10 Best Outdoor Towel Racks

An outdoor towel rack is an excellent addition to your patio, backyard, or pool deck. There's nothing like drying off with a soft and fluffy towel that has dried in the fresh air.

Outdoor towel drying is also quick and convenient because you can position your drying rack next to the pool, hot tub or outdoor shower for easy access. If you spend a lot of time in your pool or need to use your outdoor shower after returning from the beach, consider our picks for the best outdoor towel racks available.

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Picking the best outdoor towel rack for your household comes down to your specific needs. However, some models excel in areas that could make them the ideal choice for you.

Portable Outdoor 5 Bar Towel Rack
Lonffery Outdoor Towel Rack
Poolmaster Poolside Towel Tree
Wall Mounted Drying Rack
Smartsome Clothes Drying Rack

Our favorite outdoor towel rack that delivers in just about every aspect is the Outdoor Lamp company 405BRZ Portable Outdoor 5 Bar Towel Rack. The classic design with a bronze finish makes it an attractive feature on any pool deck or patio, while the water-fillable base provides stability.

The 5 hanging bars provide plenty of storage space for towels, bathing suits and other apparel like shorts and tees. Because it is lightweight, you can easily move it around to find the best location.

There is no need to sacrifice quality when purchasing an outdoor towel rack on a budget. We particularly like the Lonffery Outdoor Towel RackLonffery Outdoor Towel Rack, which combines affordability with high-quality materials and versatility. The 4 180° rotating poles offer superb air circulation for improved drying performance, while the anti-damping design reduces the effects of wear and tear.

The multi-function double hook offers extra storage space, and the simple installation process makes it easy to attach it to a wall. This affordable model is an excellent choice if you're seeking a high-quality outdoor towel rack at a budget price.

If you have a pool you love to spend the summer enjoying, you need a towel rack that can resist the elements and the corrosive effects of chlorine. The Poolmaster Poolside Towel Tree is an excellent solution for a place to hang your towels and swimming fins without worrying about rust and corrosion. Using PVC construction, this towel tree is weatherproof, even the salt-filled air by the sea. Fill the base with sand so it remains in place, and empty it to take the tree with you to your seaside cottage for the summer.

If you find you often have heavy laundry loads that would benefit from outside air drying, get the AERO W Racks Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Collapsible Towel Drying Rack. This model can hold an incredible 60 lbs. of wet towels and clothing, making it ideal for drying a substantial amount of laundry at once.

For increased air circulation and versatility, the Smartsome Outdoor Towel Drying Rack is our recommendation. You can use this outdoor towel rack in 3 different ways, giving you the option to hang towels and clothes in a way that increases the rate of airflow and decreases drying time.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Towel Rack 

It can be challenging to find the best outdoor towel rack. With the wide range of available features, you might not know which features are essential for you.

However, several key features can help you narrow down your choices.


The best location to dry your towels can change many times throughout the day. As the sun moves or the direction of the wind changes, you may want to move your outdoor towel rack.

It's also unlikely you'll be drying towels outdoors all year round. You may prefer to air dry your winter clothes, such as jackets, hats and gloves indoors. Consider purchasing an outdoor towel rack that is also suitable for indoor use.

There are numerous lightweight models available, and some that allow for speedy breakdown and reassembly.


Most outdoor towel racks are lightweight. When you add towels to their poles, the frame could fall if the towels are uneven or the wind picks up. Numerous models come with a hollow base, which you can fill with water or sand.

By increasing the weight at the bottom of the unit, the towel rack becomes more stable and less likely to tip over. This feature not only protects the towel rack from sustaining unnecessary damage but also prevents your towels from falling onto the ground.

If you choose an outdoor towel rack that stands on legs, with no option for a hollow base, it's vital to ensure it is sturdy and well-balanced. When placing towels or clothing on your rack, try to move around the unit, putting clothes equally on each side. This method reduces your rack's risk of toppling over and places less strain on the components that hold the frame together.

Hanging areas

If you're drying smaller items such as hand towels or face cloths, you may not need many hanging areas. However, if you also use your outdoor towel rack for larger items, the amount of hanging space can be crucial.

If you place towels or clothes too close together on your outdoor towel rack, there may not be enough room for significant air circulation. This issue can lead to increased drying times, and your towels may pick up a damp or musty smell.

