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7 Reasons to Get a Recliner For Your Toddler

There are many reasons to give your toddler, "Jack" or "Jill," a recliner. The most important, or perhaps the most obvious, reason is that it is time that your child has a special chair. Picture a room in which each member of the family has a chair, either because he or she claimed it or because it's a tacit recognition.

There's Mom in her chair, Dad in his. Big Sis tends to spread out on the sofa, Big Brother is at his desk. So where does the toddler sit? Does Jill wait until someone lets her climb on? Or does Jack sit in a chair that's way too big for him and, therefore, not comfortable at all? Imagine what's going on in their minds. Toddlers need to have a chair! They are part of the family! So why not give them a really special chair, a recliner?

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There is a wide-ranging selection of toddler recliners on the market. And a wide variety of reasons to gift your toddler with one of them.

  • A toddler recliner is a deliciously comfortable place for Jack to relax. Playing can be tiring! You may find that he fusses less about taking an afternoon nap when he can doze right off in his chair. 

  • Jill "retreats" to her recliner when she wants to "get away from it all" to read. When the recliner is in the toddler's bedroom, it adds style to the décor, encourages imaginative play, and even gives her a place to sit to put on her socks and shoes.

  • For Mom and Dad, a toddler recliner is sturdy and safe. The wide hardwood frame is strong so that it is unlikely to tip over or fall apart no matter how much Jack squirms or jumps around on it. The frame also makes the recliner durable. The best frame is made from oak or birch, but, granted, that can be expensive. A plywood frame works. In addition, Jack is protected from any sharp edges by the padding.

  • The recliner can be a "rite of passage" for the toddler. Jill has gone through the stages of simply being able to sit up, using a support ring, "driving" a fancy plush car, eating in a feeding chair. It's a giant step for her to have her own recliner.

  • A toddler recliner is an ergonomically wise choice. Firstly, it is designed for Jack's measurements, and when he is reclined, his spine is rested, back supported and legs elevated---beneficial to his body and also his mind.

  • Having a Jill-sized recliner will increase her self-confidence and independence, which is very important even this early in her life.

  • Toddlers love the extra features: the cup holders for drinks and snacks, the flip-up storage in the arms, and the roomy side pockets.

Traditional Kids Bedroom Design
Traditional Kids Bedroom Design

Buyer's Guide for a Toddler Recliner

If you have not shopped for a toddler recliner before, we have a few things that you may want to keep in mind so that you choose the recliner that is perfect for your (and your toddler's) needs.

  • Recliners are known as the ultimate in comfortable sitting. Make sure those cushions have nice thick padding and that all corners are safely covered.

  • Jack is going to spill something on the chair---that's a given, so have a spill-friendly fabric. For instance, vinyl and a microfiber are easy to clean and feel good on his skin. Avoid at all costs a chemically dyed fabric.

  • Follow the manufacturer's restrictions as far as the age and weight of your toddler.

  • Consider the ergonomics: The height of the recliner should allow Jill to put her feet on the floor. The width should be appropriate, not too wide, not too narrow. Be like Goldilocks and find "just right." Make sure that the seat is not deeper than necessary so that it does not put undue pressure on the knees and back.

  • Toddlers like places to stash their treasures; consider a recliner with the pockets on the sides and storage in the arms.

  • Some recliners come with an additional headrest cover that makes the chair even more comfortable.

  • There are three means of reclining the chair: pushing against the back, pulling a handle and pushing a power button. The push-back models are best for toddlers. The handle and button can malfunction. But you know what will work best for your toddler.

  • If you think Jill will want to move around her recliner, make sure it is lightweight while still being sturdy, safe and comfortable.

  • Toddlers are full of joy. They love joyful colors. Having a recliner in a joyful color is more important than having one that perfectly matches a more staid (adult) décor.

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Kids Bedroom Design

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