10 Best Electric Throw Blankets

Most of us spend the winter months cozied up indoors, but our go-to throws aren't quite warm enough to ward off the chill. Electric throw blankets are an affordable alternative that many people overlook during colder weather, instead opting for space heaters to add warmth to a room. However, nothing matches the coziness provided by a great electric blanket that can keep your personal space warm even when the room temperature dips. 

Electric throw blankets are warmed by heating elements that are sewn into the fabric panels and are ideal for snuggling in your favorite recliner, layering with your comforter on a bed or adding warmth while you are on the road.

Electric throw blankets are portable, energy-efficient and customizable. Some models have automatic shut-off switches, temperature controls and timers so you can create a personal heated cocoon.

You simply plug your electric throw into an outlet and wait a few minutes for it to heat up. They're inexpensive and fit conveniently into most budgets. Higher-priced models are typically larger or have additional heat settings, making them ideal for families and a worthwhile investment in your comfort.

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Most quality electric throw blankets feature thick, lush material like flannel and sherpa that offer a luxurious experience. There's ultra-thin wiring inside that  generates heat.

Sable Heated Blanket
Westinghouse Electric Blanket
AUTOTRENDS Electric Heated Blanket
Homech Electric Heated Blanket

The best overall electric throw blanket is the Sable Heated Blanket. It offers 10 temperature settings, oversized dimensions, and plenty of safety features. It has an auto shut-off, so you don't have to worry about the blanket overheating due to bunching. It's a perfect blanket to curl up with while in your recliner to enjoy a good book or great movie.

Durability is essential, and you can find a robust, long-lasting product in the Westinghouse Electric Blanket that doesn't sacrifice style for functionality.

Choose from 1 of 5 colors, including the bold leopard print option. Two sizes are available to keep you comfortable on the sofa or in bed. The larger option is big enough to share, while the throw size is perfect to keep your body warm in a drafty living room or home office.

A factor most people overlook when purchasing an electric blanket is portability. Bringing a heated blanket with you camping is a quick way to turn your RV or camper into a 5-star experience. Plug your AUTOTRENDS Electric Heated Blanket into the 12-volt outlet on your vehicle's dashboard, and never worry about turning up the heat again. It features 2 heat settings and a 45-minute automatic shut-off, so your car battery doesn't get drained. It's lightweight, small, and easy to carry so you can  use it across your lap, whether as a passenger or driver.

If you tend to fall asleep on the sofa, an electric throw blanket can keep you toasty. The Homech Electric Heated Blanket is exceptionally soft and comes with essential safety features to prevent injury while sleeping. This model comes with an automatic shut-off switch after 3-hours and is ETL-certification approved.

Choosing the Best Electric Throw Blanket

A great electric throw blanket is the perfect solution for chilly autumn days or cold winter nights, but what should you look for when getting ready to make your purchase? If you've never owned or used an electric throw but are considering buying one, you've already made a great choice to help keep warm when the weather turns cold. Here are a few factors to consider before making your purchase.

Temperature Settings

Electric throw blankets are an excellent tool for combatting the winter chill, but they're sometimes challenging to warm up effectively and quickly. Less expensive models might fit your budget butcheck that their heating time isn't extensive. Some blankets can take a full hour to reach their maximum temperature.

Pick a blanket that has different temperature settings so you can adjust the heating level. If you expect to share the blanket with loved ones, consider models with different settings for either side of the blanket to ensure everyone is comfortable. Additionally, your blanket should generate and keep heat evenly.

Energy Efficiency

Using an electric blanket keeps you warm in colder climates, so it makes sense to conserve some energy by turning your home heating system down a little when you decide to plug your blanket in and cuddle up with it. You can extend these savings even more by choosing an energy-efficient blanket.

Many models feature energy-efficient qualities even when using electricity, so choosing one that runs for a few pennies on the dollar helps keep your winter fuel bills lower.

How you use your electric blanket also affects its energy efficiency. Operating it on its lowest setting continuously is more cost-efficient than running on high for a shorter period.


Blankets are meant to keep you warm, but everyone knows that the comfy, cozy feeling of a blanket comes directly from its softness. Electric throw blankets are no exception. Electric blankets and throws crafted from cotton, fleece, polyester, or other soft fabric to keep you toasty and comfortable. Make sure you can't feel the wires through the outer layers of material for the best experience.