Choosing an outdoor towel rack with enough hanging rails for your needs is vital. Many models also allow you to vary the pole heights to make it easier to place towels on the bars. This feature also improves airflow for more rapid drying times.

Construction material

Because your towel rack is for outdoor use, it needs to use robust materials to ensure it can withstand variable weather conditions. Look for frames that use PVC, which doesn't rust or corrode in wet weather.

If your preferred model also uses any metals for construction, it's essential to confirm they are suitable for use in damp conditions and are easy to dry before and after each use.

UV treatment also helps protect your outdoor towel rack from any harmful effects from the sun's rays. Your towel rack will be in an area you use a lot during the summer, so you want it to retain its natural color.

For a more eco-friendly choice, you could consider purchasing a bamboo outdoor towel rack. Bamboo is renewable and is also extremely resilient.

Storage space

It may not be the first factor that comes to mind when thinking of an outdoor towel rack, but extra storage space can be a great feature. You can keep other items such as shoes and laundry baskets beneath your towels, making it ideal for saving space and leaving your outdoor area uncluttered.

Collapsibility for versatility

An outdoor towel rack that attaches to a wall is excellent if you have a dedicated drying area. However, the frame is then a permanent feature in your backyard. Many consumers prefer a portable model.

For further versatility, it is a good idea to consider an outdoor towel rack that is collapsible. When you collapse a unit into a compact shape, it is easier to carry the rack to the next location. Collapsible models can quickly expand back to their full capacity position, allowing you to hang towels and other laundry items on the bars.

A collapsible outdoor towel rack is also useful when storing your unit. Because they fold into a neat and compressed shape, you can keep the frame in small storage areas.

Quality on a budget

Many affordable outdoor towel racks offer superb features and durable build quality. To withstand outdoor weather conditions, the materials should be high-quality, but they don't need to be expensive.

Budget models also provide plenty of hanging space for your towels, allowing you to air dry many laundry items simultaneously. Whatever your outdoor towel rack requirements, there is sure to be a model that also matches your budget.

Here are some common questions and answers that many consumers have about outdoor towel racks.

Are outdoor towel racks safe?

Yes, outdoor towel racks are extremely safe. You can choose a wall-mounted model that attaches securely to your home or garage, ensuring it doesn't get in the way, and also won't blow over even in inclement weather conditions.

If you prefer a portable model, most outdoor towel racks have a lightweight design, allowing you to easily move them around your pool deck or patio. Some outdoor towel racks also come with a base that you can fill with water or sand to add extra stability to the unit.

You can also check if your preferred model comes with a secure locking mechanism to prevent accidental collapses.

Do I need a handyman to install an outdoor towel rack?

If you are using a portable outdoor towel rack, there is no need for installation. You can carry it to your preferred drying location and set it up in seconds. Some installation is necessary if you are using a wall-mounted outdoor towel rack.

Attaching these models to your home or garage is usually straightforward, and there are detailed instructions to guide you through the process. You can also ask if there is a customer service department to help you if there are any issues. If you are not DIY oriented, hiring a handyman to install your outdoor towel rack may be a good option.

Is an outdoor towel rack cost-effective?

After making your initial purchase, there are no ongoing costs. While a dryer uses electricity to dry your towels, an outdoor towel rack allows your laundry to air dry. If you are looking to reduce your energy bills, an outdoor towel rack is an excellent choice.

Will my clothes smell damp?

An outdoor towel rack allows air to circulate freely around your laundry. A breeze will increase the drying speed, and warm weather accelerates the process. This allows your towels and clothing to dry in the fresh air, and if there is sufficient airflow, your laundry doesn't smell damp after drying outside.

Top 10 Outdoor Towel Rack Reviews 

1. Top Pick: Outdoor Lamp company 405BRZ Portable Outdoor 5 Bar Towel Rack

Portable Outdoor 5 Bar Towel Rack
Portable Outdoor 5 Bar Towel Rack

Providing the ideal blend of stability and functionality, this model is our pick for the best outdoor towel rack on the market. Although the long base with 2 T-shaped ends provides a solid foundation, this unit weighs a mere 3.33 lbs., allowing you to position this outdoor towel rack in the most convenient position.

You can also fill the base with water for extra balance, which is especially useful in windy conditions. If you're drying towels around the pool, you can quickly move this rack into sunny or breezy areas for quicker results. 

