ambiance. You can choose between various fabrics for these chairs, and the style they bring to your den can make a significant impact on how you feel when you're in there. You can opt for a grey, twill material, a synthetic bold blue, or make it modern and flashy with white faux fur material.

Egg Chair

Bohemian Bedroom Design
Swing Chair
Swing Chair With Stand

With their unique flair, egg chairs can make a fantastic addition to your zen den, depending on your aesthetic. These romantic, hanging chairs have the appearance of an egg-shaped woven basket, with a cozy cushion inside.

While they're popular for outdoor use, there's no reason you can't chill out in your zen space while swinging gently back and forth, cradled in your nook. Egg chairs feel like a haven the way they surround you on either side.

There are hundreds of styles to choose from. For a boho-luxe look, try a natural woven rattan egg chair with batik upholstery. Or, if you have a modern aesthetic, a black high-density plastic shell with a high-gloss finish and a plush white cushion create a stunning visual contrast.

Meditation Chair

Meditation Bench

A traditional meditation chair is a small wooden bench seat supported by two wider legs. Often the seat is rounded in shape, similar to a stool. Though at first glance, this might not seem like a relaxing place, this unique chair is ideal for a functional zen den.

When you sit on a meditation stool, you must keep your back straight, conditioning you to use the correct posture. For meditation, poor posture produces poor focus. If you are sitting and standing in proper alignment, you will experience less muscle and joint pain, contributing to a more relaxed and comfortable way of life.

When searching for meditation chairs, you might find chairs that simply look like the cushion of a chair that is on the ground. These relaxing chairs can provide the same benefits as the traditional meditation bench.

The Final Word

Choosing the right relaxing chair for your zen den can transform your space and enhance your well-being. Having a safe place that you can curl up at the end of a long day can help your body calm down and rejuvenate.

Your relaxation chair should not only offer extreme comfort, it should also coordinate with your interior design scheme to create a cohesive, harmonious look. When your zen den is aesthetically balanced, it creates a more relaxing atmosphere ideal for self-care.

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