Wool Furniture

Have you ever thought about using wool for your furniture? If not, you will probably find this collection innovative and interesting. Below you will see a wide range of tables, chairs, headboards and other furniture with woolen elements in various designs, shapes and colours. Are you ready for something new?

Ideas By Kaylee Green
Natural Wool Houndstooth Braided Cream Area Rug

Natural Wool Houndstooth Braided Cream Area Rug

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Brindle Stripe Sea Blue Area Rug

Brindle Stripe Sea Blue Area Rug

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I chose this image because I really like the texture of these stools. I love the idea of putting knit on a chair, making it feel warm and plush. Great for a cold day!
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The Flying Carpet is the only carpet/floor pillow that gives you the magic sensation of lying down between Teletubbie-like hills. Flying Carpet redefines the concepts of "carpet" and "furniture": It defines a new topography and functions at ground level.
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Wool bean bag SAIL by GAN By Gandia Blasco | #design Hector Serrano @GANDIABLASCO
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The prettiest wool stools. These are adorable. What would I need to crochet a huge chain like this? Just do a hand chain with a stuffed tube of fabric?
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UK-based textile designer Claire-Anne O'Brien loves playing with the textural elements of knitting stitches. Here, she's used a combination of hand and machine knitting to create dramatically oversized patterns as upholstery.
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Chunky Wool Blankets to Buy or DIY
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A stone-like furniture piece! Intriguing. It would be interesting to find a way to make this or use this idea in something else.
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from Dornob, this might not work for every day furniture, but great for an accent piece. The site says, "There are up to 1300 woollen pompons and respectively up to 45 kg of wool forming one single object.”
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DIY: knitted wool and wood bench
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OMG!!!                                           Beautiful wool, amazing workshops, helpful staff.
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olann knitted wool furniture by claire-anne o'brien
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Inspired by nature, South African textile designer Ronel Jordaan patiently rubs and coaxes threads of pure wool into a wide range of textures and shapes
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.- this! is there potential to do this myself? An old ugly chair and an old thick chunky knit sweater cut and resewn into a slip cover? :D hoho!
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Ronél Jordaan's 100% wool, hand dyed, hand felted pouffe (link goes to a page from pinterest saying it might be spam or otherwise inappropriate, I did not think anything is wrong with this page, so safe to go and look at
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These would be wonderful for a corner of the living room ... if only they weren't quite so expensive ... $300 for small, $700 for large.
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Turn-of-the-century oak chair with a soft Pendleton wool seat
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Uses vinegar and steel wool to make a solution that reacts with tea....use on wood or fabric!
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By creating an enclosed space HUSH provides a personal retreat, an escape into a dark, quiet, natural space, or state of mind. HUSH can also be transformed to provide more traditional open seating.   HUSH is made from 100% wool felt and its cushions are s
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How to make new wood look gray/weathered, uses vinegar, steel wool, and black tea. This is really informative.
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There are so many ways to get creative with paint effects and paint techniques and sometimes, a little out-of-the-box thinking can bring about surprising results. Like wrapping wool around a paint roller to paint on walls, wallpaper, fabric, or even furni
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great tutorial on how to age wood @Linda Gardner - used this to add "aged wood" to the top of my wine rack!
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Google Image Result for
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Farmhouse Table with Extensions | Do It Yourself Home Projects from Ana White
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Tea and vinegar stained table top #agingwood #rusticstyle
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crimson, tan, red, black.  This is the color palette of most of my furniture I currently own.
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Ebonizing Wood using a homemade Vinegar/Steel Wool solution - diy steps + test sample results on 6 different types of Wood.
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Alki . LAIA
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Learn how to make new or unfinished wood look like it is old/reclaimed/aged wood using only THREE things from your home!!
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Great DIY Bookshelves Project
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How to oxidize wood
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ORANGE KNITTED STOOL by GAN By Gandia Blasco | #design Claire-Anne O'Brien @GANDIABLASCO
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storage furniture and decorative containers created with rustic wood boxes painted in colors
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DIY Driftwood: Weathered Grey Wood Finish Tutorial. The "comment" about making your own stain out of a steel wool pad and vinegar is worth trying.
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reclaimed wood frame • Southwest | Aztec wool blanket
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How to Make New Wood Look Old Using Homemade Stain of vinegar, tea and steel wool -
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Weathered look to your wood with these simple household products!
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Age wood:  Grade #0000 Steel Wool  Vinegar  Mason Jar  Couple teabags  Put small handful of steel wool in mason jar, fill jar 3/4 full with vinegar and let sit 24+ hours.  Brew tea and paint on wood.  Let dry.  Then paint on vinegar.  Will continue to dar
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Nicole Chauzaud Telaar: felted furniture  I want this! I couldn't touch it because of allergies, but I want it all the same.
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Hudson Bay blanket, Pendleton blankets, navy walls, vintage furniture & fiddle leaf fig tree.
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Arne Norell; 'Thumb' Chair, 1940s.
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Stain wood with pennies and vinegar (turquoise) OR steel wool and vinegar (reddish) OR rusty nails and vinegar (dark brown/black).  Oh my!
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Leaves and Twigs: Finished wrapped Ercol chairs- Sheltering from the Rain show.
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Vinegar and Steel Wool Home DIY Projects
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felt lamps by: Architects: i29 | interior architects  Location: Duivendrecht, The Netherlands  Client: Tribal DDB Amsterdam
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Cozy Knitted Beanbags - The Bdoja Chair by Amaya Guiterrez Offers a Comfortable Embrace
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Chunky Cable Knit Throw Blanket inYello Cabled Wool Hand Knitted Blanket--made to order etsy
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