Because it has 5 bars, there is plenty of space to hang towels, swimsuits, t-shirts or any other clothing that could benefit from drying naturally in the fresh air. The durable plastic material is rust and corrosion resistant for an extended lifespan, and the beautiful bronze finish brings an added touch of style to any outdoor space.

If you're looking for the best outdoor towel rack available, choose the Outdoor Lamp 5 Bar Towel Rack.

2. Best Outdoor Towel Rack for Ease of Use: Outdoor Lamp Company Portable 3 Bar Towel Tree

Portable 3 Bar Towel Tree
Portable 3 Bar Towel Tree

You can easily place this lightweight outdoor towel rack in the best position for optimum drying. The slimline design makes it easy for one person to carry without assistance, while the height of 50" ensures this unit doesn't take up much space.

You can also break this outdoor rack down after use and reassemble it when it's time to dry more towels or clothing items.

Provide extra solidity to this model by adding water or sand to the base. If you want to dry smaller and larger items, slide the 3 24" cross bars to create whatever length of bar you need.

When drying towels outdoors, you need to be confident your towel rack can withstand potential damage from the elements. This model uses furniture-grade UV treated PVC, which is suitable for use in damp and sunny conditions, meaning you can leave it outside all the time without the risk of rusting or peeling.

3. Best Outdoor Towel Rack for Compact Design: Outdoor Lamp Company Patio Towel Holder

Outdoor Lamp Company Patio Towel Holder
Outdoor Lamp Company Patio Towel Holder

This outdoor towel rack is ideal if you have a dedicated drying area. You can attach this model to virtually any structure using the included mounting kit. There is no need to purchase extra screws, washers, anchors, or even a matching drill bit, as they arrive in the package.

Although some assembly is required, it is minor and doesn't take long to mount in your preferred space. Because this is a fixed attachment outdoor towel rail, it uses robust materials capable of functioning in all weather conditions. The plastic bars do not rust, crack, rot, or fade at any time of the year. 

The 3 17" arms are fully-adjustable, allowing you to extend them to accommodate larger towels. You can retract the poles after use to save space. Because the bars sit close to structures, they do not get in the way when you're using the backyard or pool area. You may want to put a small reflective sticker on this rack to prevent any accidents at night since the dark bronze color is beautiful but difficult to see in the dark.

4. Best Outdoor Towel Rack for the Pool: Poolmaster Poolside Towel Tree

Poolmaster Poolside Towel Tree
Poolmaster Poolside Towel Tree

If you have a pool, you know that chlorine can do a number on materials such as galvanized steel, wood, copper, and some plastics. The Poolmaster Poolside Towel Tree uses PVC piping which is resistant to chlorine, sea salt air, and UV damage. At 49" tall, the 24" bars give you plenty of room to hang wet towels after a day in the pool or ocean.

The rack comes with a base you fill with sand, much like portable basketball hoops, to keep it in place. Hang wet bathing suits, heavy towels, and swimming gear on the bars, and it won't tip or move. You can also use water in the base, but it is not as sturdy in high winds. Empty the base to take it with you on vacation.

The assembly is straightforward, although you need a rubber mallet (not a hammer) to complete the towel tree. Once it is constructed, this durable towel tree can last you through many seasons of poolside use.

You can also use this tree to hang sweaty sports gear, which can also take a toll on metals and wood. Keep it on your back porch for your athletes to hang their items when they return home from a game.

5. Best Outdoor Towel Rack for Portability: Milliard Freestanding Portable Outdoor Towel Tree

Milliard Freestanding Portable Outdoor Towel Tree
Milliard Freestanding Portable Outdoor Towel Tree

Some outdoor towel racks are prone to tipping from strong gusts of wind. You can fill the base of this model with water, adding extra balance in breezy conditions. If the weather conditions are mild, you can choose to pour in a small amount of water that doesn't add much weight, so it is still easy to carry around.

This outdoor towel rack is also superb if you are going on a trip. You can quickly break it down and reassemble it when you arrive. This feature makes it easy to dry your washed towels and clothing on a camping or RV trip.

The 3 arms are fully adjustable, allowing you to choose the best length for drying different towel sizes. The durable plastic is suitable for use even in damp conditions, and the stylish bronze color looks attractive in any setting. At 65" tall, you'll have plenty of space for even the largest beach towels.

6. Best Outdoor Towel Rack for Air Circulation: Bamboo Land Outdoor Towel Rack

Bamboo Towel Rack
Bamboo Towel Rack

This outdoor towel rack uses environmentally-friendly bamboo in combination with aluminum poles to offer an excellent drying experience. The 3 metal bars are set at different height levels, allowing for superior air circulation for faster drying times.