Many electric throw blankets are relatively inexpensive to purchase and operate. Set a budget for yourself before you start shopping. Doing so enables you to narrow your search scope by eliminating blankets that are too expensive.

Keep in mind that size matters when it comes to pricing, so if you're looking for a simple throw blanket, you could find one for a low cost. Larger blankets that can fit beds cost more.

Machine Washable

Your blanket should be cleaned periodically. Manufacturers include specific directions on how to clean them, and sometimes they're spot clean or dry clean only. Choosing a blanket that is dry clean only costs more over time, and spot cleaning blankets can still leave them smelling musty.

Choose a machine-washable blanket to overcome these challenges. Simply detach the heat control from the blanket and toss it in the washer on a gentle cycle. Check your throw's specific instructions for drying. Some are air dry only, while others can be tumble dried on low.

Safety First

Electric throw blankets use electricity, so there is a risk of overheating or short-circuiting. Most brands include a disclaimer that advises consumers to not fall asleep with their blanket on unless it features an automatic shut-off. With that safety feature, you'll have peace of mind and be able to fall asleep without worrying about fires or other hazards.

Never leave your electric blanket unattended while it is being used, and ensure your cord isn't a tripping hazard.

Is it safe to use an electric blanket in animal beds or let them cuddle with it?

No. Even though newer electric blankets feature lower voltage and much thicker materials than older models, electricity is coursing through them.

If your pet jumps in bed with you, scratches at the blanket, or chews on it, they run the risk of exposing the wires inside and experiencing an electric shock, and you might end up being an unfortunate victim as well. Avoid using your blanket while cuddling with your pets.

Can skin irritation occur due to using an electric blanket?

Yes, it can. While burning yourself using an electric throw blanket is unlikely, it can still happen.

Consult the manufacturer's instructions. Don't set the temperature of the blanket higher than necessary.

When should I stop using an electric throw blanket?

Ensure that your electric throw blanket is never bunched up or folded when in use. If a blanket becomes tangled, crumpled, or scrunched, the bunching can cause overheating, damaging the wires within the blanket. If the wires become damaged, you may run into hazards such as fire or burns, or the blanket could just stop working.

Every time you use the blanket, inspect it carefully before plugging it in. Ensure there are no exposed wires on the blanket or cord. If you notice frayed wires or worn material, replace your throw.

Can I wash my electric throw blanket?

Keeping your electric throw blanket clean is vital for your health and comfort. Many models are machine-washable, allowing you to clean them on a gentle cycle with mild detergent.

Ensure that you wash the blanket on its own with no other items to prevent tangling and snagging. You should also check the manufacturer's instructions about preparing your blanket for washing; some models may need to have the controls detached before placing them in the washer.

To dry your electric throw blanket, air dry it in a shady spot to prevent fading. Some blankets may be able to be placed in the dryer and ironed on a low setting.

What size electric throw blanket should I get?

The size of the blanket depends on where and how you'll use it. For a lap blanket used for travel or while seated, a 50"x60" throw is sufficient to provide ample warmth and coverage.

However, if you love to snuggle with a friend or partner, you'll need a larger queen size blanket measuring at least 84"x90." Queen size blankets are also ideal for use on your bed.

Top 10 Best Electric Throw Blanket Reviews 

1. Top Pick: Sable Heated Blanket

Red Sable Heated Blanket
Red Sable Heated Blanket

The Sable Heated Blanket is a 72" x 84" red blanket manufactured from 100% polyester. It heats up in just 5 minutes, offering instant warmth even on the coldest of winter days. Envelop your entire body with warmth and comfort. Its size enables you to share it with a friend.

Fall asleep in comfort with the reliable safety features, including an ETL certification to prevent overheating. The blanket uses smart technology to adjust itself down to level 4 if heating at a higher level for more than an hour, making it safe and comfortable to sleep with.

The blanket has 10 customizable heat settings. You control the heating level of your oversized blanket with temperatures from 68-122°F. The blanket controller has an automatic timer you can set, so it shuts off after an hour or 12 hours. Enjoy a cat nap or overnight slumber in peace, knowing you'll never suffer from overheating or short-circuits.

Portable enough to take with you to the office or a tailgate, this microplush blanket is machine washable.

2. Best Electric Throw Blanket for Comfort: Sunbeam Heated Blanket

Sunbeam Heated Blanket
Sunbeam Heated Blanket

The Sunbeam Heated blanket offers a customizable experience. It's available in 4 sizes: King, queen, full, and twin. Grab a larger blanket to share with a friend or a smaller model to keep you warm on cold, snowy nights. Choose from 7 colors and 2 add-on options, such as a heating pad or honey-colored blanket, to accompany your 100% polyester heated blanket.

