7 Reloading Bench Designs to Fit Your Space

When searching for a reloading bench, there are many factors to consider, including what design best fits your space. Traditionally used by gun enthusiasts, reloading benches have many uses and can be designed for crafting, fly fishermen, or general shop work.

Whether you have a whole garage area to use or are confined to the spare room of your home, there's a reloading bench design out there for everyone - you just have to know what to look for.

Browse reloading bench designs on for inspiration. Whether you have a big or small workspace, a reloading bench helps you get organized and maximize your efficiency. These benches come in several designs, and you don't have to break the bank to find one that's functional for your space.

NRMA Reloading Bench

For gun enthusiasts who intend to use the reloading bench for creating custom ammunition and gun cleaning, a traditional NRMA design is the best option. The official design of the National Reloading Manufacturers Association, this style of bench is sturdy and provides plenty of storage for your small parts.

Doors, bins, and drawers above and below the worktop surface keep you organized and make pressing ammunition fast and efficient because you can grab materials quickly.

Collapsible Reloading Bench with Storage

For those who are tight on space, a collapsible workbench is a simple solution. It allows you to maintain a large surface area for your worktop, but when you're done, you can fold the large worktop area down and gain back that space.

This option is ideal if you're working in a small garage where you need to make room for vehicles. It is also an excellent option for a basement workshop in your home as it provides an easy way to tidy up the area.

Having the bench above the worktop's storage unit portion means you can keep your work materials organized while minimizing the space they take up.

Garage Workshop

Portable Workbench

A portable workbench is ideal when you have no permanent space in your home, shop, or garage to leave a reloading bench permanently assembled. This design can't bear as much weight as a traditional reloading bench due to its smaller size, but if you're going to be setting up a temporary workstation, then a portable workbench is the easiest solution.

This small model, usually with a fold-down base, is also suitable for individuals traveling for business and working in different locations daily. You can quickly put this into your truck and take it on the road. A portable workbench doesn't have to be extremely small in size as long as the base folds down and you can deconstruct it quickly. However, make sure that the tabletop has sturdy support braces to prevent the bench from collapsing under the weight of your equipment.

Modular Workbench

A modular workbench is perfect for someone who requires flexibility in their workspace. If you're working in a garage or shop area that frequently changes layout with different vehicles coming in and out, then having the flexibility to move your workstation around maximizes your use of space.

Typically a modular workbench will come in different sections on wheels that can either be lined up in a row to form one large work surface. Or you can roll out individual sections from a central unit and use elsewhere in the room.

To make this design more functional for heavy use, you can install a large worktop mounted to the wall over top of the different modular units. When they're all in line together, you have a single large workspace reinforced with the modular sections' support underneath.

Folding Table Work Bench
Integrated Mobile Base

Basic DIY Reloading Bench

Using two by fours and ¾" plywood, you can create a custom bench explicitly designed for the space your in. The basic design is a plywood worktop area supported by four legs that are braced together.

There are many plans for an essential bench available online, and you can make variations as it suits your space. This is an affordable way to get the perfect fit, especially if you are an able carpenter.

To optimize the functionality of your DIY bench, invest in durable storage containers, bins, drawers to keep all your small parts organized.

Classic Workbench
Classic Workbench

Butcher Block Top with Adjustable Legs

Natural wood adds a stunning visual depth to your workspace, giving you a bench that is as beautiful as it is functional. Butcher's block table tops are sturdy enough to support the weight of an ammunition press without sagging, and any scratches only add to the rustic aesthetic.

You can get a butcher block top with stainless steel legs that are adjustable. This will allow you to alter the workbench's height for sitting or standing, ensuring you're always working in a comfortable position.

Ensure that you seal the wood with a commercial sealant or linseed oil for easier cleanup.

Work Bench And Shelving Storage System
Work Bench And Shelving Storage System

Wall Mounted Workbench

If you're looking to maximize your space but don't want a portable reloading bench, consider a wall-mounted design.

This workstation won't offer many storage options, but it can work for you if you're tight on space. Steel brackets will mount this model to the wall. Ideally, you should attach the worktop to brick or concrete with heavy-gauge screws or find the wall studs for proper stability.

The ability to fold the workbench down when you're done with it saves space, but what separates this model from a freestanding collapsible bench is that you don't have any storage above or below the worktop since it's mounted directly to the wall.

Wood Metal Workbench
Wood Metal Workbench

The Best Bench For Your Space

Choosing the right reloading bench for your space can be challenging, especially if you're limited in how much room you can work with. That's why collapsible, portable, or wall-mounted options available today are incredibly useful, even if they differ from the traditional design of a reloading bench.

While a conventional NRMA reloading bench offers optimal functionality, don't shy away from non-traditional options to blend with your style and embrace the space you do have so that you can make it as functional as possible.

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