Wooden Trunks

Looking for an unconventional coffee table or nightstand? Here’s one awesome idea for you – use a wooden trunk. There’s something really special about incorporating wooden trunks into home decor. They can really add heaps of character and vintage charm to your space. And the best part is they are big storage options for those of us who struggle with space limitations.

Ideas By Riley Thompson
Old Fashioned Wood Storage Trunk

Old Fashioned Wood Storage Trunk
Do you need to add more storage options to your interior? This old fashioned wood trunk is a great choice. It features sturdy leather straps with tiny stitched details and sleek nail head trims as well as rustic metallic corners on the top.

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Quickway Imports Leather Wooden Chest/Trunk

This made antique-style trunk is a real treat for lovers of sensational items. It is very practical because it can accommodate a lot of treasures. Closing beautiful and adds a finishing style.

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Uttermost Carino Wooden Trunk Table - Find this and similar

Uttermost Carino Wooden Trunk Table - Find this and similar items at Carter's Furniture, Midland, Texas 432-382-2843

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Rowland trunk: Large wooden trunk.

Rowland trunk: Large wooden trunk.

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Gold Rush Steamer Trunk Wood Storage Wooden Treasure Chest - Medium Trunk

Large wooden storage trunk. This interesting storage trunk will give your apartment a great appeal with its treasure chest looks. The trunk functions as a storage while the top may be used as a table or display. Made with cedar wood and antique hardware.

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Avon Trunk

Avon Trunk

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Barn Wood Trunk

Barn Wood Trunk
This trunk has got a solid wood construction, burgundy color and traditional design. It looks fantastic and is great for storing your favorite items. If you looking for a great trunk, you need to choose this one.

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Old World Map Wooden Trunk

This big wooden trunk in an old world map pattern will easily fit everything you want to store in it - from accessories to letters and jewellery. It is handcrafted and extremely durable, making it a permanent addition to your household.

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Decorative Leather Wooden Trunk

Decorative Leather Wooden Trunk
Showcasing one-of-a-kind, vintage inspired style, this trunk is not only striking in looks but also highly dependable, as it is constructed of wood and padded with tear-and-wear resistant leather. Big nailheads create a trim on its edges.

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Large Brown Old Fashion Wood Storage Trunk Wooden Treasure Chest

This Magnificent Large Brown Storage Trunk is made in old fashion style in a shape of an antique treasure chest. Along with cedar wood craftsmanship and decorative hardware, the chest ensures an ample storage area and impeccable looks.

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Wooden Treasure Box, Old Style Treasure Chest

This warm and welcoming trunk will help you bring back your memories - you are left with plenty of extra storage space, while the chest looks amazing and oozes tradition in your household with the cherry finish.

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Quickway Imports Antique Pirate Treasure Chest/Box with Lion Rings

Antique storage trunk. This beautiful storage trunk looks like a real treasure chest. It features decorative pirate accents and lion rings giving it a truly unique look. This treasure box will serve as a great decoration or as a storage.

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2 Set Replica Antique Vintage Style Wooden Box And Trunk (HF 021B)

The set includes 2 wooden storage trunks, which have been designed to resemble the most beautiful antique furniture. The trunks not only offer ample storage area, but will also give your home a rustic and traditional appeal.

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Large Antique Victorian Wood Trunk Wooden Treasure Hope Chest - 2013

This sensational chest is the perfect solution for your interior. Beautifully finished with a stylish place to store various treasures, can also serve as a coffee table. Constructed in a Victorian style.

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Moreton Wood Trunk Set

Moreton Wood Trunk Set
This trunk set includes two trunks with different sizes. They are perfect for your living room area. If you looking for beautiful and solid trunks, you need to choose this set. they are nicely finished and high quality.

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Small Wooden Treasure Box, Old Style Treasure Chest

A small wooden treasure box in an old style - a perfect gift idea and a wonderful compliment to your decor, combining functionality with great looks. The old fashioned hardware adds to an antique feel.

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Quickway Imports Small Pirate Style Wooden Treasure Chest

This lovely suitcase, casket is the perfect place for treasures, beautifully finished wood with details, synthetic leather and glitter is a sleek and very stylish accessory for many types of interiors.

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Quickway Imports Old World Map Wooden Trunk/Box, Set of 2

Beautiful, stylized, cherry set of 2 chests: bigger and smaller. Made of plywood and artificial leather with an offset printed map of the world. Light and decorative, matches well to living-rooms or bedrooms. Useful for jewellery or other trinkets.

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Boston Wood Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk - Large Trunk

This beautiful chest made of cedar wood for the perfect storage solution for a variety of treasures and a beautiful coffee table or footrest. Beautiful finish and multifunctionality are the features that are sure to impress.

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Old World Map Wooden Small Trunk

This small trunk is a beautiful accent to your living room or entryway, especially with the old fashioned old world map pattern that contrasts perfectly with the dark wood finish. It will make for a wonderful keepsake box.

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Victorian Ancient World Map Wooden Trunk Wood Treasure Chest

Charming retro style storage chest made of cedar wood finished in brown. It has low legs, decorative base edges and dark metal hardware. A chest features original front and lid old world map design. This chest is suited for most interiors.