You'll stay cozy and warm all winter long nestled in your quilted fleece heated blanket. The channel design keeps you comfortably warm. There is no need to worry about overheating because Sunbeam's ThermoFine technology auto-adjusts to keep your heat level consistent throughout use.

Choose 1 of10 heating configurations to cozy up with a book or a loved one while you watch holiday movies on your couch. The EasySet Pro blanket controller cord enables you to choose the right heat level and set a 10-hour auto shut-off so you can drift off to sleep with peace of mind.

This blanket is designed and made in the USA with a 5-year limited warranty, so you know Sunbeam stands by its product with confidence. It's machine washable and safe to put in your dryer. It'll last for years thanks to its durable components and intelligent design.

3. Best Electric Throw Blanket for Sleeping: Homech Electric Heated Blanket

Homech Electric Blanket
Homech Electric Blanket

The Homech Electric Heated Blanket is an upgraded version of the electric throw blankets you're used to. This blanket features double layers of soft flannel that wrap you in comfort and warmth, allowing you to relax and enjoy watching the snowfall outside without the chill.

This large blanket measures in at 50"x 60", so it's big enough to share with a friend or loved one as you relax comfortably on your sofa. You can choose 1 of the 10 temperature settings with temperature ranges of 68-122°F with their innovative remote controller system.

This blanket is safe, offering ETL certification and overheating protection. It warms up in seconds and more evenly than other coverings. It shuts off after 3 hours.

Caring for your Homech Electric Heated Blankets is easy. The controller detaches, allowing you to throw it in your washing machine on a gentle washing cycle using cold water. Air dry flat or tumble dry on low.

4. Best Electric Throw Blanket for Softness: Serta Heated Electric Throw Blanket

Serta Electric Throw Blanket
Serta Electric Throw Blanket

The Serta Heated Electric Throw Blanket is made from 100% polyester microfiber, making it one of the most durable and softest blankets on the market. It's a reversible electric heated throw blanket that features a cozy sherpa lining on one side that will have you snuggling in bed or on your rocking chair with it for hours.

There are 5 heat settings. Turn it down when you get too warm, and then turn it back up when you get chilly.

This blanket is easily thrown into the washing machine for a quick spin. As soon as it's done in the laundry, the brushed microplush bounces back to provide the ultimate in softness.

Choose a setting to your comfort level on the 8.5' power cord controller and let it warm you while you read a book or watch a movie. The built-in timer shuts off automatically after 4 hours for safety and power-saving convenience. You'll never need to worry about falling asleep with this blanket on while you binge your favorite TV shows.

5. Best Electric Throw Blanket for Style: Westinghouse Electric Blanket

Westinghouse Luxury Electric Blanket
Westinghouse Luxury Electric Blanket

Electric throw blankets are meant to keep you warm, but that doesn't mean you have to forfeit your sense of style. The Westinghouse Electric Blanket is available in 5 colors, including leopard print, to accentuate your personal stylewhile keeping you comfortably warm on a cold winter day.

This blanket is available in 2 sizes: throw and queen. Each size is large enough to share with a friend or loved one on your couch or in bed. The blanket's outer shell is manufactured using a flannel material that retains heat, so you'll never be disappointed in the softness this blanket provides.

The throw measures 50"x 60", making it portable enough to take with you anywhere. Use it to wrap yourself in warmth instead of a space heater.

With this throw, you get 6 preset temperatures. Once selected, the blanket runs at that level, unless adjusted, for 4 hours and automatically shuts off. This feature protects the blanket from being damaged by overheating.

6. Best Electric Throw Blanket for Therapeutic Relief: Biddeford Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Biddeford Electric Throw Blanket
Biddeford Electric Throw Blanket

Enjoy the therapeutic full-body relief that the Biddeford Electric Heated Throw Blanket can provide. With one of its 6 preset temperatures and 10-hour auto shut-off, you'll stay comfortable in your recliner, couch, or bed all winter long. You'll never be troubled by discomfort from the wires because they're ultra-thin and encased in a plush, super comfortable velour sherpa fabric that keeps you wrapped in warmth for hours.

