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5 Awesome Ways On How to Style Cordless Lamps

If you purchase a cordless table lamp, you most probably pick one that not only lights your desired space but is also a worthwhile addition to your home decorating scheme. For a modern home, you may pick a lamp that incorporates glass and metal or perhaps something artistic. If you have a ranch home, you might get a cordless table lamp that exemplifies the rustic plains or something clever like an old miner's lantern re-purposed for end table use. Whatever you need, the Foter Collection has a multitude of collections for every style.

Your lamp will often be an accent piece that can stand on its own, however, many times, it is how it interacts with other objects that will make a difference in the interior. The way you style your cordless lamp will change the room decor and offer a new perspective. Here are a few ideas on how to do this:

1. Not just for end tables and desks

The biggest upside of a cordless lamp is its versatility. It can go anywhere. So why not try some new locations, like perhaps using yours to light the dining table for a more intimate ambiance during a nice dinner. Or take one outside and use it on your patio table for a meal after dark, while you sit and listen to the creatures of the night come out to start their activities.

2. Lord of the Manor

Make your home feel like a medieval palace when you place a few cordless table lamps atop tall candle holders. These are thick, sturdy, and designed for a candle that is 4-inches wide to make it aesthetically sound. The aesthetics will almost take care of themselves but putting wrought iron or some other type of hard black metal items to complement the design will only help set the scene.

Cordless Table Lamps with Warm Light
Cordless Table Lamps with Warm Light

3. What lies beneath

A great way to accent your cordless table lamp, and even a cordless desk lamp, is by putting something between the tabletop and the lamp base. The added item will alter the aesthetics of the lamp, the table, and the whole room if it pervasive enough. A piece of wood, fake books, a decorative pedestal, or anything can adjust the perception of your lamp.

Book Box Set as Lamp Base
Book Box Set as Lamp Base
Serving Tray as Cordless Lamp Base
Serving Tray as Cordless Lamp Base

4. Made in the shade

If you already love your lamp and love where it is placed, then maybe enhancing it with a decorative or eclectic new shade, or a rotating series of shades, is the way to go. There is an unfathomably large quantity of shades out there in all sizes and colors, styles, and shapes. If you want to take your lamp to the next level, then a new shade might be just the answer to your decorative conundrum.

Blue Linen Empire Lamp Shade

5. Keep it simple

Largely, this more applies to cordless desk lamps, but the ideas can translate to cordless table lamps if the mood hits you. If the neck is long enough and the bulb doesn't get too hot, take a scarf, a bandana, or maybe a feather boa and wrap it around the neck of the lamp, allowing it to drape to the base. Don't let it hang in the way as that will get annoying. Anything that the lamp can be wrapped with work. Mardis Gras beads, a long rope chain, a bunch of glued together flowers in a daisy chain. It is a quick and clever, not to mention a simple way to make your cordless desk lamp unique.

Your decorative style is all your own. If you want yours to say something about who you are and what you are all about, there are literally thousands of options to accentuate your home to meet your individual taste.

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