hunkTheBoys_0092Hunksshe watched him walk into the bar. he was a hunk, sculpted body, smooth skin, strong mouth, no scars. she waved and caught his eye...and winked ***  at him.....TheBoys_0020TheBoys_0096TheBoys_0113TheBoys_0009Babak, looking all hunkyTheBoys_0098TheBoys_0089TheBoys_0112An evening dip in Lake OhridTheBoys_0022An evening dip in Lake OhridTheBoys_0021TheBoys_0127Gratuitous hunkTheBoys_0001An evening dip in Lake OhridAn evening dip in Lake OhridTravis Kraft in waterMarried?My cat was bitten by a radioactive cockroachHunk in red jeansWaikiki Beach, 1989Hunk2311e Denali- 20,320 ft of wonderTheBoys_0128TheBoys_0031Hunk in red jeansTheBoys_0040Hunk in red jeansTheBoys_0101Metro GuyTheBoys_0093TheBoys_0018TheBoys_0017TheBoys_0156TheBoys_0014TheBoys_0091TheBoys_0054traviTheBoys_0088ReadingTheBoys_0032Tattoed hunkTheBoys_0119Guy