The controller is easy to use and provides easy disconnection when the blanket needs to be washed. It's been tested for safety by a third-party to assure consumers that this blanket exceeds industry safety standards and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

If you're particularly prone to chills, you'll love how this blanket wraps you in warmth. You'll also save money on your power bills by turning down the thermostat and curling up under this warm blanket instead since it just costs pennies to operate every hour.

To prolong the life of this model, ensure that you disconnect the power cord after use and do not cover or wrap the controls or blanket to ensure optimal ventilation.

7. Best Electric Throw Blanket for Coziness: Toyuugo Electric Blanket

Toyuugo Electric Blanket
Toyuugo Electric Blanket

Enjoy the coziness that the Toyuugo Electric Blanket has to offer. It is 100% polyester and large enough to cover your shoulders, knees, or entire body with a generous amount of heat to keep you warm and comfortable. Wrap it around while you work in your home office to beat the chill from drafty windows or cover yourself with it while drifting off to sleep.

The safety features include overheating prevention and temperature protection. The ETL certificate ensures a safe user experience while warming you to the temperature you prefer. It's machine washable and dryer safe making it one of the easiest blankets to clean, but read the instructions before your first use.

Take this blanket with you to your enclosed porch or summer room to escape the busy hubbub of your home. You'll find a new way to relax in comfort since this blanket's heating elements are specially designed to lay flat, which aids in even heat distribution. Choose a temperature from 86-113°F and fight off the chilly winter weather.

The large dimensions of 84" x 72" are more than adequate for keeping you warm while sharing this blanket with a friend or loved one on a cold day. It's great for indoor and outdoor use; just plug it in and snuggle up.

8. Best Electric Throw Blanket for Rapid Heating: HOKEKI Electric Throws

HOKEKI Electric Throw Blanket
HOKEKI Electric Throw Blanket

The HOKEKI electric blanket is comfy and cozy every time you plug it in for use. It heats up quicker than any other blanket available on the market, and you get your choice of 6 temperature settings, from 86-131°F. You'll instantly be wrapped in warmth, letting you stay comfortable even when the temperature outside dips.

The blanket features soft, smooth flannel on one side and a comfy, cozy sherpa velveteen on the other. Both sides feel luxurious on your skin while the electricity moves through the wires to keep you warm, ensuring that you sleep soundly on the coldest nights.

If you need to clean it, simply detach the controller cord from the blanket and throw it in your washing machine. Be aware that it needs to air dry because this blanket cannot be placed in the dryer.

All of HOKEKI's heated throw blankets are certified by the ETL as safe to use. You avoid overheating the blanket with the 3-hour shut-off timer, and the uniformly spread wires throughout the blanket keep you feeling warm.

9. Best Electric Throw Blanket for Luxury: OYRGCIK Heated Blanket

OYRGCIK Electric Throw Blanket
OYRGCIK Electric Throw Blanket

This large, luxurious throw blanket is perfect for enveloping yourself in warmth when the temperature outside plummets. The OYRGCIK Heated Blanket measures 50" x 60" and helps you achieve maximum comfort in a short amount of time.

The sherpa lining is soft and provides excellent warmth and coziness with its velveteen texture on one side. It has a soft flannel material that retains heat.

The extra-long power cord measures 9.8' long, enabling you to use this blanket anywhere in your home without being restricted by a short cable. This blanket's overheating protection is excellent, with automatic shut-off occurring after 4 hours of continuous use. Never worry about falling asleep with this blanket on.

The controller is detachable for storage and cleaning purposes. If your blanket ever gets dirty, just throw it right in the washer on a gentle cycle.

10. Best Electric Throw Blanket for Travel: AUTOTRENDS Electric Heated Blanket

AUTOTRENDS Large Electric Blanket
AUTOTRENDS Large Electric Blanket

You can't beat the price of this AUTOTRENDS Electric Heated Blanket. It's crafted using high-quality fleece that offers warmth, comfort, and relaxation any time of year. It's lightweight, weighing in at under 2 lbs. and with dimensions of 57" x 39", it can be packed up and carried anywhere, making it ideal for road trips and part of your winter emergency road kit.

This superior design works with any 12-volt charging port in a car, truck, SUV, or camper. Just plug it in and be wrapped in warmth. It has 2 levels of heat control and is fast to heat up. It features a 45-minute timer, so it keeps you warm but won't drain your car battery.

Use this blanket when you go on a camping trip, or keep it handy in your RV or truck for tailgating parties. This blanket is the perfect accompaniment to your bag chair and grill in the parking lot before the big football game.

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