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6 Ultimate Reasons Why Every Woman Should Get a Makeup Vanity

A makeup vanity with lights or placed right by your brightest window is an unmissable addition to your bedroom and morning routine!

As if 'feeling like a Hollywood star every single day' weren't a good enough reason to buy one immediately, there are lots of other benefits that this multifunctional piece of furniture can bring you.

They're also available in every possible color and style, so you're bound to find the right makeup vanity for your décor here.

Now let's see why you definitely need one in your life!

They're also available in every possible color and style, so you're bound to find the right makeup vanity for your décor.

Now let's see why you definitely need one in your life!

A makeup vanity takes your morning routine to the next level

Are you used to getting ready in the morning by standing in front of your bathroom mirror and trying your best to balance all of your makeup products on the sink? 

Tired of having to vacate it when someone needs the toilet, which somehow happens to be right when you're trying to match the eyeliner around your left eye?

  • A makeup vanity with lights means that you have a special little corner of the house that is just for you, where nobody can barge in and interrupt your makeup routine;

  • You can also sit down comfortably while applying makeup and getting ready for work instead of trying to do everything while standing up;

  • Knowing that you have such a special place that's designated for your self-care could also help reduce stress by allowing you to start the day in a pleasant way, and your makeup vanity with lights will probably become your favorite safe space.

It helps you keep your makeup organized and display all your products

  • When you haven't got a designated space for makeup, your products inevitably end up all over the place. We've all been guilty of leaving a few brushes in the bathroom's drawers and the foundation that we got for Christmas somehow still in the dresser!

  • This obviously results in a lot of clutter, both in your bathroom and bedroom;

  • What's worse is that, because everything is so messy, you always somehow end up using the same few products and only find your other lost treasures after their expiry date;

  • With a makeup vanity with lights, on the other hand, you can keep them well organized. Thanks to its handy drawers and little shelves, you'll be able to have a good overview of all the makeup products that you own, allowing you to actually make the most of them;

  • You can also display them nicely, showcasing your favorite ones and, especially, those that come in the prettiest packaging or bottles.

Black Makeup Vanity with Mirror
Modern Makeup Vanity with Mirror and Stool Set
Corner Makeup Vanity with Mirror
Luxury Makeup Vanity with Mirrors
Contemporary Wooden Maekeup Vanity
Simple Makeup Vanity in White

A makeup vanity with lights provides extra seating with minimal space

Do you always find yourself sitting on the edge of the bed when trying your shoes on? Perhaps you'd love to add a chair to the bedroom but you just haven't got enough space?

  • Thanks to the characteristic design of makeup vanities, these pieces of furniture usually come with a comfy stool that won't take up any extra room;

  • Once you're done using it, you can simply push it back underneath the table, leaving plenty of room to move around it.

Makeup Vanity Desk with Mirror and Lights
Makeup Vanity Desk with Mirror and Lights
Traditional Small Makeup Vanity with Mirror
Traditional Small Makeup Vanity with Mirror

A makeup vanity is a multifunctional piece of furniture 

  • Sure, a makeup vanity with lights is to put makeup on (duh!), but that doesn't mean that you should only use it for that reason;

  • If you haven't got enough room for a desk, you can totally make the most of your new makeup vanity to write, work on your laptop, or whatever activity you need a desk surface for;

  • To make this transition even easier, you could opt for models with a flip-top mirror or those whose top surface is separate from the mirror-drawers-shelves part.

It can help you tie together the décor of your room

  • With its attention-grabbing mirror and stool, your makeup vanity will probably be the first thing that you and your guests will see when entering the bedroom;

  • Finding one that matches its décor style will be a breeze since they're available in so many different designs and colors.

A makeup vanity with lights gives the room a luxurious feel

  • As well as matching its décor, a makeup vanity with lights can really add a sophisticated look to your bedroom;

  • Immediately associated with past nobility and vintage Hollywood stars, this elegant piece of furniture will showcase your passion for makeup and self-care, displaying your great taste in décor.

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