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Quickway Imports Antique Style Wooden Trunk, Small

This extremely stylish wooden trunk, a perfect place to hide memorabilia, photos or other occurrences of. Elegant finish, thoughtful details and extremely beautiful shade of a cherry finish adds to its unique character.

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Antique Wooden Trunk, Old Treasure Chest

Antique wooden trunk. This stylish trunk looks like a real treasure chest thanks to its antique hardware and high quality design. The trunk may function as a great decoration or as a regular storage area for all your items.

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Old Style Wooden Chest in Antique Cherry (Large)

With this amazing chest you will surely be able to enhance your decor, while providing plenty of extra storage space for accessories or blankets. It comes in an old antique style and has beautiful crafting with a cherry finish.

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Original Hawaii Wooden Chest Wood Steamer Trunk - Large Trunk

This multifunctional trunk executed in Hawaiian style is a combination of storage features, the coffee table or bench. Cute combination of woven texture and smooth leatherette add it a unique character.

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Old Fashioned Wood Storage Trunk Wooden Treasure Chest - Enhanced Large Size

Old World style wooden storage trunk with ample space inside - makes it easy to hide all treasures and to organize personal belongings. Its surface is adorned with intricate ornaments in bronze and gold coloring.

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Saratoga Faux Leather Chest Wooden Steamer Trunk - Medium Trunk

Large wooden streamer trunk. This treasure chest will give your apartment a great, charming appeal. The trunk offers spacious storage area and the top which may be used as a regular table. The chest is durable and made from cedar wood.

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Seward Trunk Collegiate Collection Locker, Black, Vinyl, Medium

This locker in versatile and elegant black finish is made from wooden frame and heavy gauge vinyl covering, ensuring its strength and durability. The youthful look is perfect for dorm living - it will help students organize their books or haul their things between home and school.

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Quickway Imports Antique Style Steamer Trunk

Tasteful and aesthetic, old-fashioned in style chest. Made of wood in warm shades of brown. Metal parts give it solid appearance. Quite large, perfect to store jewellery or even bigger things. It is best suited to living-rooms or bedrooms.

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The Basket Lady Wicker Storage Trunk

Capacious storage trung made of brown wicker. Thanks to its large size, it is really helpful to organize clothes and other personal belongings, as well as to hide away all the mess you want to get rid off.

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Quickway Imports Old Fashioned Wooden Storage Treasure Trunk

Unfortunately, this treasure trunk comes without any treasures, but with plenty of space to store them. Crafted from sturdy wood, and decorated with vintage-looking hardware, the trunk also comes with decorative handles and leather straps.

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Kassel 3pc Wooden Decorative Storage Trunk Set w. Locking Lid Hinges

This beautiful set of wooden trunks in different sizes, is the perfect solution especially for lovers of original items. Made from high quality wood. Beautiful embellishment adds to its uniqueness.

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Woodland Imports Superior Grade Wooden Trunk | Wayfair

Woodland Imports Superior Grade Wooden Trunk | Wayfair

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Hidden Compartment DIY Pallet Wood Chest | Pallet Furniture DIY

If you need storage ideas, the natural basic wooden chest, made of pallets is a great solution. The deep storage space is perfect for clothes, toys, tools and more. The rustic look will be excellent to the living room, for using as a coffee table or bedroom bench.

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Large treasure Chest Box 20" - Skull and Bones Accessories

If you are looking for original objects that extraordinary, hand-made trunk is undoubtedly something that will surprise you. Impressive finish makes it hard to overlook, it has a large capacity and is very reliable.

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Wood Trunk Furniture - Antique Wooden Boxes

Wood Trunk Furniture - Antique Wooden Boxes

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SEI Espresso Pyramid Trunk Cocktail Table

This trunk looks rich and perfectly sized to my drawing room. It features deep storage with wooden frame and lid opens for ample storage.

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... / Trunks & Boxes / Rangilo Rajasthan Old Wood

... / Trunks & Boxes / Rangilo Rajasthan Old Wood Antique Wooden Trunk

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Antique Wooden Trunk | From a unique collection of antique

Unique trunk with antique finish. It is made of wood and reinforced with metal supports. Great for stroing beddings and others needed items. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors.

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distressed script wooden trunk

distressed script wooden trunk

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Maldives Coffee Table  Complete Your Living Room Furniture with the

Maldives Coffee Table Complete Your Living Room Furniture with the Rustic Appeal of This Coffee Table

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wooden trunk coffee table

wooden trunk coffee table

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gor-GEOUS wooden trunk. i heart wood.

gor-GEOUS wooden trunk. i heart wood.

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wooden trunks

wooden trunks

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Wooden Trunk Treasure Chest Storage Box for celebration

Wooden Trunk Treasure Chest Storage Box for celebration

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Discuss Exodus Tempest x2 (Wooden Chest) in the DIY Subwoofers

Discuss Exodus Tempest x2 (Wooden Chest) in the DIY Subwoofers forum.

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wooden trunk

wooden trunk

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wooden trunks

wooden trunks

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Old wooden trunk

Old wooden trunk

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Set of 2 Vintage Style Storage Wooden Trunks Boxes Chest

Set of 2 Vintage Style Storage Wooden Trunks Boxes Chest Steamer NEW

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