6 Great Benefits of Having a Trampoline Cover

Trampolines are always fun! Well, except for when you jump so high that the sunlight hurts your eyes and you land on… bird poop (totally didn't happen to us!). 

A trampoline cover allows you to bounce back from these unpleasant accidents, and it comes with lots of other fantastic perks, both for you and your kids.

Plus, these accessories are available in all sorts of sizes and designs: it'll be a breeze to find one that matches both your needs and the diameter of your trampoline.

You can find lots of different trampoline covers here, from the most basic and budget-friendly models to the most colorful and creative shapes.

Now, let's jump straight to the benefits of trampoline covers!

A trampoline cover will keep the surface of your trampoline clean

Falling leaves, bird droppings, debris and dust that turns into mud after it rains. Definitely not what you want your kids to find when they're heading there for a jump! 

  • A cover will keep your trampoline clean, stopping all those unwanted objects from falling onto its surface;

  • This will spare you from having to wipe its surface every single time your kids want to use it.

Trampoline covers keep trampolines dry

As well as annoying debris, don't forget that leaving your trampoline outside all the time and, especially, overnight will also mean that it'll get rained on.

Bouncing up and down on a wet surface? That's a recipe for disaster and, probably, a broken ankle. 

  • Instead of risking it or having to wipe it every time, grab a waterproof trampoline cover to keep it dry no matter how much it's rained;

  • It's also handy to prevent it from getting covered in snow during the coldest months. While, in this case, you'll still need to get rid of the snow since it can be quite heavy, it won't damage the actual surface of the trampoline!

A cover will protect your trampoline from the elements

Unforeseen weather circumstances aren't just dangerous if your kids are about to jump on the trampoline without supervision and a bit of a pain because they require you to wipe it every time. They're also a slow death sentence for the trampoline itself! 

  • While rain and snow are obviously quite bad for it, the innocent sun could be even worse in the long run!

  • Constant exposure to UV rays will damage your trampoline and, especially, its safety pads and nets;

  • Investing in a UV-resistant cover will get rid of this problem and help its surface stand the test of time;

  • We recommend choosing a high-quality trampoline cover that can be secured tightly to the surface of your trampoline, or else it could fly away during the windiest days. For some extra peace of mind, you might want to anchor the trampoline to the ground, too!

A trampoline cover will provide plenty of shade on sunny days

We bet your kids can't wait to head to their trampoline as soon as the sun comes out! 

  • However, if the trampoline is always exposed to sunlight, it also means that the net will be piping hot: not the best for their little feet!

  • Plus, they could get sunburnt by playing on it for hours during the warmest time of the day, and prolonged exposure to UV rays is also bad for their skin;

  • A tall trampoline cover with enclosure will allow them to enjoy the sunshine without roasting their heads or burning their feet on the hot mat; at the same time, it'll guarantee plenty of ventilation.

A trampoline cover can provide an additional element of play

Some tarp-style or plain trampoline covers are only there to do their job (and to do it excellently!). 

Still, there are plenty of colorful models that could make your trampoline look even more attractive to kids, encouraging them to entertain themselves on it more often:

If you have young kids, you could make their day with a trampoline cover in their favorite color, or one that's shaped like a rocket ship, a circus tent, and so on.

Trampoline covers will prolong the lifespan of your trampoline

You've probably invested a lot of money on your trampoline: why would you want to be forced to buy a new one in a few years? 

It's crazy how much of a difference this humble accessory can make, right? Now that you've discovered all the benefits of trampoline covers, you can jump to buying one today!

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