Set larger items at lower levels and smaller towels or face cloths on higher poles to improve airflow.

There is also an extensively sized shelf at the bottom of the rack, which is ideal for storing flip flops or a laundry basket full of clothing. You can enjoy ironing or folding your laundry outside in the fresh air while your towels dry in a delightful breeze.

Although this outdoor towel rack offers plenty of hanging and storage space, it is quick and easy to assemble right out of the box. The instructions are straightforward, and you can set this model in the backyard or pool area for rapid drying. The simple design also makes this a refined feature in your outdoor space.

7. Best Outdoor Towel Rack for Heavy Towels: AERO W Racks Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Collapsible Towel Drying Rack

AERO Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Rack
AERO Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Rack

If you're looking to save money on your energy bills by avoiding laundry dryers, but you also don't want to use up too much space, this model is a solid choice. The stainless steel rack attaches to a wall and can hold up to 60 lbs. of wet towels or clothing. The material is durable and is suitable for use in most conditions.

There are 8 bars on this outdoor towel rack, providing 22 linear feet of hanging space for placing variable-sized items. Because there are no supporting legs, it saves space in your outside area. You can keep baskets or footwear under the rack to make the most of your available space.

This outdoor towel rack is also collapsible, enabling you to push the bars back towards the wall when not in use. This can clear an area for people to carry out other activities and keep your backyard space tidy and uncluttered.

The easy installation process means you can quickly wall mount this model in your backyard and enjoy the benefits of outdoor towel drying the same day you receive it.

8. Best Outdoor Towel Rack for Affordable Price: Lonffery Outdoor Towel Rack

Lonffery Outdoor Towel Rack
Lonffery Outdoor Towel Rack

This Lonffery outdoor towel rack comes with 4 180° rotating poles, allowing you to dry the towels in different layers. This feature improves air circulation, decreasing drying time, and reducing the chances of your towels smelling musty or damp. This model also uses a mute damping design, which ensures it is noiseless when in use, and the silicone gasket is wear-resistant for an extended outdoor towel rack lifespan.

The intelligent addition of crowns at the end of the racking bars prevents towels from slipping off. There is also a double hook mechanism at the end of the rack handle that increases your available storage space. The aviation-grade aluminum is rust and corrosion resistant, while the arc corners help protect your hands during use.

When your towels or clothing are dry, it is easy to push the racking poles back towards the wall, freeing up extra space in your outdoor area.

9. Best Outdoor Towel Rack for Extended Storage Space: HOUSE DAY Outdoor Drying Rack

HOUSE DAY Drying Rack Towel
HOUSE DAY Drying Rack Towel

House Day uses a sturdy structural design to ensure this outdoor towel rack won't fall over even in breezy weather. The horizontal racking poles provide 31.5' of hanging space for your towels or clothing, while the stainless steel material is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Because there is so much room to drape your towels, you can dry a larger laundry load than is possible on many rival models, making this a fantastic model for large family beach vacations or summer pool parties.

You can extend the hanging rods when you need extra capacity and retract them to save space when not in use. The simple design fits in with every kind of backyard decor, and the collapsible mechanism means you can fit it into a small storage area.

Because this model weighs only 4 lbs., you can quickly move it around your pool, patio, or backyard to find the optimum drying location for your towels, swimsuits and other pool attire.

10. Best Outdoor Towel Rack for Versatility: Smartsome Outdoor Towel Drying Rack

Foldable Drying Rack
Foldable Drying Rack

This versatile outdoor towel rack uses 7 hanging rods to provide up to 20' of drying space. You can use this model in 3 different ways, allowing you to maximize the amount of laundry you can store on the unit. Because this outdoor towel rack can hold up to 35 lbs. of wet laundry, you can hang a substantial amount of towels and clothing on the poles simultaneously.

This outdoor towel rack is taller than many other models, and you can extend the poles to their full 60" wide length when you require more hanging capacity. A patented locking mechanism prevents accidental bar retraction, while the rubber feet ensure your unit doesn't slip on your pool or patio surface.

The stainless steel hanging rods are rust-resistant, reducing the risk of your towels picking up stains from the material during the drying process. Backed with a money-back guarantee, you can be confident this is a solid choice for your outdoor towel rack.

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